Top 10 Ridiculously Flawed Video Games that Have Gotten (Or Almost Gotten) the Perfect 10/10 Score from Critics

The Top Ten Ridiculously Flawed Video Games that Have Gotten (Or Almost Gotten) the Perfect 10/10 Score from Critics

Halo 4

I did enjoy it but I can understand why people hate it

This series should have ended with Halo 3, enough said

(that, and this game is also an UNSPEAKABLY blatant Call Of Duty wannabe, which is terribly ironic since the Halo franchise actually came out FIRST) - xandermartin98

Final Fantasy VII

God-awful graphics (arguably even for the time), god-awful combat system, GOD-awful pacing, god-awful storytelling compared to FFVI and Chrono Trigger; pretty much god-awful everything besides music and (occasionally) characters, honestly - xandermartin98


No! This game is beautiful! - lukemcnamara72

Gotta be honest, didn't deserve the huge amounts of praise it got. - mattstat716

Creative and unique but ludicrously unbalanced and gimmicky combat system that had already been done both before and considerably more in-depthly by Shin Megami Tensei; incredible soundtrack but WAY too reliant on leitmotifs; exceptionally relatable and memorable but still obnoxiously clichéd characters; graphic style that should have been based more on 16-bit rather than 8-bit; morality system that outright forces you to play the game in either the most goody-two-shoes or the most spawn-of-Satan manner humanly possible in order to get the full experience out of it; most infamously, the game in general has been given a "saddest game ever" label that even Mother 3 was FAR more deserving of - xandermartin98

Fallout 3

Pretty much all of the typical Bethesda gameplay issues (minus FO4's stupid Radiant Questing and object-crafting mechanics) at easily their worst outside of Skyrim

Still a much better game OVERALL than FO4, though - xandermartin98

Woah there!
Fallout 3 had a great map, fair pacing, a great story, a good amount of stuff to do, decent mechanics a lot of the time, and so on. I'd say Fallout 4 was a better game, but this one is more lovable.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

It's a good game, but there's a lack of varying enemies, plenty of cheap deaths, etc. - mattstat716

While I would argue that it actually DOES deserve its absurdly high review scores as a standalone game, it can be pretty questionable as a Zelda game

(not to mention: lack of memorable music, ridiculously over-exaggerated breakable-weapons system, generic enemies and dungeons, lack of a properly cohesive storyline, extremely disappointing graphics, et cetera) - xandermartin98

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Has the classic Metroid Fusion (Metroid 4) issue of being roughly 80% scripted cutscenes and 20% actual gameplay, only somehow even WORSE - xandermartin98

The Last of Us

Main characters (Joel especially) are complete selfish arse-holes and not even in particularly likable or interesting ways even when at their absolute BEST; plot has already been done WAY better by The Walking Dead; ending completely shattered every last bit of goodwill I had for it; gameplay is dull and frustrating and just feels like Uncharted with a zombie reskin crudely layered on top of it; the graphics, in my humble opinion, are the ONLY thing about this game that's actually deserving of its review score - xandermartin98

Great story, but crappy ai and lackluster gameplay

Another Metroid 2 Remake

EXTREMELY overpowered Metroids whose AI is just too fracking smart for the game's own good, energy-and-ammo-refilling save stations that almost completely break the game, linearity that easily rivals that of Metroid Fusion, secret items that I was able to easily find 100% of on my first try, incomplete fast-travel system in V1, irritating obsession with copying the original Return Of Samus as heavily as possible...

that, and also Samus Returns (EASILY just as good overall) and Axiom Verge (ALMOST just as good overall) being completely swept under the rug because of its existence - xandermartin98

Grand Theft Auto IV

Hey Nico, it's your cousin!
Let's go bowling! - mattstat716

Good game but by far the most boring AND pretentious of its series

Even outside of the Grand Theft Auto series, I would easily recommend Saints Row 2 and 3 over it (the fact that there's no "LET'S GO BOWLING" guy or anything explicitly of that nature in those games helps quite a bit as well) - xandermartin98

Chrono Trigger

Great RPG (assuming that you just settle for the two main endings and don't even bother with the unfathomable stupidity that is New Game Plus); but holy JESUS is it overhyped, not to mention a complete and utter cakewalk AND cliché-fest from beginning to end. I honestly enjoyed Earthbound, Mother 3 and Undertale just as much as this game overall, and Final Fantasy VI considerably more (yes, even with FFVI also being as completely broken as it is) - xandermartin98

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Fortnite: Battle Royale

Best game ever you should check out season 9


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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