Top 10 the Ridonculous Race Characters of All Time

This is the list of the Top 10 The Ridonculous Race Characters of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Junior

I'm satisfied that he is first he is so sweet cute innocent cool determined funny and is being held back by Dwayne they should have made further than 9th place at least he made it to the halfway mark in my book Junior is always a winner and I encourage a relationship with his dream girl Carrie it would have a nice turn since total drama couples almost always break up I would like to see how this couple would work Carrie and Devin are an alright couple but Carrie and Junior way better

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2 Carrie

One of my our secondary favourites - NHHAUGHERS

3 MacArthur
4 Devin
5 Emma

Emma and Carrie are my favorite characters in the season, but I just had to vote for Emma. - listotaku17

6 Jacques
7 Geoff
8 Noah
9 Jay

Jay and Mickey should have made farther seriously 11th place really

10 Dwayne

The Contenders

11 Kitty
12 Crimson
13 Mickey
14 Taylor

I hope they bring her back. she is underrated.

15 Josee
16 Jen
17 Sanders
18 Brody
19 Tom
20 Ellody
21 Gerry
22 Mary
23 Owen
24 Chet
25 Lorenzo
26 Rock
27 Spud
28 Kelly
29 Ryan
30 Ennui
31 Stephanie
32 Pete
33 Miles
34 Laurie
35 Tammy
36 Leonard
37 Don
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