Top 10 Rights that Children and Teenagers Should Have

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1 Democracy in School

With the exception of those individuals suffering true abuse or neglect, virtually 100-percent of adults look back on their school days and realize that they pretty much did not know anything.

A 5 year old having equal power to an adult staff member is dumb to be honest - EliHbk

Best list I've seen in a while. - Skullkid755

An example of democratic schooling is the Sudbury schools, where rules are set in a school meeting, and a 5-year old student has an equal vote with an adult staff member. Kids could choose which classes they want to take, if any.

Right now, schools are maybe the most oppressive institutions in society, with the possible exception of prisons. I say "possible exception" because prisoners have many rights that kids in school do not. - Y2K

2 The Right to Choose Their Home Environment

if you choose a property that will come in handy it can really benefit you.

Kids don't leave their home unless they really feel oppressed and/or abused. Give them the right to leave, if that's how they feel. And what kind of stupid process puts a kid with one parent when they want to live with the other parent? - Y2K


3 Right to Vote in Government Elections

True to that

Many adults are so paranoid that young people will make immature decisions, yet it was adults that elected Donald Trump from The Apprentice as our president. There's no need to be paranoid - kids who decide to vote would be passionate about the issues, and will know how to take politics seriously. People once said women weren't capable of voting either, and those people are on the wrong side of history. - Y2K

I have wrote a whole essay about why this should be a thing.

The thing here is that children don't have that much information about the candidates, so they would be considered biased.

They'd probably would have hated Trump for being orange. - Not_A_Weeaboo

4 The Right to Speak Up for Themselves Even to an Adult

teens can't explain why they do something because the teacher will just see it as back talking

5 The Right to Own and Manage Property

Teenagers have some property rights, but they cannot manage it, and parents can still sometimes claim their child's property. This makes minors powerless in front of adults, and when one person has absolute power over someone else, they will always abuse that power. - Y2K

I don't think a 5 year old kid is going to think about owning property

6 The Right to Sue

Minors cannot sue on their own (without a parent or guardian), so adults can destroy their property with no consequences. - Y2K

7 The Right to Drive and Travel Freely

If kids pass the driving test, why not let them drive? Soon enough we'll have self-driving cars, and then there definitely won't be any excuse to keep young people from driving.

If we won't let kids drive, we should at least let them access public transportation for free. - Y2K

8 Accessibility in Buildings and Architecture

Buildings - doors, cabinets, desks, chairs, etc - are all built for adults. Disabled people have a right to have accessible architecture, so children and teenagers should also have that right. - Y2K

9 Limits on Juvenile Prison Sentences

Young people can be sentenced in some juvenile courts to an endless prison sentence, which means that the judge can keep them locked up for as long as he wants without any consequences. That's crazy. - Y2K

10 The Right to Choose What to Do If They Get Pregnant


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11 The Right to Access "Adult" Entertainment

You don't protect kids by shielding them from the outside world. If parents don't like what their kids are watching/reading/playing, they should explain what they think is wrong with it, instead of banning it. Eventually their kids will be exposed to it anyways. - Y2K

True. Especially since the events and such in "adult" entertainment is only fiction, not reality. Education is also very good.

Adult children should have this right too! I'm 26, and once I watched an NC-17 movie "Showgirls", and my mom said that it's "too inappropriate" for me.

As an adult, I am mature enough for that movie.

I don't see why not really - EliHbk

12 The Right to Disagree With Their Parents Buying a New House

We have the right to disagree, we just don't have the right to choose whether they buy a house or not. We can tell our parents "no, I don't want to move" or "no, I don't want to buy a new house" but we are not the ones who pay for it and who pay the bills. If we were, that would be different. But we do not hold the responsibilities of a household. Sometimes people move because they do not have the money to pay the bills so they move to a smaller house. We have the right to disagree, just not the right to make the final decision, which is a good thing.

This is a good one. If a parent just gets up and moves when a child is in a good environment, they could move somewhere that could put their child in danger. This would be a great right.

13 The Right to Wear the Clothing They Want

Anime shirts and spaghetti straps may be fine. I really don't get why schools don't allow that. It makes the students comfortable with what they wear, but something like with killing or guns may not be allowed.

14 The Right to Make Decisions Without Being Criticized

A lot of the time, kids are scared to speak out or make a decision because they are scared how adults will respond and weather or not they will be taken seriously.

15 The Right to Speak to an Attorney
16 The Right Not to Attend School
17 The Right to Drink Alcohol

Only bad item. Their minds are still developing, and alcohol kills many brain cells when consumed. One of my school's coaches has a friend who drunk a lot in his youth and in his 40s still has the mind of an 18 year old. And because of the mind development thing, it can screw with their choices, and thus make what you want them to do, like driving, end in disaster. - Skullkid755

What? No! They're minds are still developing. It's more likely to make THEM drunk than a full grown adult. No. And some teens been arrested for DUI, so I think it's best to keep the age limit at 21 or 18 and such.

Teenagers drink alcohol anyways, they might as well do it in a safe environment. - Y2K

You see, a lot of teenagers and kids don't know that its kind of not good for you and they don't care. but if you make it legal.. they don't have to steal from their parents.. some WILL go buy a couple 6 packs and chug them and die. adults on the other hand know how childish it was for them to do so (although that's not the only reason why people drink and I'm not saying people who drink are childish, mind you) so they are more fit for the responsibility.. - EliHbk

18 The Right to Purchase a Firearm

We need to defend our children

19 Right to Free Lunches
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