Community Debating Discussions #28 Ripoffs/Plagiarism

Warning the following is a serious matter that is no fun & games. What you are about to read is something you should not attempt, nor is it in any bias that covers all different forms of this type of method. Viewer discretion advised.

Look i'm trying to have a fun time with the brackets, and all, but this is getting absolutely ridiculous, and I cannot believe I seriously need to talk about this issue. Remember when there was a time when Melania Trump gave a very similar speech to what Michelle Obama once said word for word virtually? Think about that its my first semester of College, and do you believe I want to be a plagiarist fool? If you are someone in high school that reads this why do I need to tell that you should not think about cheating? Lesson 101 you are smart until proven to not study no more. Thus you get to dark places you don't wanna be, now granted in High School you're not banned from the school, but in college one strike you're outta there for life. There's no going for any hope of any decent job screwed you're life up. Now granted pretty every single one of us have made our posts, and comment without sourcing you are free from that, but in other circumstances its not. Even better ever pay close attention to news media, and how they say things in a certain way, they try to source where they got the big information from exactly. Point is i'm sick of the nonsense that contradicts that you can win by simply taking somebody's idea, and making it your own. An example of that would be Taurus the song by Spirit which three years later a song called Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin which everyone has heard of by now is famous for a lot... pretty much took the guitar riffs from Taurus, and its incredibly similar. After 4 decades... Stairway is still longly debated if its a original song, and one of the greatest of its controversial fame. There's no secret I despise Coldplay, but lately I wasn't aware they actually were accused of plagiarism. This resulted of one of there biggest songs Viva la Vida includes "substantial original portions" of the guitarist Joe Satriani's song If I Could Fly. Coldplay denied they attempted this, but eventually a year later they agreed to a ''out-of-court settlement,'' and the case was finished. This applies to video games as well... Mortal Kombat had a ton of games that were similar, but just unoriginal gameplay concept.

In all forms of flattery if you well take the risk, some take their high road, but others hit rock bottom like they should be. In this case I mean no bias for either of these action intended... come to point here we go again. I mistakenly gave attention to this point, and down right regret every single bit of it. If you aren't sure what i'm referring to i'm talking about the ''My Thoughts On Certain Users'' post that was originally made by SomePersonYouHate. It barely garnered any attention... until ProPanda decided to copy, and Paste it, and leave him out of it. This enraged he, and MindCrime over this controversy, and now its become a known feud without a conclusion to made yet. Though Panda did sorta mention to others that it was a ''weird form of joke'' - NuMetalManiak. In actually I started to puzzled as to why? Why would he do this, again this post is not just about this situation, but I would like to point out also that even I, and other toptenners have rip-off some lists in the past, but eventually everyone accepted that format, but this is just completely a different story that hasn't reached a resolving end.

Then you get into the film category, and... there isn't as many as you may believe, but just enough to find fascinating was once a great films. This may come to as a surprise, but I believe James Cameron is one of the most overrated directors of all time you wanna know, and this is first you gonna hear it. Hmm... Titanic is one of the most boring academy award winning winners of all time, and yet based off of the novel which is WAY better by the way then to watch 3 hours of dull predictability that came outta that book. Now that might not be total ripoff since he was given permission... but how about give him a Sci-Fi film that scored a crap ton at the box office, and be the highest grossing films of all time. Yes believe it or not this was based on novel, but the opposite of Titanic James Cameron had no permission from the Russian author who came with the idea. Two of the most overhyped films did so much, but for hearing these stories are astounding to say the least. Another movie that has created some buzz a few weeks ago is this years Oscar winner Shape Of Water, I know what you're thinking... wait a second are you hate of this film? No, I just have not seen this yet, but I really want to, but at the same time I keep an open mind in saying that this movie was accused of plagiarism thanks to a fellow user Tia Harribel I wanted to know if this was right, and wow would I be stunned in telling you that it came in the form of an idea in the 69' Broadway play known as Let Me Hear You Whisper, oh, and you fought that was enough no its not they take another piece off another film that is not long ago called The Space Between Us which was a short film made from the Netherlands who goes by the last name of Nollkaemper. The chargers dropped after a mutual mood, but not for the Broadway play however... the son of the late great Paul Zindel (David Zindel) spoke to a news source “We are shocked that a major studio could make a film so obviously derived from my late father’s work without anyone recognizing it and coming to us for the rights.” I mean it might of been unintentional, but taking the work blatantly without addressing matters. I'm trying to knock the film because of all its allegations that isn't metoo movement nonsense. In the outcome I found myself somewhat surprised this film still won best Motion Picture despite late coming negative aspects. Would I say Guillermo del Toro earned Best Director... perhaps not justified win since there were other strong contenders you could of given it to. I know this is unrelated to the topic, but just recently once the Oscars ended del Toro revealed he had split from his wife making me wonder she does not want to be with someone with questionable borrowing methods.

Rarely does it happen in sports, but If I could recall one infamous moment that capped off plagiarize craze was the spygate scandal of 2007. I know most of you to do not care about sports, but this was a big deal for the NFL, and its all of the wrong reasons. You see the New England Patriots that year were world beaters that would put up about 30+ points a game, and then suddenly you had word that during the season Belichick (head coach) had a hidden camera where he scouted all 31 teams for his precious perfect season. This is literally an imitation of the 72' Dolphins who were the only team in history to do it all the way in the fair way possible. Here they didn't do it clean, and I get why people hate the Patriots for this one incident alone. Justice was served when the New York Giants slayed them at that Super Bowl, and did it again in a rematch.

There you have it I have covered issues they were out there that needed to be said. Frankly I hope to not see this again, as somebody that had to write yes 8 pages of an essay, and go nuts over making sure to cite information... imagine why I don't take this as a joke. Plagiarism is no laughing matter, but you'll probably encounter someone doing this, and would you feel sorry for the path they chose? Until Next time let's unite, and move on from this together.


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