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21 Help is on the Way

Help is on the Way is a great track. I love the beat and mostly the lyrics. It's a wonderful track and deserves to be in the top 10... Please vote if you like!

deserves to be higher even though saviors my favorite

Definitely one of their best. And damn, what a heartbreaker.

I can't stop listening. I love that track, it almost changed my life.

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22 Everchanging

This song is melodical and lyrical genius! It's impossible to stop listening to it once you have heard it from start to finish! The overall melodic nature and changing tempo of the song is irresistible! I love the diversity of the lyrics and the song meaning! It is very, very well written!
The melody of this song is so smooth and flowing! It hangs around in your head all day, but you don't want to get it out! I believe melody is what makes rise against who they are, and this song showcases that brilliantly!
I think it's a shame that it's lesser known! If this song was on for example, Appeal to Reason it would have definitely been a single and probably In the top 6 in this list! But because it was on there first album ( before they were widely known), most listeners, especially the newer ones, would have never heard this song and this is a shame!
This song is truly trademark rise against, melodical genius and a song every rise against fan can fall in love with! It's a perfect ...more

I really doubt whether most of the people who voted for the top few songs have heard this, but they're missing out. Definitely one of their best songs and the acoustic version is to die for. Please give it a listen!

Absolutely breathtaking. To me, the Acoustic version has a much more fitting pace, and listening to it gives me chills every time.

The acoustic version is perfect. - DysenteryGary

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23 Blood to Bleed

Something Rise Against always does well, is writing lyrics. This song displays the talent of RA at the top of their game. Perhaps not their best song, but one of their best and my most respected.

In my honest opinion, this "masterpiece" should be higher on the list. The lyrics are simply amazing and the pain, the rage and the anger on Tim's voice is well noticed while he is singing. Listening to this is truly an amazing experience.

This song is crazy Amazing! It should be must higher on the list! I never get sick of hearing this whole album!

One of my favourite collection ;)
Desertves in top 5

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24 Collapse (Post-Amerika)

Great rhythm, awesome guitars, incredible lyrics. Fast beat song that you really won't throw out of your head and most importantly heart... And above that all, this song was written after some serious researches, because there are some real facts of American history! Check it out!

Such a fantastic upbeat song should defo be in the top 5 - wazabee900

Not going to beat the last verse. Easily should be number 3 or 4.

25 Entertainment

Wow this song is awesome you guys need to listen to it. The guitar is awesome and the lyrics actually have meaning

This song deserves to be way higher on the list, its extremely meaningful it basically talks about all the material things in life we don't need and even without all the meaning the song is just plain awesome its defintely top ten material and should be voted higher, awesome beat nice rhythm and best scream ever after the bridge. League of Legends OP

This song is just so entertaining!

26 Black Masks & Gasoline

Really? 26th spot? You can really tell the huge majority of the fans here came because of the more recent albums. Revolutions Per Minute is RA's best record and easily one of the best Punk/rock albums to ever be released. And this song is simply amazing.

New Rise Against fans should check the old albums... They don't know what are they missing.

I have listened to and have loved rise since they started. They have better songs then this one but black masks and gasoline is definitely the best song. It makes you realize that they sing for a reason and don't just make music for the money!

I seriously think more people need to listen to RPM10 it is easily Rise Against's best album In my opinion and this is one of the best songs on it.

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27 Dancing for Rain

What?!?!?! Number 30?!? This should definitely be in the top ten. It has one of Rise Against best choruses and is the my favorite song on Siren Sound of the Counter Culture. Everyone vote for this song!

One of the Best Rise Against Songs of all Time... Great start and just amazing for a Metal freak like me... :) Rise Against al

It makes me sad to see this song being at such a low spot. If it would be more popular, I bet it would be in the top 3, along with Black Masks and Gasoline. It's definitely better than Savior. Whoever didn't listen to this song yet, do it now!

This is my favourit!

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28 Life Less Frightening

This is definitely my favourite rock song of all time. Can't believe it can be so low on the list...

My other favourite songs from Rise against (not particulary in order) are: Injection, Paper Wings, The Good Left Undone, My Life Inside Your Heart, Dancing For Rain, Worth Dying For, Heaven Knows, Behind Closed Doors, Halfway There, 1000 Good Intentions, Torches etc

Anyone new to this band should listen to some of these songs.

How can this be so low?! This song rocks! Definitely their best track and everyone should listen to it before they vote. Give it all, Injection and help is on the way are good songs too.

God I love this song. I wont sit here and tell you this song should be top 10 or anything like that but as my favorite song by Rise Against I wished that it was up there higher.

This is my favourite song by this band by far, this is if I m not mistaken what started their assent to fame, I have no idea how this song isn't higher, just crazy. I love it.

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29 Heaven Knows

Should be higher than all these "sell out" songs. Step up your game people.

I can listen to this song multiple times and never get tired of it. It ha s an amazing rock melody and always pumps me up! The story-telling are marvelous! You could actually imagine what he sees and feels!

A fusion of epic 80s hardcore a la Black Flag and Bad Brains with modern punk straight out of Offspring, this song should definitely reach the top 5 at least.

It should be number one

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30 Blood-Red, White, & Blue

Powerful lyrics - there is a real message in this song

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10...awesome stuff...RISE AGAINST never disappoints m/!

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31 Tip the Scales

While, it is impossible for me to determine my favorite song overall. This I say is my favorite song on their best album. It has the perfect mix of Rise Against's punk roots with some mainstream exposure. Joe provides a perfect back-up singer and Tim crafts this song perfectly.

43? Really? This song destroys. It is the second best track on Siren Song, should be much higher on the list. Show some love people.

Best song ever by Rise against. Should be much higher... I'd bet if it was on the new album it would go for a spot in the Top 5. It 's just amazing in every aspect.

Most underrated Song. This song is so good it keeps just pushing from the first second!

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32 I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore

Can only be so low because it's new... AWESOME

Great song, it's new so it's going to be hard to move up list though.

The best from their new album, should be higher up - Mitchoo22

Great song.

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33 Elective Amnesia

This music is just awesome, the start "we don't sleep very much" IS PERFECT!

#43? This song is amazing, vote this song way up there!

34 The Dirt Whispered

It saddens me more people don't vote for this one, because I have to assume they have never heard the song. If you haven't, listen to this; it is absolutely stunning.

Absolutely brilliant lyrics. Original and catchy tune. Great meaning. I don't really know what else you could ask for in a song.

She got down on hands and knees one ear against the ground. Brilliant!

This is possibly the greatest song I have ever heard, if it was possible I would marry this song! Listen. NOW!

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35 State of the Union

It is obvious that a majority of individuals that contributed to this list are newer/latter day Rise Against fans. Although I have the upmost respect for all of their music, Revolutions Per Minute and Siren Song are by far the band's most powerful albums and particularly the song "State of the Union". If you were cognitive enough in 2004 to understand what was happening in the Middle East then you would understand what makes this one of their best written songs. No other music at this point in history expressed the frustration and disgust with the United State's foreign policies and administration as this song did. Siren Song of The Counter Culture helped me cope with the social and political climate during my high school years and, having grown up with 90's punk, restored my faith in Punk Rock music. To those fans that discovered, loved and praise The Sufferer and the Witness and beyond, please take the time to listen to the THREE AMAZING albums that came before.

I am almost ashamed to say I only discovered Rise Against recently when Appeal to Reason was like 5$ on Itunes. I've listen (many times) to all of their albums, and Siren Songs is my favorite my far. It's so underrated! RPM was awesome, but I found the Unravelling a little rough and unpolished, but it's still good.

This song is incredible and the most hardcore song the band has ever released. This truly expressed the meaning of rise against.

Crazy awesome guitar pattern. Great screamo -

What? Why is this 39? I think it should be at least in the top 10

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36 Halfway There

I honestly can't believe its this far down. This way he says "when enough is enough, that's when you'll know, that you're halfway there" gets me every time. He it's a higher note on the scream that is unlike any other rise against song that I've heard, and I think it should be much higher.

This is just the perfect speech to give to anyone on the verge of giving up. This is one of their rawest and most powerful songs to me-no melodies, or anything so sweet or subtle. This song is just what it is. Awesome.

37 Under the Knife

I first heard this in the movie never back down it's a great workout song and gets you plenty pumped up

Excellent song... It encourages one to cheer up in life. To believe in that you are the best

Its a excellent song. Full energetic
And I can't believe it is not included in top 10.

How about that riff!

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38 A Gentlemen's Coup

How can u not like this song?! killer verses and a killer chorus

39 From Heads Unworthy

It's the latest song I've discovered from Rise Against. First I didn't like it, but with every time listening to it, it became better and better. Now it's my favourite - Flomania69

Simply great. One of Rise Against's best.

"I'm not after fame and fortune, I'm after you. When I've served my time I swear I'll come back for you (Watch them fall! )"=instant eargasm. This is RA's revolutionary message in one amazing

Top Song

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40 Chamber the Cartridge

Great song, definitely one of their best. I'm sure lots of rise against fans would be shocked that it is this low down on the list. It should be higher.

Rise Against got a lot of fine songs, there's too many to make a simple top 10. But if had to choose this would be in my top 10!

One does not simply make a top 10 Rise Against songs list. Too many to choose from, but I'd put this song in my top 10.

Honestly, I don't care about the message of a song. What I care about is if the song rocks and if its fast. This song definitely does both of those. Best RA song ever.

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