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41 Broken Mirrors

It's their best to me just listen to it you are gonna love it too. Totally awesome lyrics with the best music. I can't stop listening to it.

I think its their best song.

Awesome song! I listen to this before racing my kart.

42 Voices Off Camera

Totally overlooked song. Its one of my favorites by them. I am amazed that it is so low on their overall rankings =(.

The lyrical content of this song is amazing, and the intro gives a total adrenaline rush. Should definitely be much higher. Top 15.

" I can't bear the thought of losing
I dread the attention winning brings
And ever since the day I came here
I can stand without your strings
I'm so sick of all these people
But I'm scared to be alone
And if life has taught me anything
I forgot it long ago"
These lyrics pretty much sum up my life as someone with anxiety and depression disorders, been listening at RA for only about 2 years and their lyrics have helped me through some tough times.

43 I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore

Can only be so low because it's new... AWESOME

Great song, it's new so it's going to be hard to move up list though.

The best from their new album, should be higher up - Mitchoo22

Great song.

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44 Under the Knife

I first heard this in the movie never back down it's a great workout song and gets you plenty pumped up

Excellent song... It encourages one to cheer up in life. To believe in that you are the best

Its a excellent song. Full energetic
And I can't believe it is not included in top 10.

How about that riff!

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45 Chamber the Cartridge

Great song, definitely one of their best. I'm sure lots of rise against fans would be shocked that it is this low down on the list. It should be higher.

Rise Against got a lot of fine songs, there's too many to make a simple top 10. But if had to choose this would be in my top 10!

One does not simply make a top 10 Rise Against songs list. Too many to choose from, but I'd put this song in my top 10.

Honestly, I don't care about the message of a song. What I care about is if the song rocks and if its fast. This song definitely does both of those. Best RA song ever.

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46 Wait for Me

This song has some great lyrics. To me they describe a soldier promising their loved on they will come home to them, as long as they wait for them. In the end they get betrayed. They beat is great, Tims voice is angelic in this song, and this has always been stuck in my head! I love the whole Endgame album, great opening guitar riffs!

Endgame is Rise Against's BEST ALBUM TO DATE. They did amazing! Go Rise Against!

Its cool song... Must listen to it... Agree with top 10 but it must be at least in top 15

Good song

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47 Kotov Syndrome

Great Song! One of the best of them.
I don't know why this song isn't in the top ten!
You should definitely give it a try!

This is my favorite I don't care what anyone else thinks

My personal favorite

48 Gethsemane

Rise Against's first incredible song. Unbeatable on feeling.

This is such an amazing song. It's a shame it's not higher on this list. Tim's vocals are just absolutely incridible in this song

49 Lanterns

Such an amazing song, blew me away when I heard the new B-sides album long forgotten songs. So great, how it didn't make it to the Endgame final cut is beyond me.

This song is such an invigorating sound. It shows Rise Against giving their heart out. Not the best but definitely deserves to be higher than this

One of the "long forgotten songs" for real. It deserves so much more credit. Love the chorus and the song as a whole

50 The Black Market

This is the most beautiful song I'd heard for a long long time! It's amazing! The lyrics let my heart break every time I listen to this incredible song

This song is growing on everyone who will listening to it!

This song should be first it's just brilliant

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51 But Tonight We Dance

I've been a fan of rise against and just yesterday I heard this song at a state fair. I WAS HOOKED. Even my friend who isn't into rock said it sounded nice. So why such a low ranking?

Awesome song. Embodies Rise Against, can't believe it's so low.

Man this should be way higher, favourite song from the sufferer and the witness.

Off 'this is noise' with black flag and minor threat cover and it's still the rawest song on the ep

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52 My Life Inside Your Heart

Love this song so hard. Gives me shivers.

"And this is part of me, I hope you never see. This is my life inside your heart"

It's my favorite and it's underrated like all rise against songs

64? wow, this song pretty much got me into Rise Against.

Gives me chills, fantastic track. TAKE. MY. HAND.

53 Last Chance Blueprint

Such a great song! Shouldn't be this low... All the fans these days only listen to endgame and newer albums! "One last chance to go! If I don't leave tonight I never will! "

It is a shame that so many people do not know about this song since it is not in one of their newer albums

54 Disparity by Design

What! Rise Against is awesome, and I know "Disparity by Design" might not be their best song, but it certainly deserve better than this. Listen to the sample for God's sake.

Should be on the top ten. The lyrics are deep and meaningful and the chorus one of the best ever heard.

This is my favorite song by them musically and in the meaning.

Disparity by Design - 50th
This is letting go - 52nd
Wait for me now - 36th

Hmmm.. something is seriously wrong with you people!

55 Sight Unseen
56 Long Forgotten Sons

It's just such a true song and it's just so much fun to listen to it. Always makes me feel better when I listen to it.

This is such a good song should be around 20 to 15

57 Whereabouts Unknown

Are you kidding? 48? This is probably one of the most underrated masterpieces rise against has. The guitars, the intro, the screaming, the singing, god it gives me chills it's so good.

This is on their new album but it's an amazing song

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58 1000 Good Intentions
59 To the Core
60 Dirt and Roses

It's the first official new song of Rise Against, since I know them. I search for new Rise Against-songs every day and then I've found this. You can find it on the soundtrack of "The Avengers". You'll be very amazed when you hear it!

I just love this song in every way, the lyrics are amazing, and the chorus is just ear candy. It just feels so epic and I wish they put this song in the actual avengers movie somewhere.

Another Good Song by Rise Against from the Avengers, Its New now (2012) but I'm sure it'll reach to the top side of the list...

The Startup is awesome and the lyrics, once again they've proved themselves - shouryat2b

This song deserves to be in the top ten it is amazing! The music and the lyrics are both great!

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