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61 Whereabouts Unknown

Are you kidding? 48? This is probably one of the most underrated masterpieces rise against has. The guitars, the intro, the screaming, the singing, god it gives me chills it's so good.

This is on their new album but it's an amazing song

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62 This Is Letting Go

I was instantly hooked the first time I heard it

I absolutely love this song. Has to be in my top 5. Put on some headphones, turn it up, and enjoy.

My favorite song by them, sends goosebumps ery time! "The wind died, the whole world ceased to move, and so quiet, her beating heart became a boom, we locked eyes for just a moment or two, she asked why I said I don't know why, I just know, I just know! "

Why so low? The best next to architect and satellite

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63 Dirt and Roses

It's the first official new song of Rise Against, since I know them. I search for new Rise Against-songs every day and then I've found this. You can find it on the soundtrack of "The Avengers". You'll be very amazed when you hear it!

I just love this song in every way, the lyrics are amazing, and the chorus is just ear candy. It just feels so epic and I wish they put this song in the actual avengers movie somewhere.

Another Good Song by Rise Against from the Avengers, Its New now (2012) but I'm sure it'll reach to the top side of the list...

The Startup is awesome and the lyrics, once again they've proved themselves - shouryat2b

This song deserves to be in the top ten it is amazing! The music and the lyrics are both great!

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64 The Strength to Go On

49th? This is in my opinion their strongest song. I love the contrast between the slow guitar only bits and the heavy, powerful riffs that include drums.

Are you kidding me? This song should be WAY higher on the list, like #1

The bands most underrated song. For me its top 5

Favorite song by them for sure.
"but the heart reveals,
What smiles betray
Your sad sad eyes gave you away"

65 1000 Good Intentions
66 Tragedy + Time

Wow, only #78? You've got to be kidding me. No, it doesn't quite get the top spot (my personal favorites are Satellite, Good Left Undone, and Paper Wings), and yes, it's fairly new, but Tragedy + Time definitely deserves more recognition. It's one of my favorite songs from the new album, The Black Market (although I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore, Methadone, and Eco-Terrorist are also great), and this particular song kind of helped me get through a tough time of my own. Beautiful lyrics.

Without a doubt the best song on their new album. The way it speaks to people.. insane

I'd say this song isn't one of their best, but I do think it is one to listen to.

Why is this song so low on the list

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67 Hairline Fracture

This song is the best! I listen to it before races to get my blood pumping. Definitely makes me run faster. Should be number 1.

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68 Torches

Why is this song #82?!? It's probably their most underrated song! Everything from the guitar riff at the opening to the emotion in the part about angels to Tim's amazing screaming chorus is so powerful! It's one of their only songs that have no idea what the meaning is, and frankly, I like it that way. This song is so mysterious, it's just... wow. And I get chills every time I hear " I know that we are the torches in the dark! "

Incredible song. It's awesome! The slow passages in combination with the well known loud shouting makes this song special. I love the recurred part when he sings: "I'm still waiting! "

Simply amazing song. Should be A LOT higher up there than it is. Give it a listen people you'll like it!

Underrated, try listening to more than just ATR

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69 Broken English
70 Methadone

One of rise against's melodic masterpieces! It's just pure melody and rhythm! This song almost forces you to sing along every time you hear it! It's a song that you'll always find stuck in your head for all the right reasons, and not in an annoying way! Tim's vocals during this song are outstanding and diverse! This just amplifies the melodic effect of this song!
Instruments were also used brilliantly! Simple yet rhythmic and addictive guitar riffs are used and are paired perfectly with the vocals!
A mesmerising song that you can't stop tapping your foot to or miming the lyrics! In considerable time I can see this song reach near the top 10!
Absolute melodical genius by rise against and I strongly recommend a listen!

The best song of The Black Market and one of the best Rise Against songs. The lyrics are the highlight and the chorus is a anthem. It's that good.

This one got me an A in my music assessment on drums. I have nothing negative to say at all about this

71 The Approaching Curve

I love this song, its lyric are amazing and they aren't even sung making the impact even bigger of the whole meaning in my opinion. This song is to lowly rated

Another understimated Rise Against's song that deserve to be higher on the list. This is an unique one in which most of the lyrics is spoken. And the chorus is beatiful.

72 Anywhere but Here
73 The First Drop

I kinda feel bad for this song. Certainly not their best, but also definitely not their worst. It doesn't deserve number 84.

74 Generation Lost

PLEASE listen to this song, unbelievable chorus with an end segment that is probably the best thing Rise Against have ever come up with in my eyes, especially impactful in some live performances easily found on YouTube. Easily identifiable lyrics too. Absolute class.

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75 Death Blossoms

Really? This isn't even on the list? This song is awesome, are you kidding me?

Don't get me wrong, I love rise againts. which song? All of them! But this song... itss just different. the tones in this song feel wrong, but they're perfect. it gave me a feeling I haven't had in a while. please, if you read this, consider listening to this song, and think about your favorite song again. this is definitely my favorite song

76 Anyway You Want It
77 Blind
78 The Eco-Terrorist In Me

This is my favourite Rise Against Song. They've changed over the years, but this song shows that they still have it

79 Midnight Hands
80 Historia Calamitatum

This is one of the best Rise Against songs, however I hope that more people start listening to this song, so that they notice how amazing this song is

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