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81 Zero Visibility

This list was obviously made before 2014 otherwise this song would be in at least the top 20. Personally I think this song is so polished and a good sign of change in the band. Easily the best guitar work on the album and features some of Tim's most powerful vocals I've ever heard.

It reminds me of midnight hands and Broken Mirrors, they both have this blues tone that is so different, that Rise Against can only pull off.

It's so different than anything RA has done. It sticks out like a sore thumb, but that's the best thing about it. The chorus has a purely fist-in-the-air vibe to it, and everything else has some of the most technically proficient instrumentals I have heard from the band

Awesome song

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82 Weight Of Time
83 Ballad of Hollis Brown
84 The Great Die-Off

The black market, whilst surely not their best album, also contains some amazing songs that people need to listen to.

Surely deserves to be ranked higher, the best song of their new album, with the exception of The Black Market.

85 A Beautiful Indifference

This songs really grows on you just like the whole album, it has become my favorite. The energy it emits is awesome!

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86 Amber Changin

My absolute favorite rise against song, it's so passionate and emotional.

87 Great Awakening

This song needs some appreciation, as it showed the potential of rise against to become a modern hardcore machine.

88 The Art of Losing
89 3 Day Weekend
90 Awake Too Long
91 Bridges

Great lyrics and awesome band synchrony in the chorus and ending. BRACE. FOR. THE. CRASH.

I love bridges! Under rated but good!

92 Faint Resemblance

98 are you kidding me!

93 Escape Artists
94 Obstructed View
95 Remains of Summer Memories
96 Reception Fades

A nice song! It's very underrated.

97 Six Ways'til Sunday
98 Making Christmas
99 Fix Me
100 Sudden Life
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