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81 The Great Die-Off

The black market, whilst surely not their best album, also contains some amazing songs that people need to listen to.

Surely deserves to be ranked higher, the best song of their new album, with the exception of The Black Market.

82 A Beautiful Indifference

This songs really grows on you just like the whole album, it has become my favorite. The energy it emits is awesome!

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83 Amber Changin

My absolute favorite rise against song, it's so passionate and emotional.

84 Bulls**t

One of the best from Wolves 2017 - rujudan

85 Welcome to the Breakdown Welcome to the Breakdown
86 Great Awakening

This song needs some appreciation, as it showed the potential of rise against to become a modern hardcore machine.

87 The Art of Losing
88 3 Day Weekend
89 Awake Too Long
90 Sudden Life
91 Faint Resemblance

98 are you kidding me!

92 Escape Artists
93 Obstructed View
94 Anywhere but Here
95 Torches

Why is this song #82?!? It's probably their most underrated song! Everything from the guitar riff at the opening to the emotion in the part about angels to Tim's amazing screaming chorus is so powerful! It's one of their only songs that have no idea what the meaning is, and frankly, I like it that way. This song is so mysterious, it's just... wow. And I get chills every time I hear " I know that we are the torches in the dark! "

Incredible song. It's awesome! The slow passages in combination with the well known loud shouting makes this song special. I love the recurred part when he sings: "I'm still waiting! "

Simply amazing song. Should be A LOT higher up there than it is. Give it a listen people you'll like it!

Underrated, try listening to more than just ATR

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96 The Strength to Go On

49th? This is in my opinion their strongest song. I love the contrast between the slow guitar only bits and the heavy, powerful riffs that include drums.

Are you kidding me? This song should be WAY higher on the list, like #1

The bands most underrated song. For me its top 5

Favorite song by them for sure.
"but the heart reveals,
What smiles betray
Your sad sad eyes gave you away"

97 Roadside

God damn have you ever heard this song!? It has got to be my favorite slow song. This song definitely doesn't deserve 51st! Come on people listen to this then vote it up!

Deserves to be much higher than this! In my opinion it's one of the best slow songs. Reminds me of snow patrol's set fire to the third bar.

Beautiful is the one word I can think of to describe this song.

What this is last

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98 Remains of Summer Memories
99 Reception Fades

A nice song! It's very underrated.

100 The Approaching Curve

I love this song, its lyric are amazing and they aren't even sung making the impact even bigger of the whole meaning in my opinion. This song is to lowly rated

Another understimated Rise Against's song that deserve to be higher on the list. This is an unique one in which most of the lyrics is spoken. And the chorus is beatiful.

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