Best Riser Crew Songs

The best songs from the up-and-coming group Riser Crew.

The Top Ten

1 Broken Bones Broken Bones

Excellent guitar throughout and tight harmonies. - classicrock001

2 Rest Rest

Magnificent intro that carries the song. - classicrock001

3 Feel the Music Feel the Music

A complete rock jam that kicks off Riser Crew's second album Retrospect with a bang, revealing the step up in music quality from the first album. Excellent solos throughout. - classicrock001

4 Derek Brown Derek Brown

Great folk tune with the nice additions of banjo and violin. - classicrock001

5 Fill My Heart Fill My Heart

Soulful harmonica throughout to complement excellent vocals. - classicrock001

6 Heroes Heroes

Stellar work centered around the piano that keeps building throughout. - classicrock001

7 Traveling Home Traveling Home

Excellent slide guitar in this one, along with great harmonies and blues solos on the harmonica and electric guitar. - classicrock001

8 Where I Belong Where I Belong

Beautiful love song. Recorded live with just acoustic guitar and vocals. - classicrock001

9 Take Me Back Take Me Back

A peaceful and relaxing folk tune. Great vocals here. - classicrock001

10 Where Will We Be Where Will We Be

A classic from their first studio album Timeless Expedition. While the songs of Retrospect have fueled Riser Crew's popularity, this is a fun classic from the first album with a stylophone in it. - classicrock001

The Contenders

11 Road to Nowhere Road to Nowhere

A rock jam that concludes Timeless Expedition with tight harmonies. - classicrock001

12 Irish Wristwatch Irish Wristwatch

An upbeat jam that is a signature tune of early Riser Crew. - classicrock001

13 How Far How Far

A meaningful tune with great structure. - classicrock001

14 Fire Fire
15 I Will Remember I Will Remember
16 Guiding Light Guiding Light
17 Six Months Six Months
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