Top 10 Ritchie Blackmore Guitar Moments


The Top Ten

1 A Light In the Black - Rainbow

I think this is his best solo but because the song isn't well known, it's usually underrated.
The riff is great, too. - Metal_Treasure

2 Highway Star - Deep Purple

Besides the solo and some other well known things, this was the first metal-related song with tremolo picking - a technique that was widely used later in extreme metal, such as black and death metal (also in some power metal). - Metal_Treasure

3 Child In Time - Deep Purple
4 Hard Lovin' Man - Deep Purple

For me this is 1st metal song ever, 1970 (not perfect, not the best by Deep Purple but it started something new that is important to me) - Metal_Treasure

5 Spotlight Kid - Rainbow

The riff - it was ripped off by over 10 metal bands, including Dream Theater (Panic Attack).
This song is mostly known by metal musicians and die hard fans. A very underground song. - Metal_Treasure

6 Stargazer - Rainbow

The riff AND the solo, plus the symmetrical Arabic scales he used (unique approach) - Metal_Treasure

7 Death Alley Driver - Rainbow

The solo - fast, technical, melodic - Metal_Treasure

8 Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

Killer riff inspired by Beethoven - Metal_Treasure

9 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow

The Arabic scales he used in the composition - Metal_Treasure

10 Difficult to Cure - Rainbow

Beethoven metal cover - Beethoven went metal for the first time. - Metal_Treasure

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