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1 Bughead (Betty and Jughead)

bets couple on the show, hope everything works out with them because season four episode 17 might be the beginning of something bad happening between them. JUGHEAD DESERVES BETTER!

They are hella cutest couple on Riverdale and they have the best on-screen chemistry because of their off-screen chemistry

I mean do I even have to explain this. They are cute and have the most chemistry. They love each other for all of their flaws. And Jughead deserves the world.

they are just a match mate in heaven and the best couple ever I wish I have what they have

2 Choni (Cheryl and Toni)

I think Cheryl and Toni are the best couple right now. With Betty and Archie cheating, I think Bughead's down the drain for sure. The first kiss was forever iconic and I loved Cheryl's coming out story. Though I think it was a little messed up when Toni was singing Call your Girlfriend which is a song about breaking up with your girlfriend I felt bad for Cheryl. I feel like they bring out the best in each other. Pleasee make their be a Toni storyline without Cheryl and enough with the tickling stuff. Also I hope Cheryl can meet Toni's parents and find out her backstory.

Cheryl gets a pretty creepy in season 4, but they're so dynamic and perfect for each other.

They are actually entertaining to watch...and yes that is shade love

They are probably one of my favorites like #2 under Bughead(ofc) and no offense Kevin and Fangs but I like Choni better

3 Varchie (Veronica and Archie)

Their relationship is mostly just sex and they both are obviously crushing on Betty so they just break up, but other than that, I ship!

I support varchie just because I don't want to see archie interfering bughead romance

Varchie is probably just a couple I like because I just feel if anyone is going to break up in season 5 because of the Barchie kiss it is them. To me they aren't that stable anymore

Best couple in the show. I love them so flipping much. They are one of the main reasons I still watch the show. I love Ronnie and I love Archie so put them together they make my heaven hahaha.

4 Beronica (Betty and Veronica)

It would def be an unexpected twist on the show. They should just ditch their boyfriends and go on a romantic getaway together.

Yasss queen that kiss

we love girl on girl

Am I the only person that kind of ships this?

5 Barchie (Betty and Archie)

It just should not happen it is not right Betty and jughead belong together

I totally ship them because they have great chemistry, they know each other since they were 4 years old , they are so cute together, they were each others first kiss, Archie wanted to marry Betty when they were 8 years old, they are neighbours, they walk to school together, if Veronica or Miss Grundy never came to Riverdale they would have been together, Betty trusted Archie about the black hood situation and not Jughead or Veronica, Archie wrote a song for Betty and not Veronica, if Cheryl did’t tell Betty that she was in love with the idea of being with Archie they would have been together in season 4 and they are soulmates

I will love if they get together there are ment for each other

The worst couple on the show without fail

6 Cheronica (Cheryl and Veronica)

There friendship is probably my favorite friendship In riverdale. I thought they were goi g to date from the beginning they would be sssoo cute but I am a varchie fan.

Cheryl was definitely into her in season 1, everything she did with Toni in season 2, she did withRonnie earlier, if they would stop being cowards and let Ronnie be bi, we would have a power couple on are hands

Could be a great couple

Wasted potential

7 Falice (FP and Alice)

I stan them and I don't mind them getting married as well but I don't want that to affect bughead by any means. I fact it would be cute to see bughead cringing over falice romance like they did in season 4 episode 16

I love that they rekindled something old and made it something new. No offense but I hope they don't get married because everyone wants to see Bughead get married so if Falice gets marries it would be incest for Betty and Jughead

I ship! I mean I honestly feel like they would get secretly married so Bughead can date and nobody will know they are step siblings, but if they end up hurting the chances of Bughead I will kill them make no mistake >:c

They are just golden together and the history and the way they look at eachother melts my heart

8 Joavin (Joaquin and Kevin)

I am crying every time I see or hear Joavin.

they're cute bring back joaquin

I love this one! SO MUCH!


9 Cherie (Cheryl and Archie)

I thought they were cute in 1x09 because if they dated they could become this fiery couple because of their red hair

I think these are great. Try reach out to cw and see whether they can make happen in the foreseeable future.

This is better than any person he has dated...It would be so cute

Still better than Varchie

10 Regonica (Reggie and Veronica)

No it should be Veggie

OK I think that when Archie an Veronica beak up that Reggie and Veronica are going to get to together I can not wait for that

So glad this person has called them regonica and not veggie

Should be WAY higher

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11 Moovin (Moose and Kevin)

The best relation for Kevin even at first Moose was not really good with him but now I hope that we'll see them more together and like a couple and I hope maybe a love triangle Moovin and Kevangs

So cute I was so glad when moose came out

They are literally the cutest! I ship

I'm pretty sure the ship name's koose

12 Jurger (Jughead and Burger)

Best pair ever. The way jughead eats his burgers would turn anybody on (jk). Love them

We all know how much Jughead loves burgers and this is the perfect ship.

This gives me happy tears

This is the best one of them all

13 Jarchie (Jughead and Archie)

I think of this more as a friend kind of ship since I don't completely see them together, but I can kinda see it!

Your not the only one, I ship this so much

Lowkey been shipping them for ages

Always shipped it since the first time I watched it

14 Kevangs (Kevin and Fangs)

I love how in 2x14 Kevin says he doesn't really want to date someone named Fangs and now they are dating

I ship this so much this needs to be a thing

I don't know, I just love them

Fangs is the best suited for Kevin!

15 Vughead (Jughead and Veronica)

I actually love this ship even though they have nothing in common

If you think about they have a lot in common and just fit each other so well

I think they have a lot in common, which could make them both develop a strong bond. Also, they complement one another in a nice way and would be an unexpected couple.

Am I the only one who ships this

16 Hiail (Hiram and Jail)

He got what he deserved

This is amazing

The best ship on the show

This is the BEST thing a Riverdale fan could ask for

17 Swosie (Sweet Pea and Josie)

I loved the whole fling thing but I like her and Archie

Am I the only person that ships this?!

That Swosie kiss on 3x1 left me SHOOK. They would be cute together, irl and in Riverdale. I love Swosie.

Its just obvi

18 Veggie (Veronica and Reggie

They are cute but Archie and Veronica is better

Literally my favourite ship. Such a power couple

still here for it

best ship

19 Jolly (Jason and Polly)

Love me some incest

too bad jason died

They are related


20 Sweet Bea/Swetty (Betty Cooper/Sweet Pea)

Sinceramente no me gusta esta pareja porque simplemente sweet pea es mucho para Betty


No no no no no (also literally no one says sweet bea are you good)

21 Archosie (Archie and Josie)

Them to me were really cute! I loved their dynamic and their love for music and they were both really supportive of each other.


22 Veryl (Veronica and Cheryl

I feel like toni and roni would be better


23 Jopaz (Jughead and Toni)

I liked them only in that one ep that they kissed and the next episode I was back to Bughead.

Amazing couple

Ahahaahahaaha... Yes

Isn't it tughead

24 Betshake (Betty and Milkshake)

Jughead is the milkshake and Betty loves milkshakes

ok, we all know Jughead is the milkshake...

So true

Who doesn’t love a good milkshake

25 Cail (Chic and Jail)

Chic needs to be in jail for all his life

He deserves to be there

like cereal and milk

he belongs there

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