Top 10 Riverdale Ships


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1 Bughead (Betty and Jughead)

Their meant to be together

Their unconditional love and trust for each other is couple goals. They are endgame and I love them so much.

I love bug head! They have been through so much and still are together.

They are the best couple

2 Choni (Cheryl and Toni)

They are so cute but they do fight a lot.

There endgame

They are actually entertaining to watch...and yes that is shade love

These two are endgame
Beautiful couple

3 Varchie (Veronica and Archie)

They are endgame. Their the perfect couple and the cutest. There my favorite couple they are the reason I watch riverdale. I love them so much. I wouldn't even know what to do If they weren't a couple.

I think this couple is very complete and are practically the same, support each other and are funny and serious.

Varchie is just varchie they love each other
And help each other

One of my favor ships

4 Falice (FP and Alice)

Lol jughead and Betty now FP and Alice but love it

A WHOLE COUPLE! They are endgamess

Bughead should brokeup lol

They are a power couple and there endgame

5 Barchie (Betty and Archie)

I kinda ship it though.

Bighead is favorite but this cute too

I love how great they are together

Betty and archie aren't dating but they are endgame

6 Beronica (Betty and Veronica)

I ship them more than anything - Yoshiandaglover

It would def be an unexpected twist on the show. They should just ditch their boyfriends and go on a romantic getaway together. - AngelOfTheSky

Ok but, power couple much, like literally the two most badass girls ever

Unexpected ships are the best like yasss

7 Cheronica (Cheryl and Veronica)

Now they would be so cute.

I love this ship

Could be a great couple

i ship - Yoshiandaglover

8 Joavin (Joaquin and Kevin)

I am crying every time I see or hear Joavin.



Joavin is AMAZING 🥰♥️
I love it more than anything
And I cried so much
N I was hart broken when Joaquin DIED 😭

9 Moovin (Moose and Kevin)

So cute I was so glad when moose came out

They are literally the cutest! I ship

I'm pretty sure the ship name's koose - kawaiihappycandy

The best relation for Kevin even at first Moose was not really good with him but now I hope that we'll see them more together and like a couple and I hope maybe a love triangle Moovin and Kevangs - mazigh

10 Archosie (Archie and Josie)

The Contenders

11 Cherie (Cheryl and Archie)

This is better than any person he has dated...It would be so cute

Cheryl is a lesbian but ok - pjo

Still better than Varchie

They look cute together😻

12 Regonica (Reggie and Veronica)

No it should be Veggie

They were so cute and know one very ship named them so I do

Better than varchie

So glad this person has called them regonica and not veggie - pjo

13 Jurger (Jughead and Burger)

The best ship in the whole show

This is the best one of them all

This gives me happy tears - Yoshiandaglover

So so perfect

14 Jarchie (Jughead and Archie)

We shall rise my faithful comrades

Always shipped it since the first time I watched it

so cute

Lowkey been shipping them for ages

15 Vughead (Jughead and Veronica)

Nope but yes

Am I the only one who ships this - Yoshiandaglover

If you think about they have a lot in common and just fit each other so well

I think they have a lot in common, which could make them both develop a strong bond. Also, they complement one another in a nice way and would be an unexpected couple.

16 Kevangs (Kevin and Fangs)


I ship this so much this needs to be a thing

These two I just like them together
Also it’s kangs

This neeeds to happen

17 Hiail (Hiram and Jail)

Hiram should be in jail for all his life

This is amazing


He got what he deserved

18 Veggie (Veronica and Reggie

Literally my favourite ship. Such a power couple

They are cute but Archie and Veronica is better

best ship

I still think it’s better than varchie to be honest

19 Jopaz (Jughead and Toni)

Amazing couple



I liked them only in that one ep that they kissed and the next episode I was back to Bughead.

20 Sweet Bea/Swetty (Betty Cooper/Sweet Pea)


Sinceramente no me gusta esta pareja porque simplemente sweet pea es mucho para Betty

No no no no no (also literally no one says sweet bea are you good) - pjo

21 Veryl (Veronica and Cheryl

I feel like toni and roni would be better

22 Chughead (Cheryl and Jughead)

nah - Yoshiandaglover

Cheryl is A LESBIAN - pjo

I love them

Eu gosto deles

23 Swosie (Sweet Pea and Josie)

I loved the whole fling thing but I like her and Archie


That Swosie kiss on 3x1 left me SHOOK. They would be cute together, irl and in Riverdale. I love Swosie.

24 Lopaz (Veronice and Toni)

They would be pretty adorable together though.

I shipped it forever.

Who the hell is Veronica like what

25 Sweethead (Sweet Pea and Jughead)

Yas queen you have a sweet head

26 Valrchie (Valerie and Archie)


Hell naw

27 Eghead (Ethel and Jughead)

It should be ethalhead remember Betty said that

yasss eggs

28 Rosie (Reggie and Josie)

I have been shipping them forever and I don't know why but I hope it happens!

29 Jolly (Jason and Polly)

They are related

Love me some incest - pjo

Aww ya... - Kitten-lover-123

30 Pheryl (Cheryl and Polly)


Cheryl dislikes poilly obviusly as much as penilopy (cheryls mother did. so like I don't like it and the fact that cheryl is related to pollys babsies is rlly gross and ugly and yeah so just I dislike this so much I don't like pheryl bad ship name and also please don't ship archie and jughead its just as gross and they not gay they both dated girlls!

31 Aeggie (Archie and Reggie)

Rarchie is better - Yoshiandaglover

32 Halice (Hal and Alice)

Couple goals!

33 Sweronica (Sweet Pea and Veronica)

Would actually be decent - pjo

I love Varchie but I love the idea of Veronica and a Serpent! I've seen some aus of Sweronica and I love them!

Son fan mal de sweet pea y al imaginarlo con verónica juntos como pareja solo mi cabeza explota porque este es mi favorito

34 Hiramione (Hiram and Hermione)

They are perfect for eachother-

35 Cail (Chic and Jail)

Chic needs to be in jail for all his life

For sure

36 Hanelope (Hal and Penelope)
37 Bralice (Alice and a Brick Name a More Iconic Pair)
38 Betshake (Betty and Milkshake)

Jughead is the milkshake and Betty loves milkshakes

JUGHEAD= MILKSHAKE and she has to suck on the straw to drink the milkshake...😏😳💕💕💕💕

39 Swangs (Sweet Pea x Fangs)

Best ship ever! Swangs is my world! - SweetestOfPeas23

Ellos son los mejores amigos casi hermanos y uno hace todo por el otro eso demuestra que en la unidad esta la fuerza

40 Chetty (Cheryl and Betty)

They’re cousins... - Yoshiandaglover

I love when they re togethere it's a good duo - mazigh

They’re cousins...their friendship is cute, but I would definitely not “ship” them..


41 Terria (Tom and Serria)

They gonna get married

Her name isn't serria lmao - pjo

Weird but cute

42 Sophie (Archie and Sophie)

Who is Sophie?

43 Chilton (Cheryl and Dilton)



44 Chosie (Chuck and Josie)

I totally ship it if chuck wasn't so.

Yas please they’re great

45 Fermoine (FP x Hermione)


46 Pagatha (Polly x Agatha)
47 Bolly (Betty x Polly)

NO NO NO too much incest on riverdale already

48 Garchie (Grundy and Archie)

Eww NO! - Kitten-lover-123

49 Piram (Penelope and Hiram)
50 Penelord (Penelope and Clifford)
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