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21 Scattante
22 Cube

Simple, robust and precision-made bicycles. German quality, reasonable price and nice painting job.

Good quality for an affordable price

23 BMC

Well, you will see in Tour de France, at the front group. I have a Team machine SLR02, nothing to describe, just amazing

I just got a team machine slr02, best bike in its price range, by far!

Team machine is the best for the best price

Best of the best TT excellent bike I got TM01 and it is amazing

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24 Lapierre
25 Colnago

Design, build quality and ride quality all are assumed without discussion. It is the intangible quality of a hand built Italian beauty that makes these bikes so amazing. I've ridden many different road bikes and nothing is quite like a lugged carbon Colnago frame. If you will only have one bike in your life, make it a Colnago. The best!

I have a master, it is incredible when I ride it everywhere. Somehow, I dare not to ride outside when it is raining.

Colnago obviously makes the best bike in the world. The c60. Why it's so far down on the list is beyond me.

Best of all!

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26 Eddy Merckx V 1 Comment
27 Ridley

Great looking bikes but you pay a premium price. Very stiff and fast. You feel every rock and pebble but you will probably win the race.

Good, genuin, all round quality. the brand has a good cyclo cross section but caters to other styles as well.

28 Focus

Without a doubt, best value for money, fantastic design and technological advancement.

Genuine quality brand. good for cyclocross riders.

29 Carrera

My friend owns one brilliant getting one soon

Brilliant bike for the price

30 Trinx

Dbest and affordable

31 KTM

Very good quality perfect handling well priced

32 Schwinn V 1 Comment
33 Motobecane

Only brand that offers not only a complete line, but also road bikes in steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium

Reasonably priced and good quality

Getting one today looks amazing, 15lbs full carbon fiber only $900

I own Motobecane Super Miragre vintage road bike in great condition. It's fantastic! Also very quality and nice. It should be in top 20 for sure!

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34 Avanti V 1 Comment
35 Jamis

Jamis Ventura Comp is an excellent endurance road bike at a great price.

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36 Basso V 1 Comment
37 Kuota

Nice bike

Very noce bike

38 Hero

Hero is the best bike company and Indian company hero is the best company ever I love India

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39 Norco

Don't own one yet, but shopping online, I can't believe this bike isn't rated much higher. Great price/value for some very high end components. Haven't seen a bad review yet.

Just bought one - steel frame feels good, well built. Bought at discount as end of season, but price:equipment is good.

It is a really good brand I have a few and they have all lasted for a very long time

Amazing bike!

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40 Devinci

Little known high quality bike brand made in Canada.
The company scraps a frame that is more than 2mils off the standard. They really take pride in building light quality racing bikes.

I've had a 98 Devinci since it came out of the factory. Still in good shape. Components comparable to my friends' bikes that are recent and above average quality.

Very impressed with the quality, not regret for sure. I had a Trek before but, I'm sold to Devinci now.

I have a 2013 devinci silverstone road bike. It's good. A quality bike to begin your cycling interest. Cassette and gear cable needed to be replaced after 4 years (12,000 kms), not too bad.

Good Canadian brand. Looking to upgrade soon though.

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