Top Ten Road Bike Brands

Which bikes deliver the best combination of performance, handling, speed, etc.

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81 CCM
82 Miele

It's very good for biking in town a mountain biking to but it isn't the best ever

83 Diamondback

Fantastic bikes

Diamondback has been making a strong comeback to the high end road market. The carbon podiums are spectacular- pretty stiff, fairly light and unless you are looking to drop 10k+ on a bike, you cannot beat the value. Great mix that is solid enough to race and (just) comfortable enough to ride for fun.

84 Bulls

Good value for money. You'll get better components for the same amount of mney as the other brands

85 Optima
86 Reflex
87 Minelli

Mos definitely one of the most aftordable high quality road bike. High quality parts. Nice finish

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88 Progressive Road Bike
89 Pacific

It's so smooth when you use it on the road.

90 Trigon

Great ride

91 Wimcycle
92 Kinesis

Lovely small brand doing some good stuff, ranging from Alu to Titanium. I own a Ti frame and it's beautiful to ride.

93 Performer

Good rode bike


94 Kross

Fantastic carbon made XC bikes of this polish manufacturer. I guess Maja Wloszczowska will agree. I got Kross Level B9 and it still amazes me.

95 Ciocc
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