Top 10 "Road to" Ideas for Family Guy

Some of the best Family Guy episodes were "Road to..." episodes. For example, my favorite is Road to Vegas That one was amazing.
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1 Road to Space

In this one Stewie builds a spaceship and he and Brian go to space but there space ship blows up on a planet that they can live on but only for a hour so they will have to escape the planet before the hours up

2 Road to Japan
3 Road to Egypt

In this one they go to Egypt and do a average Brian and Stewie road to adventure I can't believe they haven't done this one yet

4 Road to Anime
5 Road to Heaven

Brian will not go to heaven.

This one would be cool so in this one Stewie and Brian both die Brian goes to heaven and Stewie goes to hell and Stewie is trying to go to heaven with help from Brian who isn't allowed to leave heaven and can only help Stewie thru angels

6 Road to Robot Chicken

Who is adding so many ideas to this lists there good ideas but damn it's a lot of them

7 Road to Hot Topic

Yay, I love that store!

8 Road to China
9 Road to Langley

I spy a terrible episode.

Crossovers, especially with Family Guy, almost always suck.

This would be a crossover between american dad and family guy but only with brian and stewie I like the other characters but I think they would ruin a crossover with american dad also brian and stewie are my favorite family guy characters so they would work perfectly for

10 Road to the Multiverse 2

Road to the multiverse was one of my favorite family guy episodes wouldn't it be great if therfe was a second one

The Contenders
11 Road to North Korea

I do not think that is a good idea,that will make the dictator very angry,so the U.S is trying to make peace with north korea,so that will caused huge spoiled controversy

EX:T.V. sitcom M.A.S.H was created in the early 70s,which the setting takes place at the korean war which it is good because if it takes place in the vietnam war it will be in the palms of tainted chaos- Kevinsidis

Brian and stewie are sent to north Korea by the president to north korea to assassinate Kim Jong Un

12 Road to Hell
13 Road to Tiny World

Stewie creates a shrinking machine and him and brian shrink down and find a tiny world

14 The Road to Middle-Earth
15 Road to Earth

So both brian and stewie get trapped in space in another road to idea I had called road to space and they need to get to earth

16 Road to Reality

Brian and stewie hate being in a fictional world so they try to go into reality

17 Road to Justin Bieber

Then I send hate tweets to Seth, sorry it's the law no one nowadays can bash Justin Bieber or they will suffer.

18 Road to Time

Brian and stewie get stopped by the time police for breaking the rules of time what will they do

19 Road to Nowhere
20 Road to the Future
21 Road to Quahog
22 Road to Canada
23 Road to Italy
24 Road to Ireland
25 Road to the Past
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