Best Roads In New Mexico

Beautiful interstates to drive on. You will love it.

The Top Ten

1 Interstate 25

In Albuquerque, you are driving through downtown and once get past the Big I, it is a pretty interstate. In Las Cruces, you are driving through downtown and you just left I-10 and there are great things to see. When you are driving and headed for a city, you will see great things like mountains and cliffs and trees and all kind of great stuff.

Right now I-25 and I-40 are tied at 18% A neat interstate to drive on, you cross the Rio Grande twice in New Mexico, in Albuquerque, and near Hatch, NM. Which interstate do you like best? I-40? Or I-25? They are both great interstates to drive on.

2 Interstate 40

Beautiful interstate to drive on, when you are driving on I-40 in Albuquerque, it is so pretty and smooth and a great freeway.

3 Interstate 10

When you leave Arizona and you are in New Mexico, you will see beautiful things there, the 3 main cities you will bump into are Lordsburg, Deming, and Las Cruces. Beautiful things to see and commonly things.

4 U.S. 70

A nice little road to drive on. You are driving through a forest and stuff like that.

5 U.S. 60

Ok, I live on U.S. 60 and known it for a long time, It is a great road and you will see some neat things.

6 U.S. 54

Neat road to drive on.

7 U.S. 85
8 New Mexico 423
9 New Mexico 12
10 U.S. 180
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