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1 "You're ugly!" Yeah, says the one whose head looks like a pineapple.

Called my school bully that, he quit bullying me after

That's just being rude to pineapples though...

That's an insult to pineapples. - PeachyBlast


You should use this: Hmm Einstein once said every person is a genius unlike you because you're not a person unless you have a brain. - UzL

2 I once called Animal Control because I thought you were an ape.

I don't rlly like dis one


heh! funny

3 Your teeth are worse than your hairline.

I used it to a bully and the left the school


4 "You're ugly." Aww! Thanks! I was trying to look like you today!

Her face was in Awe when I said this XDD

LOL, I need to say this to my ex best friend when I see her at school tomorrow - TwilightKitsune

This will work for a girl probably

THe best! ;w;

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5 Your raps are worse than your glasses.
6 Your gums are blacker than you are.

That was racist. But yes, there was a kid at my school who had black gums. - JakePlaid

7 Your hair looks like an Ice Cream cone.

Sounds like Jimmy Neutron, if you ask me. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

8 "Why're you talking while I'm teaching?!" Why are you teaching during my conversation?!

That is amazing for class

That's great roast for teachers

It's great XXX

9 "Why're you so quiet?!" Because I don't waste words.
10 I'm sick. "No you're not." I'm sick of you!

Ya but I'm sick of these lame roast.

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11 "You're stupid." Well your mom's stupid for giving birth to you.

wow mean

12 You're so fat Kung Fu Panda couldn't take you down

This was the best one lol



ITs nice isn't it

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13 You must've been born on a highway because that's where all of the accidents happen

I've used this one before, it works great. The person I said this to just stared, dumbfounded as I walked away!


14 Your mom got a fine for littering when she dropped you off today,

in it


15 "Idiot!" You're not a Pokémon.
16 "You drew that? That's so ugly!" Yeah because I'm drawing you

That's great

17 If you're not gonna Drink the Boot, We ought to give you the Boot.


18 If you keep rolling your eyes, there is a possibility of finding your brains back there.
19 You look like your face caught fire and the someone hit it with a hammer

Lol! the best

20 Wait, ____, is that you? Sorry, I thought you were a toad.

I will use this on this annoying kid called vansh

21 I bet your hot breath makes wildfires
22 I would burn you but burning trash is bad for the environment


The best one

23 You couldn't hit the side of a barn from the inside.
24 I love what you've done with your hair! How do you make it come out of your nostrils like that?
25 "You're such an idiot!" Are you talking to me or your reflection in the mirror?


26 Evolution took a big step backwards when it made you
27 If karma were to hit you in the back for everything you did, I would be there just in case
28 I hope your digestive system breaks you down instead.
29 I would roast but my mom said I can't roast trash

This roast made an idiot at my schoolshut up

30 Your butt is so big the black hole quivers
31 You couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel.
32 Your red hair looks like a cardinal
33 You are so fat that even a train stopped when you went on it
34 Roses are red, tulips are black, you would look great with a knife in your back.
35 You're so fat that you broke the stairway to heaven

Pretty good

36 Yo mama so fat she wobble on both sides of the family.
37 I'm not saying you're nasty, but you could go to the vet without question
38 Your makeup looks so cute today, did you follow a pennywise makeup tutorial?
39 Please mind the gap between your teeth
40 Yo mama so fat when she farted she created global warming

I like butts

41 Your butt is so big it covered my car's windows
42 Your butt is fantastic! Which means fiction in Russian.
43 Your butt is so big I could sink inside
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1. "You're ugly!" Yeah, says the one whose head looks like a pineapple.
2. I once called Animal Control because I thought you were an ape.
3. Your teeth are worse than your hairline.


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