Best Robcon Rap Songs

RobCon has made some great rap songs so lets count down the best

The Top Ten

1 My Closet

This song is about a psycopath finding out about nin phone number and murdering people. great songs - CODcaker45

2 Puppy Love

My Kinda Lover + Eminem + RobCon = Puppy Love - CODcaker45

3 Understand Me

Him telling people to understand him or he'll kill you - CODcaker45

4 Just Like Me

Role Model (from eminem) + RobCon + The Most Random verses ever = JUst like me (robcon - CODcaker45

5 Your High

Legacy (from eminem) + RobCon = Your High - CODcaker45

6 Pony Ride

Hook sounds like purple pills.Genius - CODcaker45

7 Disco

A party song about strippers. Genius - CODcaker45

8 Rock a Bye Baby

The 1st song robcon made and its very personall - CODcaker45

9 Titan

A song about people who don't know what abortion is. This song makes it work. - CODcaker45

10 Teacher

A freestyle about teachers seeing robcon dancing. RobCon stated half this song is true lol. HAHA! - CODcaker45

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