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1 Big Log

This song make me feel more alive, thanks Mr. Robert Anthony Plant for this awesome song and awesome guitar but the guitarist for this song is unknown and 'Big Log' is featured in Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos Rock Radio. Just listen to this and Mr. Plant's more stuff. - malamJONES

Big log is my most favourite song ever, never gets old.

Despite the freaky title, best love song ever.

Very good music

2 29 Palms

The best song ever!

3 Heaven Knows
4 Moonlight In Samosa
5 If I Were a Carpenter
6 Ship of Fools
7 Mystery Title
8 The Greatest Gift
9 Rainbow

For being not the hard rock we r accustomed to seeing Robert sing, it really is a very relaxing soothing song to listen to

Best song of him out of led zeppelin,wonder how he has very good voice even at that age - zxm

10 In the Mood

Great Song! A lot of the time considered to be his best!

This should be higher.

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11 Colours of a Shade
12 Pink and Black

I love the beat and tempo, I wish this song was more commercialized, it is that good!

13 Like I've Never Been Gone
14 Tall Cool One
15 Burning Down One Side

Great start to a solo career.

This song is such a jam - LizardKing99

16 Worse Than Detroit
17 Wreckless Love

Very good song. The riff was quite good. - zxm

18 Little by Little
19 Tie Dye on the Highway

I love this song, truly and underrated song

One of the best off "Manic Nirvana"

20 Slow Dancer
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