Best Robin Sparkles Songs

The Top Ten Best Robin Sparkles Songs

1 P.S. I Love You

The lawyers at the record company made me promise to say.. That the views expressed in this songs do not necessarily reflect the views of dominant records or any of its subsidiaries... !

So full of emotion! And a great Canadian grunge song, and a pioneer of grunge in Canada, and a big hit, and also was a complete genre change. This song was great! - williamrozario

Showed artistic and personal development in her life. Was a big change, and a change for the better at that!

2 Let's Go to the Mall

Such a fun song to listen to! And, started her career! And besides, nothing like getting back to basics! - williamrozario

So hilarious! Funny when Barney first thought it was porn laugh out loud


3 Sandcastles In the Sand

So full of emotion! And honestly, I think this had the best vocals by Robin Sparkles! - williamrozario

4 The Beaver Song
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