Best Roblox Games of 2017-2018

This will be based off plays, like to dislike ratio, and the fan base. These will alter as we go on.

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1 Jailbreak

An awesome game great graphics and heaps of secret to hunt. The new museum robbery is great with familiar things to steal. Great game! That why its number one! - liam27305

Very likable, combines strategy with skill. It's only number 2 because the fan base being negative and the event. - Manowar9

It's not just about the negativity, some people just don't like it. - ninjadude

I personally think it is the best game on roblox right now. New updates everyday make it such a fabulous game.

I don't really like it - BreakFastBeast2005

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2 MeepCity MeepCity

Likable game until the parties came out. Its plays made up for it, but the oder community is really bad. - Manowar9

I play it a lot but there are so many oders there

I love Meep City a lot because of all the things you can do! But I’m not a big fan of parties, still, 5 stars

3 Work at a Pizza Place

The most played game at one point, so that's why its number 5 - Manowar9

Tell me that this game is a bad play work at a pizza place play roblox is the best game this game is perfect

I love it


4 Pokemon Brick Bronze

This game is the most amazing, scripted, and fun game where you can play with fans and explore, although it's been deleted now, more copies of pokemon brick bronze is out. Nintendo must be mad about it.

The best game ever but got deleted sadly

Pokemon brick bronze is amazing,it combines technique and skill while battling and has an impressive storyline created by the talented creators lando64000 and tbradm which also led the game to be the best adventure game roblox has to offer.Unfortunately,PBB got deleted by nintendo due to copyright reasons.


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5 Royal High School

It is really good if you want to express your individuality

The thing I like about this game is that players can actually have the lessons instead of roleplaying like other high school games. The buildings and degigns are well-made too. However, this game is clearly designed for girls, so I doubt any boys would be interested in playing this game. - annabellethecreepydoll

Not as big on online daters, but everyone looks like they are from uncanny valley. Its bad due to the fact nobody talks. Beats the point of a roleplay game. - Manowar9

Royale high is sooo fun you can attend lessons and there really fun


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6 Bloxburg

Bloxburg is similar to sims where you can have several jobs at the same time to earn money and build your own house. You can even role play with othe players. Overall a pretty decent game! - annabellethecreepydoll

Bloxburg is amazing you can build your own house you can work and everything!

Bloxburg is a fun game. it is a normal game with lots of stuff!

I bought it because of youuu

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7 Booga Booga

It absolutely destroyed jailbreak, and the fact is it is probably the most played game of 2018 of the plays it got this year, not of all time. - Manowar9

Booga booga sucks

What kind of ROBLOX game has this stupid name?! - AlexImmortal420

Like rust nut free

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8 Bee Swarm Simulator

It's a great game about bees!

Scrolling down to see the best game!

It's the best fun and cool

Stand back,
these are winter boots - starryrcad

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9 Robloxian High

Live for it so fun

It's a game that applies roblox's old currency, tix, into a game. - Manowar9

Fun so fun like meepcity

10 Hide & Seek Extreme

Its Like Hide And Seek

No I don't like it

The Contenders

11 Robloxian Life

Pretty popular. - Manowar9

12 Flood Escape
13 Phantom Forces

It's a brilliant game, but if you have bad luck as a newbie, just practice!

Very fun and you can't really cheat with robux

Phantom forces is an enjoyable game! Just be careful don’t rage when you die and smash the laptop like me!

14 Kohl's Admin House

Game that is amazing awesome (in my opinion) Bad thing is to many admin abusers. - Manowar9

15 Mining Simulator

Very fun game about collecting hats, skins, and being the best miner

It has added a lot of updates so far. They add new items very quickly. The newest update yet added hats for pets.

God got demon tail

VERY GOOD GAME. My name in ROBLOX is c_osette13 I wanna get famous.

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16 Rocitizens

I like the game but it's limited in some aspects, like body shapes, hair styles, and faces. Also, the houses and cars are too expensive but that just makes you work for it more. I recommend the game.

I'm ADDICTED you can earn your own money and role play buy clothes get jobs and an apartment it's so cool but after a while it gets boring

Good game has its flaws but fun to quest for donuts and whatnot

I love rocitizens becos it has jobs and you can have home it is just amazing

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17 Survivor

This game is amazing! It's better than the show.

18 Shadow Tag

This game, is one of the hardest games of the year. - Manowar9

19 D-Day the Original

Should be so much higher, I would put it in my top 3 war ROBLOX games. - Enolam

20 Epic Minigames

This game is so good I love pretty much all of the minigames in it and the titles and items are cool - TENTACRUEL

Awesome game, don't know why royale high is above this, it has too many ODers

One of the best games on ROBLOX, but almost every minigame is simple. It's really fun! - starryrcad

21 Speed Run 4
22 Royale High

It is a good game the bad thing is that well it glitches a lot sometimes

I love disss

23 New Area! 🐾 Pet Simulator!

It is a wonderful game I play it most of the spare time I have


24 Murder Mystery 2

Its awesome being the murderer actually its best played by com if you guys happen to be sherif

A fun game in 2017 but dropped in population in 2018 due to lack of updates

Best game I'm level 30


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25 Doomspire Bricksbattle

It was brought back from the dead and is popular again which most games are never able to accomplish

Best game for people with anger issues

My username is AbstractMudkip, my friends and I enjoy this game so heccin much and when we play, we always go for the team none of us are on, because we normally play three friends at once, so this works.
Send me trade requests, AbstractMudkip is my name.

26 Vehicle Simulator

Super great cars and rarely lagging on that game

One of the best racing games on ROBLOX

Its fun and cool cars

27 Island Royale

Just like fortnite but blocky

Best game, Still in testing.

Perfection. I'm beast at it.

What this should be first.

28 Wanted

Way better than Jailbreak and has more stability.

It's like Grand Theft Auto v

Uh its cool

29 Assasin

As well as simliler to mm2 and mmx it’s still a fun game with lots of game modes!

30 Flood Escape 2
31 Dude Perfect Tycoon

Great game, it really is "dude perfect! " haha

32 Dance Off [beta]

This is a great game, choose your outfit ready to perform then dance and get special equipment on stage. Who will win? Amazing game should defiantly play if have Roblox.

33 Keep City

Its kind of cool

By the way its called "Meep City" not Keep City, Check your spelling next time.

34 Scuba Diving at Quill Lake

One of my favorite games on Roblox. In this game, you explore Quill Lake as you discover artifacts and realize a bigger mystery must be solved. It's mysterious, intriguing and exciting. You can get different suits to explore different places in the lake. There are also mini games in the Seaside Challenges. Explore. Find Secrets. Survive.

35 Flee the Facility

Great game, has a few glitches but it is still worth it. A roblox version of Dead by Daylight.

It's a fantastic game!

36 Drive-Shaft [alpha]

What is this game though?

37 Build a Boat for Treasure
38 [alien!] Feed Your Pets! [beta]
39 The Crusher

My favourite game in Roblox. This game is fun and intense at the same time as the crusher will descend and players have to avoid it at the same time by finding holes on the floor. The maps range from the easy one star maps to the extreme five star maps.

40 2 Player Super Hero Tycoon
41 BFD: Redux

It's just so good

42 Welcome to Bloxville (Beta)

The game was made bye TheRLJJfromJJjordy and its very good

43 Natural Disaster Survival
44 Hide and Seek Extreme

One of the best games. - Manowar9

45 Treasure Hunt Simulator
46 Prision Life V2.0.2
47 Superhero Tycoons
48 Dragons Life

Best game ever

49 Adventure Forward 2

Definitely one of my favorite games not just on roblox, but in general. It offers a good challenge, but never feels unfair. 9.5/10

50 Era of Terror

It may be discontinued but I seriously recommend it!

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