Best Roblox Groups of 2013

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1 FNHL by Fishhockey

The FNHL is a ROBLOX group made by Fishhockey. He made 16 teams and 19 ranks. The FNHL is a hockey league. Nape224 will sign you to a contract and when that contract expires you will get a new one. - SuckMyBallz

Why do all the groups on this list suck? There are better groups than the crappy ones on this list. Like for example dELiA s, Canadians, Diamond Dance, The Fashion Girls, the fashion models, Glimmer up!, Work at a pizza place Fan Club, YES! Magazine, Roblox fashion studio designers, Shine cheer squad, Taylor swift fan group, BajanCanadian fan group, NBC shirt creators, sky high fashions, Les Fashions, and Kingdom Life fan group. Duh !

Please me join group dance


2 Orbits by xx709

Orbits is a clothing designing group made by xx709. They have like 10-15 t-shirts made and there symbol is an crocodile. The people in the groups that have the most important ranks are
Xx709- Owner
Nape224- Chief of designing
DamnThat- Chief of security - SuckMyBallz

3 Team Admin by Nape224 and BashFan2

Team Admin is a group made by BashFan2. It's a group that battles against Team Survival in Crazyblox's flood escape. The captain of the group is Nape224 and the VIP is Megaparty123. - SuckMyBallz

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4 Shave for the brave by Nape224 and BashFan2

Shave for the brave is a group for fans, supporters, or actual shavers. All the funds of this group go to the shavers. The inventor of this group is Nape224, but BashFan2 is the owner - SuckMyBallz

5 jarod2012 fan group by Jarod2012

The jarod2012 fan group is a group made by Jarod2012. It is for fans or friends of Jarod2012 (ROBLOX) or MrVideoDude709 (YouTube) - SuckMyBallz

6 Cheese Luvars by BROofRANGE

The Cheese Luvars is a group made by BROofRANGE. All you do is talk about CHEESE! - SuckMyBallz

7 Yo Mama Central by Knowgain

Yo Mama Central is a group made by Knowgain. The most funniest joke is " Yo mama's so old, I told her to act her age and she died" by bluekid356 - SuckMyBallz

8 Crazyblox Fan Group! by Crazyblox

The Crazyblox Fan Group! By crazyblox is a group where you celebrate Crazyblox - SuckMyBallz

9 True Colors

This group should not be on ROBLOX, we don't need children's minds being susceptible to this kind of sexual propaganda.

The true colors community, home to the robloxIan LGBT community, is the largest group of its kind on roblox. Especially since it is the only popular LGBT group on roblox. With over 13,000 members, this community is astounding and one of the most supportive groups on roblox.

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10 ~/Flood Escape~ by Crazyblox

~/Flood Escape~ by crazyblox is a group where you talk about flood escape - SuckMyBallz

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11 Official OBC Club by Shedletsky

Official OBC Club by Shedletsky is a group where you talk about OBC - SuckMyBallz

12 Wings by Stickmasterluke

Luke is an amazing guy and his group is for the people

13 Roblox Nascar Nike Cup Series by Xyupo99
14 Ultimate CoR League (UCL)
15 Docklands Snipers
16 Amazing Flips Gymnastics

Really great group and welcoming community, very active and participating in multi-group activities, overall a very good group. At amazing flips the people are really nice and they are organizing lots of events to do, you should join this group.

17 Team Poohbear by Shane201220132004
18 Roblox National Hockey Leauge (RNHL) by AAAWIP
19 Skylanders Battle Ground Heros by Nape224
20 The Shadow Legion by Tadcool
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