Best Roblox Groups of 2013

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21 C.O.R.

Also called the "Christians of Robloxia" or "C.O.R." for short. This group is the biggest Christian group on roblox and is also the biggest religious group on roblox as well. Everyday, the born again Christian Smiley send dozens of prayers to the lord about every day, with 20,000 members and counting!

22 Pinewood Builders

Whit over 71,000 members and a lot pinewood group over 30 group of it and totally over 100 ranks

23 Do lox
24 SuddenRush12G
25 State of Docklands

Great group I am loving it!

26 State of Firestone
27 Amazing Flips Gymnastics

Really great group and welcoming community, very active and participating in multi-group activities, overall a very good group. At amazing flips the people are really nice and they are organizing lots of events to do, you should join this group.

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