Top Ten Roblox Jailbreak Supercars

The 2020 March Update of Roblox Jailbreak has just been released and it's a pretty large update with a wide variety of additions and changes, such as remodeling weapons, three new weapons, weapon skins, vehicle interiors and the Bugatti Chiron as a new vehicle. Due to the addition of the Chiron, I thought I'd rank the Jailbreak Supercars.
The Top Ten

The Torpedo is the best car in the entirity of Roblox Jailbreak, literally and easily. The Torpedo, based on the Koenigsegg is a now un-obtainable vehicle, that used to be the main prize for reaching a certain level in the event seasons of Season 1 and 2, for criminals, only. The reward was one of the absolute best ever you could have because this vehicle is record-breaking! It's the fastest vehicle ever in the game and just driving this thing feels amazing! It also looks awesome, I mean it really does fit the name as it kinda looks like a torpedo on wheels! Without a doubt the best Jailbreak car.

is a very fast car, its 750,000 dollars and is now no-more ubtainable, if you race it against the roadster the roadster will have a headsart but torpedo will catch up and win !

I want to the Torpedo car again in jailbreak. So, please make this car obtainable.

Super fast car! Love using it.


Aah yes, the Bugatti Veyron is a classic. It was in the game since nearly the start of the game's release along the Jewelry Store, and to this day it's the second fastest vehicle in the game. It also has the fastest reverse speed so that's just even better and it really boosts this vehicle. Unfortunately..., since the March Update, it has been removed and retired from the game, and it's now replaced by the Chiron, yes Bugatti Chiron. I'll add it when I've bought it, but for now the Bugatti is up here.

My brother has it, and it is super fast. I think my Chiron looks cooler though. They are the same price and about the same speed.

My favourite car. It has incredible speed and fast reverse speed. What I don't like is that it handles badly at top speed


The Roadster might be the most overrated car out there. But keep in mind it does not mean that's it's a bad vehicle as this is one of the fastest cars in the game, and has the highest acceleration of them all, as it's a tesla electric car. However it also has the worst reverse speed in the game which is a huge downside, but the worst thing is how glitchy it is. This and Model 3 will when bumped into a wall, spin out like crazy and get flung off the map! If luckily you'll have time to exit before that happens but it's so annoying! It can be fun at times but mostly it's just ruining the fun. Despite that it's #3 on my list.

I voted for roadster because I like its acceleration and handling but it's a bit weak at speeds

The handling is super good and its fast as boii

The roadster acceleration is insane dude,nothing can beat it,I think it’s the best car in jailbreak


This was the first vehicle to be added to Jailbreak in an update, as it was released in the Supercar Update, the first ever update Jailbreak had and even to this day it's one of the most used and acclaimed vehicles of them all. Despite being incredibly cheap, like at 100,000 cash (compare that to the much slower McLaren at 300,000 cash), it has one of the fastest speeds ever, just slightly slower than Bugatti but faster than the Roadster. I will admit it's a bit basic but I kinda like the flatness of it. Overall one of the top choices.

This is a good super car to buy first.For some reason,on the wiki it says this is faster than the roadster,but that’s not true because on speed test videos the roadster beat the Lambo

I think for being why cheaper then other super cars in the game it really is way faster the. Most

Fairly cheap and worth the price, add a level 5 engine and it will be like a TORPEDO.


Essentially, this is a slightly worse version of the now un-obtainable and retired Bugatti (Veyron), as this is the Bugatti Chiron, which replaced the former in the 2020 March Update and it is pretty much the same thing, except it's actuallly SLOWER than the Veyron. Just, what? I mean it's faster IRL but if it's not in the game, while even replace the vehicle that was better with an embarassment in comparision? It accelerates better but come on we have Roadster for accel! It's pretty disappointing. Only good thing is that it looks cool and has a vehicle interior but then again all vehicles will get interiors soon.

Bruh car. Asimo said that they buffed the chiron but a little. I still like the looks, but no. Buy the Bugatti instead for speed

I own this, and my brother and I race all the time. My overall favorite car.

It is the best obtainable car in jailbreak


The Audi R8 was the Season 3 variant of the Torpedo in that it was a level-locked vehicle for said season for criminals. It's slower, but way cheaper, at the same price tag as the Ferrari and has outstanding stats such as in top speed and acceleration. It's un-obtainable now as it was a Season exclusive but in the end it's essentially the same thing as the ferrari. I prefer it over it though due to design and overall slightly more favourable stats (off-roading isn't that important to me anyway).



Honestly this is in everyway a slight downgrade of the Lambo, despite the fact that it's twice as expensive. It's not a very recommended vehicle as it's slightly slower in nearly all categories compared to the former, with the exception being the handling, as it handles the best out of any vehicle in the game. Although slightly slower, it's still fast so it's not really bad, although the price sure is what brings it lower on the list. It's also a copy of the R8 essentially in terms of stats but I prefer the latter because top speed is better.

Model 3

The model3 goes really well with a level 5 engine and spoiler. It is a very stable car, unlike its cousin the Roadster. it accelerates decentley, and can seat 4. Great car!

Not bad if you put a level 5 engine on this model 3. Looks like a Roadster that ate so much junk food. I really like the way it handles and it is pleasant. I own this car too.

Ok,this is a decent car but I think this website is called top ten jailbreak super cars and the model 3 is not a super car


Volt Bike

The volt bike in my opinion is the best terrain veichle and I think it’s because this bike has tons of glitch’s you can do so it’s broken

Super fast and ok handling. Does not flip over which is very helpful.

volt is best

the best with the glitch
just press e + space at the same time
mobile is not possible


the cybertruck is faster than the lambogini and also quiet whilst driving witch makes it the best vehicle and costs 75,000 witch is beter and 25,000 cheeper.

really fast for its price and can come close to roadster with max's a good beginner car for people who have less than really good at drifting and has a nice engine noise

If you're a team player but Got super fast drifty-driving style, CyberTruck's fire for ya

it really mad for team play and faster than lambo for pros working as a team

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? Suras
? Blade
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This is among the more expensive cheap cars at 70K cash, only below the Lambo and Cybertruck but it's pretty bad. It has very average speed for a supercar and even then in other categories it's pretty bad. The only reason anyone'd use this is as a getaway from the museum if your vehicle has been stolen. Really..., it's not good.

Even though it's painfully slow, the Porsche's appearance looks beautiful. It has a detached roof which makes thrme car look cool. I own this car and I like it.


Widely known as the worst vehicle in the game. Why? Well..., it's relatively fast, but even then, it's slower than the Lambo and even the Ferrari. But it's 300K cash, which is way higher than both the Lambo and Ferrari. Just what the heck? At release it was super slow, and even though it recieved buffs, it's still not as fast as these two. Just..., what the heck got poured here? I even forgot it existed at times because it's that forgettable. It's only known for being the worst vehicle and that's it.

Got this before the Bugatti Chiron. Really cool looking, super fast, and worth the money. This is during five days of Jailbreak, so I'm excited to see what I get instead.

Dune Buggy

because I have it and it is faster then torpedo and
roadster and bugatti. it reachs its top speed in two to tree seconds

Devil 16

it sucks and is overpriced, don't buy this!

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It's called the Model3. Not the Tesla.

Classic Car
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