Top 10 Best Roblox Military Games

You from roblox and love to play Military Games on Roblox. Watch it!

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1 Armored Patrol


It pretty cool game I mean sometime there's a hacker on the game then I abuse it but, I like the game

This has to be one of the best games on Roblox.

Pretty good

2 Call of Robloxia 5

I've been playing since 2012 and I can say with confidence this gives me nostalgia


What is this game


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3 Call of Robloxia: Black Ops

This game can eat my butt holes anal cavity

Its fine, I guess.. You can't crawl, or crouch

Call of Robloxia is one of the most accurate games to the actual video game. Whenever you have a kill you feel good for yourself. - Bobbyjohn7


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4 Base Wars

I have played and love it except maybe some more variety of vehicles

It's the best

Its fun and I like all the different vehicles

It’s so fun especially the fact that there is secret passages under the map that you can access from your bases basement.

5 Star Wars Tycoon.


I really like star wars;this game sounds perfect for me

its fun

This game has in 4 months 1M+ Visits! - Bobbyjohn7

6 Build a Hide Out.

Its really not that good


This is Build a hide out and... ? Its survie! Like this game with 60-1000 visits in a day, 19M+. - Bobbyjohn7


7 Boys vs Girls

Boys vs girls... Yes I know you can say Boys vs Girls on a higher place but.. It don't can on the 5th place Base war has 37M+ Visits and Boys Vs Girls 22M+. And boys vs girls has now well 200-2000 visits and base wars 1000-3000 - Bobbyjohn7

8 Phantom Forces

It good, but whenever I go to snipe someone with the intervention, the bullet goes sideways, but, really realistic, your death depends on whether, you go on the front lines and, fight, or only use your knife and many other different things, basically, your death depends on your choices. Plus this game makes me feel like I'm in delta force.

Very good game

Awesome game! Super realistic but you can't zoom out or edit your avatar.

This should be higher up. this is actually the best war game on roblox

9 War Tycoon

This like one of the first war tycoons of roblox. 2010. - Bobbyjohn7

10 Blood & Iron

This game is excellent. It has a great historical setting, it has very balanced units, it relies on strategy more than most first person shooters which are based off of all skill yet the game still keeps skill in the equation, you can play cooperative, and it altogether is an excellent game. I would recommend it to anybody who likes historical games and enjoy both strategic games and first person shooters.

I've played this game a lot lately because of how historically accurate it is with the clothing and weapons, the strategy aspects, and because it's a first person shooter. When you condense these together you get Blood & Iron, a great game overall. It's a 8/10 in my book.

Blood and iron is the best game youll ever play on roblox, especially if you're into colonial warfare, play I, its good.

This game should be number 1, this game is amazingly accurate and also is very fun for many war game searchers


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11 Blackhawk Rescue Mission 2

Its bad compared to 5

It's great but it's too much FPS drops it makes my computer crash

This game is good, But it's so easy to get hacked, I get hacked an time..

This is good this game make we like a military who safe survivor

12 Unit 1968: Vietnam

No napalm 0/10



Most realistic and beautiful graphics

13 The Conquerors 3

It an Amazing Game But can Be laggy when people are shooting at each other a lot

Epic game, loved to play it when I was smaller


It's a very good war game on Roblox

14 Jail Break

I hate this game. You easily escape out of jail and try to rob the donut store, except the donut store is always out of cash and then the police get you, so escape jail EASILY again and rob the jewelry store or museum, and die in the process, and the cycle repeats. I only ever play this game to be nice to my friends.

Absolutely the worst game on roblox it is just a major scam and you shouldn't spend any money on this game or play it at all the controls are horrible and they never update it and when they do its gonna be a update they did earlier in the year. Just the worst gae never would play again.

Its trash, not even fps and it's a scam.

Worst game in roblox

15 Fireteam Remastered [pre-Alpha][read Desc]

This game is one of the best, in my opinion. This game has a lot of potential, because teamwork actually matters and is everything, and you NEED to know everything to understand the game. Should be more renowned than PF. If you like Realism, this game is for you. If you like FPS nonsense, you go for Phantom Forces. Also, this game is way better than Phantom Forces.

It's a lot BETTER than phantom forces

It's most realistic millitary game on roblox.

In my opinion, it's better than Phantom Forces. Lower pace, more real than PF. It is one of my favorite games that I belive should be put on the ROBLOX War Games Top 10.

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16 D-Day

I rate 10 to ten

Absolutely the best war RP game out there!

LOVE This game I got to feldwebel without using any robux best game EVER (i'm Talking about the Vison works one)

I love this game. its really fun and has good graphics. I'd rate it 9/10

17 Meepcity


Not EVEN a MILITARY game! Unless you count the Good vs Bad fight that's going on.

get noob

This joke is spicy

18 Muffin Kombat: War Without End


Me to I love it

The most creative and funny shooter game I've ever played

Best game ever... I'm addicted and its funny.

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19 British Army

This is the best roblox army group. There are multiple regiments to choose from and it has so much detail! -awesomeMiner1310

It sucks... - SandwichSWAT

It is boring.


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20 Counter Blox: Remastered

I like it because I like csgo

This is like counter strike

21 Drugstore Cowboy

Possibly the best game ever created in Roblox...

This is a book what

To be honest this should be 1 this is the best roblox game out there. I must say.

This isn't a roblox game

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22 D-Day (The Original)

This game is extremely fun. The only thing wrong with it is that ranking up is hard but not required.

I don't know why I'm here

Great game but a bit slow

Best ww2 game in my opinion

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23 Fall! Mano County Police Patrol


That's not a military game because it's clearly a POLICE game, as the title says!

24 The Northern Frontier

It is about the people of James Bay fighting the british and IF YOU KILL SOMEBODY YOU GET FREE LOOT

best game

This game isn't about the american revelution, its about the British colonising Canada/US

It's more like a survive game but it's about the american revolution

25 Rocitizen

I robbed the bank and had a shootout with the cops! Awesome shooter game!

Brilliant shooter!

Amazing shooter, I mugged a man and stole his wife.

How is this a war game

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26 Sky Warfare Tycoon.

You don't know this game visit this game likes fun. - Bobbyjohn7

27 Operation Scorpion

It's a great Rainbow Six Siege game

It's a really good game and it is worth the 33 Robux because it has great mechanics and great graphics!

It has all the features Rainbow Six Siege has.

This should at least be in the top three!

It's a better version of 'Phantom Forces' and 'CB:RO' Operation Scorpion is a more realistic and it needs great teamwork to win the rounds unlike Phantom Forces you just rush in re-spawn rush in re-spawn.Operation Scorpion has that feel of where is the enemy and you need to listen carefully for footsteps and also be aware of you surrounding area. It gives me the thrill of being in the game in real life because it has a lot of real life things such as the footsteps,you get the idea

Yours sincerely-SneakyLegoLouie

I bought it on my alt

28 Flames of War Pacific

Best game in my opinion

The game is underrated, but deserves better activity than it has.

It is the best because it is just like the D-Day game and it's the battle of Okinawa

29 Roblox WWII

great game

Dependently the best on the list.

30 Orcic's Place


31 DPRK-Armed-Forces-Training-Place

Best Military Game,

We need HR and MR

So join now we have our group elist today so that we can communicate with you DPRK Armed Forces(북한 육군)

32 Military Tycoon Warfare

This game is the best game ever!

33 Hey

This military game is going to be the next WW3.

Brought to you from the creators of such games as; Hi, Hello, Whats up, Sup, Bye, Goodbye, Cya

The graphics are steaming hot and so good!



34 War Tycoon V1

.. This is a war tycoon from 2012 with 1M+. - Bobbyjohn7

35 After the Flash: Deep Six

Best apocalypse game of Roblox, nukes, military rope play, you'll love it.

36 Shellshock

It's the Oof Brigade, I love it. Wonderful game. They gotta fix the vehicles, though.

Close to battlefield! Awesome game!

37 Prison Royale

This game is like Fortnite

Style PUBG

38 Auto Duels

Well... yall roblox users can suck all ya boy hairy nut sack

39 Candy Warfare Tycoon
40 Terran Republic City

I don't know what to think about this game

41 Jet Wars: Advanced Battle


the best part is you just don't have to be in a jet you could have AA guns (anti-aircraft) or a RPG-7

42 Star Wars Battlefront 2 (In Roblox)

It's a nice game like the original but still lack of some item(like we can't use the heroes and can't use vehicle)but still good game

43 No War!

Roblock need more RoUx. Me want my ROUX MWA MWA.

44 Typical Colors 2

Being based off of the best game makes you da best

45 Sno Day

Truly the best and most realistic FPS Game Ever! It is so gruesome seeing your fellow comrades be hit by enemy artillery balls. Truly a PTSD giving game.

46 Base War

Epic game 9/10

47 Battleship Battle

This game is very original. They have everything.

It’s actually Xbox compatibly so yay I guess

48 Attrition

it is good


Very fun.


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49 Military Tycoon (Iamyouronlydoom)
50 Remmington City Police Department

You can Be a Police Officer/FireFighter/Mafia/Citizen it's a Very Active game on ROBLOX,And Remmington Police Department is The Largest PD Group on ROBLOX!

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