Top 10 Best Roblox Updates

Despite there being a few bad updates that have happened to Roblox, there are also lots of good things that the Roblox Team have actively done. Here is the list of the best Roblox updates. I have been on Roblox for a very long time, on multiple accounts, so here is the list (decided by me and you guys) of the best updates on Roblox.

The Top Ten


This made games so much better. Games that are meant to have a lot of atmosphere (especially horror games) can now create even more atmosphere using audio. Audio is a very powerful thing if used correctly. They can also be used for fun too though. This update seems so simple, yet it's so amazing. How would games ever be able to be games without this amazing update? - LemonComputer

When I played it, the sound wasn't that good, but that was like a year ago

Now I can play My favorite songs on ROBLOX! I'M BLUE the BA DEE the BA DIE!

Who the heck decided this was a good top 10...


My 2D game wouldn't be possible without them!

GUIs are basically graphic things that appear of the players' screens in a game. This can be a lot of things.. Text, images, menus, etc. - LemonComputer

Better Lighting

This also helps games have more atmosphere, as well as the audio update. - LemonComputer

This was one of the best updates. - wrests


They allowed you to have different body types. Who knew that being a skeleton, zombie, or even a chicken could be so easy? Packages have really helped with outfits and make them look so much better. - LemonComputer

I'm trying to get penguin, is nice!

More Complex Hats

Some people actually aren't fans of this update because they enjoyed the simplicity of the old hats. However, I really enjoy the hats being more complex and having more detail on them. - LemonComputer


When tickets were removed that was the most dumbest idea ever

We need em back!

Come on please

Half my stuff was TIX, I miss it SO much. We need them BACK!


They made games so much better in so many ways. - LemonComputer

Way back in the day I used to be addicted to roblox. When I first heard of gear I was trading tickets for robucks to get gear. I miss those days - Jonerman

Triple Hats

It makes a perfect cool tomboy look for girls!

Now you can where 10 hats which is MORE better! - Datguyisweird666

I could wear 2 fedoras now



You can now rate games and this can really help people decide whether to try it or not. You can tell that a place is really bad or is just plain fake and lying using clickbait by the game having a low rating. - LemonComputer


It is so easy to share pictures from your laptop and use them in games! - LemonComputer

The Newcomers

? DevExchange

The Contenders

Tix Removal

This is The greatest thing the staff thought of

Best Idea Known

10/10 Obc People Loved it and so did the staff of roblox did

The only way to get robux is to spend money. Why not remove robux and make it so you spend real money that put into your account. - WorldPuncher47592834


I've only used this recently and I really do like the forums. Although people on there can be a bit... weird, the community can be nice. - LemonComputer


Second best update (before the run animation change), and the best update being team create but it's not on this list.

R15 is so much better than R6 because R15 is faster than R6


Come on! Why is this so low?! If we didn't have currency, we would all look the same!

When currency was added, so was the catalog! People could customize their apperance!

They should still have tix - bigla5678

Guest Removal

No this was good I don’t care that guests got removed lol

Updating the Roblox Logo

The new logo looks like a square, but someone punched a hole in it and accidentally put it in a wrong angle, just like a painting being hung up on a wall. - UnlawfulMatron

Cheezits for the win! - MrLoser

More Free Hats

I personally think we need more for women + men, there's not that much but 1 for women.

Making Thumbnails Free


Now I could set.png thumbnails for free


Roleplaying makes games fun and better, well that's just my opinion!

Place Versions

This update came out in 2009 and it was great because for an obvious reason. let's say you lost your game, all you have to do is go to place versions and select an older version of the game, now you can recover lost files. this update also got a lot of classic games back on the front page when this was first released. this update was just amazing. - GodzillaFan8520

Removal of Lifetime Builder’s Club
Price Floor

i love it

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