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21 AA Millers

Better than me - LondonzTaDahz

Amber is more then dope!

Great music videos!

AA millers is over rated bubble chat bull, litteraly runescape videos all over again.

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22 PixelFlame

Enjoyable comedy that is actually original. He also has a bit of a story and characters.

He is hilarious and is talented in animating. He is even self-taught!

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I like your vidoes

24 GamerGirl

Gamer girl is so funny and her videos are great!

I Loves all Her video! Her Voice Is zcuteee

You are the best youtuber ever

25 Guava Juice

He is the best of the best

He's the best

he's funny


The person who defies conventional wisdom

He swears way too much, it isn't even funny swearing unlike Albert - Maddox121

This boi sucks but he better than dem

He cool mahn

27 RadioJHGames

I love this channel

She is the best one day I'm going to meet her in person I want to be just like her.

I'm always watching her videos I like them!

Audrey is the best Robloxer ever!

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28 SilverAuthority
29 Gamer Chad

I love Chads video and your funny you make me happy and Audrey also.

He's so funny then anyone else he's the best YouTuber I think I been him from the beginning of the channel

Chad is very nice and inspiration

I love chad playing roblox he should be 2 on this list ( I love baby Alan! )

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30 iTownGamePlay
31 PrestonPlayz

Prestonplayz does not play roblox

Why the frick is PrestonPlayz on here!? He dosn’t even play Roblox!

He's my dede

32 TheHman72

One of my favorite youtubers, whom makes me laugh a lot.

he's cool!

33 Owtreyalp
34 ItsFunneh

Can you please play high school life on roblox

She is a great YouTuber and uploads daily videos. I think she should deserve it because she is way too funny! - GamersInternationalYT


35 Sketch

Sketch has a nice channel

Sketch is better then any other pal!

Sketch, you and the pals are the best

Denis, Alex, Corl, and Sub suck. You rule.

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36 TheGreatZekrom

i like you

37 Corlhorl

He is funny and awesome at Being a you tuber

Denis is awesome two

Awesome YouTuber!

I love corl he is the best person ever!

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38 EzCheez
39 Moonwalkz ROBLOX

Moonwalkz Is been doing good perhaps he makes his channel more better he is doing great he should be the best too like the other youtubers

A brilliant channel - LondonzTaDahz

Moonwalkz is not a "he"

hi kool ok

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40 Grandz
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