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41 Moonwalkz ROBLOX

Moonwalkz Is been doing good perhaps he makes his channel more better he is doing great he should be the best too like the other youtubers

A brilliant channel - LondonzTaDahz

Moonwalkz is not a "he"

hi kool ok

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42 Banna the Great V 1 Comment
43 jDantastic
44 VoidTexx

I would vote xbotternobot and voidtexx but since xbotternobot is not on this voidtexx because he makes videos on a good schedule, and trys his best to make original content

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45 Chumpy RBLX

This guy is pretty cool

Best animations

Good content - Thatoneguylel

ChumpyRBLX has recently been improving and has a rapidly growing channel, the effort has been putting into his videos.
He still needs to improve here and there and needs some support, but hey he is doing just fine :P

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46 ObliviousHD

He's great! He made a movie called "The Last Guest" that reached more than 4 million views!

Awesome and Funny AS!

Should be number 1.

Best YouTuber out there

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47 Subzeroextabyte

This guy is better

48 VenturianTale

Interesting with funny comedy

Surprised this isn't on here

Loves Fnaf and is funny

49 LondonzTaDahz

A really funny British ROBLOX Youtuber. Lots of good video that you can actually sit back, relax and having some laugh.

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50 DemSkittlesDoee

Better than me that's for sure - LondonzTaDahz


51 Sausagelover99 Sausagelover99

He probably made this list

he gay.

52 DataRaven

Funny, and totally didn't rip off keemstar, like Immortally did

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53 Mooseblox

Mooseblox is the best roblox youtuber because he funny and he plays muiltable games like Minecraft and more but I think I series that have beengettings lots of views is the roblox series because he is funny and he playing with lots of friends and every single time I watch mooaeblox he always and I mean always makes me smile and that's why I love mooseblox

54 Dollastic Plays!

SERIOUSLY no one put her on the list before me?
She is awesome!

55 Michael P

Youtube 2017

56 Jake

He's damn Albert's friend'

57 Fudz

He machmanias are 1 of a kind 15/10

Funny jokes! 11/10

58 Wesley Kent-Hargreaves

He is funny, and it's good he gets his friends to join in too. The only downside is in most of his videos he doesn't speak.

He is absolutely EPIC!

He is my best friend and cool

I am in some of his YouTube films

My name is iges8910

59 Mark Pack
60 EpicBLOX V 2 Comments
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