Top 10 Places Where Nightcrawler Goggles Can be Found in Kaiju Paradise

Nightcrawler is easily the strongest Gootroxian in Kaiju Paradise. However, it is also one of the hardest Gootroxians to obtain, especially if you want to become the Goggled Nightcrawler. It has a 60% chance to spawn during a Blackout and only spawns in a few places. This list will make finding Nightcrawler Goggles a lot easier.

In this list, we will see the places where Nightcrawler Goggles are most likely to be found across the map. This is to help you find these goggles and become the most overpowered Gootroxian in the game.

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The Top Ten
1 The Garden
2 Security Hallway
3 Support Cave
4 Gas Area
5 Crystal Caves
6 Cafeteria
7 Security Sector
8 Main Hall
9 Storage Bay
10 North Sector
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