Best Roblox Piggy Characters

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1 Zizzy

Zizzy and Pony sitting on a treeā€¦ what kids will they have to raise? Genetically there are Zizzy's genes, then comes Pony's, mix together, and end with new people

I really miss her but I think she is coming back, and she is top ship with pony.

I love her but she is overrated just like Bunny.

Pretty cool skin, and is also very brave.

2 Doggy

Agree! Doggy is such an underrated character and deserves more attention! He's my favorite character in the game actually!

He was a good police officer, and yellow infected eye pupils mean they helped the community.

A really underrated character in the series.

3 Bunny

Kinda overrated but a great character.

Yep she is my favourite character

Underrated, only second

4 Pony

Most people just call him "Arthur" But come on! He may look similar but in reality they're not.

8 years old
Rude (Sometimes)

Adult (Not peppa pig pony Roblox piggy pony)
Not as rude as Aruther.

So here they are not similar.

So many people make fun of him, but he is a great character and brave too.

5 George
6 Zee
7 Tigery

Tigery is okay in my opinion

8 Mr. P

He is hated on too much, the apocalypse was on accident and a good character.

If Mr. P was purple now then yas

A beautiful potato

9 Zuzy
10 Spidella
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11 T.S.P

How is T.S.P a character? It's more of a group

12 Penny

First to get infected. She is just a kid

13 Willow Wolf
14 Mr. Stitchy

Get lost papa bear

15 Angel
16 Player

I like this person because it can be however we want it to be.

17 Foxy
18 Maple Donut

Maple donut is cool

19 Katie

She doesn't have any character development so I wouldn't could this the only chapter she says things are Book 2 Chapter 6.

I'm only doing this for my friend

20 Traitor

it's not canon but K

21 Owell

I just love her Broomstick

22 Torcher

He has a freaking FLAMETHROWER

23 Soldier

Cool guy with a knife

24 Poley
25 Piggy
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