Top 10 Worst Things About Jailbreak on Roblox

Jailbreak ROBLOX released on January 2017. It currently has over 800M visits, while Prison Life got over 666M visits due to Jailbreak being more creative.
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1 Criminals that Rage When You Arrest Them

Many criminals in the game just want to do what they want. But no, they get arrested. No robbing planes, etc.

Once I arrested a speed hacker and he rage at me and hacked out of handcuffs

I really hate it sometimes it calls me a noob for no reason.

It's so annoying like chill bro it's a game

2 This Game Isn't Fun

You can't really have fun, you will get arrested anyways.

3 It's Repetitive

Guess so but there are lots of quests

Mad city is better

4 Too Easy to Escape

That's the point. It's focused on robbing places, not escaping the prison. That makes it more fun

Seriously. You can escape so esay, that it should not be the most liked game.

then u mean u want camper cops

5 The Cameras in the Jewelry Store

Duh, they add up to the challenge

There so annoying
except those last 2 cameras they are both perfectly timed no matter you jump and try to avoid it it follows you and take a lot of damage

6 Campers Aka Cops that Guard the Most Common Robbed Places

Bruh, camping is sometimes necessary. And guess what? Cops camp places that are being robbed in real life.

They should ad a kick vote system.

That's not bad. It's clever

In every server

7 Train Glitch

You can glitch through everything in the train, despite the speed.

The train glitch has been fixed

Agree there though

8 Train is Too Fast, Even Though Any Car is Faster Than a Train

Just like in the Train Glitch, The train is too fast so you glitch through the walls.

9 If Someone Sprints They are Too Fast

You can sprint too -_-

ehhh cops do run faster than criminals so... I don't know

then whats the point of the sprint

10 When You Reset as a Criminal, You Will Automatically Turn Into a Prisoner

Meaning no defenses when you get handcuffed. Since the breakout option was removed.

In criminal base prisoner "it is safe to reset" resets back in prison

That's not bad. You're suppose to start as a prisoner

what do u think this is prison life

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11 If You Get Gunshots, You Slow Down

I think that's kinda realistic.

I hate it when slow me down lol

Good feature

12 When You Get Out of an Upside-Down Car, It Never Flips Until You Get in It
13 They Removed Breakout People from Handcuffs

You can't get bonnie and clyde bade anymore

What a stupid decition

14 Physics in This Game

The worst physics in this game is when you can get arrested like 10 studs away. Why didn't he just make it that you have to touch the prisoner to arrest them!?

like same bro

15 Cops Arrest You in the Criminal's Own Base

Even though this isn't as common as it was when Jailbreak came out, cops just invade the criminal base and arrest them. They should have a future update where the criminals have a personal way of getting in their base

16 Getting Arrested from 100 Miles Away

Don't even get me started..

literally same

17 Taser Glitch (Formerly)

ikr I tazed someone 3 times with no taze

18 Nearly Impossible to Get Keycards Unless You Have a Friend/Alt on the Server.

Yeah I can't grind money that easy without keycard (cargo train, bank ect.) It gets annoying

Not nearly impossible if you met a noob police, but there should be other ways to get it

19 Glitches Too Much
20 Camper Cops

I hate campers. I would always tell cops that camping is bad and it gets them nowhere but they fuss and trash talk me when I tell them that.

I HATE camper cops those nubs who tries to get money but by going on top of the jewelry store and when I get out of the jewelry store I saw a bacon hair police and arrested me this made me hate bacon hairs so much And he was Spamming L to me I still like bacon hairs but not the bad ones but whoever was that who did that I'm still richer than you nub and to anyone who cop camp you deserve to go in the cheater cage


21 No One Follows the Schedule

Imagine they add a pay for being an actual "good prisioner".
Kinda against the very point of the game but it would be a funny extra

22 It is Laggy on Ipads

Get a better ipad.

23 Ak47, Rifle and Uzi are Kinda Broken

Players will use this to cheat the game and kill you instantly. I mean, this should be banned from getting used at the prison, at a base, and/or for no reason.

Yeah with those you don't even need to aim lol

24 Target-Er Cops

I hate when cops just keeps targeting only one person

Ok those guys are dumb

25 Telephones and Computers in Jailbreak Have No Purpose Whatsoever
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