Top 10 Robloxians of 2013

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Nah, you don't say ROBLOX is the best robloxian he created Roblox for god sake

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2 Shedletsky

Well, Shedletsky is Telamon... But Telamon is not online since Shedletsky only uses him now - SuckMyBallz

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3 Jane Doe

I saw her on the leaderboard of some game, a 2014 or something game. And it still said she was last on 2006. Scary.

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4 xx709

You may not know him, but he is kind and funny. He is on Twitter and loves Skylanders. He owns the EPIC group Orbits. - SuckMyBallz

5 Pegacorn18

Best at Paintball, Call of Robloxia, Armored patrol, Urban Patrol, and More - dross18

6 Nape224

He rocks and works hard on getting multiple groups popular. He came 8th and 5th in his school spelling bee's. He will accept any friend request and even will advertise your groups! - SuckMyBallz

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7 Dracoswordmaster02

Dracoswordmaster02 is Dracoswordmaster's alt account. - SuckMyBallz

8 builderman

Builderman is the 156th account on ROBLOX. HE is friends with almost everybody on ROBLOX. He has an AWESOME look and an AWESOME group. - SuckMyBallz

9 Jarod2012

Same as xx709 except he owns jarod2012 fan group - SuckMyBallz

Makes many fun games

10 hollywoodundead247

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11 JBoyV

JBoyV is just AWESOME. He works hard and does not stop working on his games and groups - SuckMyBallz

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12 eric.cassel

He Died cause Of Cancer,
R.I.P Eric.Cassel
Have Fun In The AfterLife

13 stickmasterluke

Stickmasterluke makes the-BOMB games. He has epic admin and his group "Wings" rocks. - SuckMyBallz

14 Matt Dusek
15 Kohl123123

He owns The First Empire and many other games

He's really cool and make super cool games!

Really epic games and GREAT group

16 Dinodude0121
17 Bluiej1
18 toughkid446

Leader of the Arcade Elite and future admin of roblox.

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19 Ahriman100

An ancient warrior of robloxia who defends it from raiders.

20 Snakechill4
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