Best Robocop Characters

This list is all about the best characters from the RoboCop films, the T.V. series and the Miniseries itself. Villains will also be included.

The Top Ten

1 RoboCop RoboCop is a fictional Detroit robotically enhanced police officer designated as OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001 in the film series of the same name.

Played by: Peter Weller (1987-1990), Richard Eden (19 94) and Page Fletcher (2001)

2 Alex J. Murphy (RoboCop)

Played by Peter Weller (1987-1990), Robert John Burke (1993), Richard Eden (1995-1996) and Page Fletcher (2001)

3 Anne Lewis (RoboCop)

Played by Nancy Allen

4 Robert "Bob" Morton (RoboCop)

Played by Miguel Ferrer (Rest In Peace 1955-2017)

5 Clarence Boddicker (RoboCop)

Played by Kurtwood Smith

6 Richard "Dick" Jones (RoboCop)

Played by Ronny Cox

7 Lisa Madigan (RoboCop: The Series)

Played by Yvette Nipar

8 William Ray "Pudface" Morgan (RoboCop: The Series)

Played by James Kidnie

9 Cain (RoboCop)

Played by Tom Noonan

10 Hob (RoboCop)

Played by Gabriel Damon

The Contenders

11 ED-209
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