Top 10 Robot Wars 2016 Robots


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1 Carbide Carbide

The spinning blade, so powerful. - micoytancinco12

2 Apollo Apollo

Loved everything about it. The flipper, they tossed Storm 2 out of the arena. - micoytancinco12

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3 Thor Thor

Great to see them back, powerful axe. - micoytancinco12

4 Shockwave Shockwave

Reminds me of my favorite of all time, Tornado. - micoytancinco12

5 TR2 TR2

Gigantic Flipper, Great control. - micoytancinco12

6 Behemoth Behemoth

Old favorite, looking better with that scoop and axe. - micoytancinco12

I am looking at the first episode description,my two favourite robots,behemoth and razor,are in the same! - DapperPickle

7 Eruption Eruption
8 Storm 2 Storm 2

It was slow, but it was worth it, seeing them in the Heat Final. - micoytancinco12

9 Pulsar

It respaawn

10 Thermidor 2 Thermidor 2

Impressive machine, that lobster headed flipper. - micoytancinco12

The Contenders

11 Ironside 3
12 Dantomkia Dantomkia

Still a masterpiece, loved their performance, even though they crashed out in the heat final. - micoytancinco12

13 Terrorhurtz
14 Infernal Contraption Infernal Contraption
15 GlitterBomb GlitterBomb
16 Nuts

Absolutely bonkers design, and the team entered with the right spirits. A standout competitor in every sense of the word.

17 Kan Opener
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1. Carbide
2. Apollo
3. TR2
1. Shockwave
2. Carbide
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