Top 10 Robots Most Likely to Win the 2018 Series of Battlebots

The current series of Battlebots on Discovery is proving to be an amazing contest, with the playing field wide open there could be many robots in with a shot at winning.
At the time of making this list we haven't reached the top 16 bracket yet, but here are the robots I think have the best chance of winning it all.
The voting period for this list has ended.

The Top Ten


Tombstone vs. Bombshell wouldn't of happened if the rules would've let Duck in and the Tombstone vs. Son of Whyachi might have happened but we got Lockjaw vs. Bombshell. - FireFinch297

Of course the reigning champion has to be favoured above all others. It definitely won't be easy, but Tombstone could potentially defend it's title. - SuperSonic17

Tombstone lost to Bombshell number sixteen what a shame.

Shame he lost. My Favorite.

Bite Force

After an unfortunate elimination last series Bite Force is once again proving a very tough competitor to fight against. There's a good chance it could re-claim it's title. - SuperSonic17

To be honest I liked the original design more, but the newer one is a little more destructive

Bite force even about lost to HUGE but huge split in half.

This robot needs to stop winning! - FireFinch297


I was sad that Whiplash won against Bronco I thought he had a real shot. - FireFinch297

Me while I watch Bronco fighting: "I thought battlebots weren't supposed to fly..."

My favourite

Team Inertia Labs always build powerful flippers, and Bronco's launcher is proving just as effective as ever, and so far getting 2 OOTAs. - SuperSonic17


I'm a RotatoR fan

Icewave is not a desirable opponent for anyone to fight, especially not with that huge bar spinner powered by an internal combustion engine. It literally split another bot in half in a previous fight. - SuperSonic17

They just need something to self-right with. I love Icewave and don't want to see another Ghost Raptor fight, even though it was pretty funny. THE ARM! lol

Son of Whyachi

SOW vs. Bombshell would have been even more interesting than Lock-Jaw vs.Bombshell. - FireFinch297

Monsoon almost beat Son of Whyachi but took a big hit but gave a big uppercut.

I like them but their drone is kind of pathetic - LifeIsAPolaroid

It'll be in trouble if it get flipped, but it's still hard to deny the sheer destructive force of this bot, and it's 360 degrees of kill. - SuperSonic17

End Game

This is who I wanted as the 15th seed, I thought they did slightly better than War Hawk. - FireFinch297

They think they can beat Tombstone they even lost to Bite force.

A young team from New Zealand who have already taken the mantle of being the best vertical flywheel in the competition, also the team talk as big as they deliver in their fights. - SuperSonic17

Ah...they no in it no more.

I was gutted when they were eliminated. I must admit from their first couple of fights I thought it was a genuine title contender. - SuperSonic17


Whiplash almost beat Tombstone and beat Bronco.

This one could be a potential dark horse. This bot has a sturdy lifter/spinner combo to make for a very versatile weapon, plus it has one of the series finest young drivers. - SuperSonic17



SawBlaze vs. Minotaur would have been such a good fight but instead we got a less than a minute fight. - FireFinch297

Sawblades are considered outdated, but Sawblaze makes good use of it's design by being driven very well and aggressively, having a solid front end, and a saw that can make nasty slices through most metal. - SuperSonic17

It was so much better than is so unfair...


A wacky and unconventional design that boasts durable wheels and a bar that spins so fast it looks like there's nothing there. I just worry about it's struggling at successfully finishing off opponents. - SuperSonic17


HUGE[2018] known for splitting in half in the middle of fights.

HUGE[2019] known for destroying Hypershock.

Huge has really improved and I can't wait to see it in season 5. - FireFinch297


It looks like they could beat Tombstone, Bronco and Ice wave

Do not speak of this bot. Me is no happy.

An entry from the UK that has already made a big splash (pun intended). It's had weapon reliability problems in it's fights, but as it's shown it usually only takes one good hit from them to mess up the opponents. - SuperSonic17

The Contenders


Minotaur should have been the giant nut winner in my opinion. - FireFinch297

I only gave Minotaur a mention, because as potent a machine as it is I don't think we've seen it at it's best this season. It lost it's first fight to Tombstone, and had to rely on the judges to win it's second fight. I think it's going to have to perform better to show it's a potential winner. - SuperSonic17




Probably my favorite or second favorite...


Lockjaw has managed to be the first competitor to get a slot in the Top 16 bracket at the end of the season. It had a bit of a shaky start against tough opponents, but pulled back and showed it’s durability and endurance throughout the fights. Plus Donald Hutson’s bags of experience is not to be sniffed at. - SuperSonic17

I liked S.O.W. more...unfortunately...


Duck! should have been the 16th seed and that's a real shame that he didn't, fix your top 16 next time Battlebots [they did 50% in 2019] - FireFinch297

If only...
Unfortunately Bombshell took the last slot for no reason...

It may look cute and cartoony, but Duck! is essentially a brick. It rams into others weapons and mostly survives the impacts, and it's very well driven. Is it aggressive enough to go all the way though? - SuperSonic17