Best Robots From Real Steel WRB App

These are my opinion of best Robots from the app that I finally finished, and I have examined the bots and they all have a special feature. By the way, all Tier Bosses except Midas which became Atom, have discounts. GET 'EM FAST!

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21 Six Shooters

Six shooter is kind of good to use and I defeated underworld 2- wrb-gold

He's a bad ass Cactus Jack

22 Blacktop

Blacktop is truly a bot from hell with fists looking like speakers

The new update made him horrible though he looks deadly

EVILL! Lol! Why does he destroy everyone? In the challenge mode it's so hard..

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23 Psytron

It's a cool new bot which you can get by updating only in the mystery draw.
Can you belive it? It has reconstruction

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24 Abandon

I honestly think abandon is THE best robot in the game because I easily beat Zeus on the first try with this bot!

Abandon defeated Fiend and Twin cities

He is truly a giant from the frozen wastes

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25 Albino

"the great white hope"? Kinda cheesy for such an awesome robot! But still, he is pretty cool.

Albino looks amazing, his head mechanic is AWESOME!

I like how he looks

26 Axelrod

I don't like the human like face... Creepy..

Axelrod is a cool name..makes your robot feel like a GOD of all robots.

27 Sarge

The Green Mean Lean Machine, Insanely quick attacks, O.P. , blocks are just out ragest

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28 Bio War

Bio war has a driller like weapon which looks like a machine gun making him look like an apocalypse survivor

Is that a missile launcher he has? Only one way to find out!

Bio war also is the best choice for the starting robot

Bio war is the strongest robot only if he can shoot

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29 Tackle

I beat Zeus with it only with 170 stars!

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30 Deadlord

He's scary and new robot. And his special pretty good because I beat twin cities with him.

Does anyone else think the GIANT FIRE DOOM SCYTH is against the rules? I mean, come on!

31 Fat Boy

He does gut buster (stops your breathing and stuff so of course he could potentially kill you! )

Just body slam your opponent! You automatically win!

Really fat and strong

His so weak do'nt think about buying him I died by ambush(19) fat boy(63)

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32 Quarterback

I think he is op because he can throw his badass football

33 Aztec

He's a bad ass fighter

He has a nice design

Creepy face help me

This guy sucks.

34 Scorpion

He is so cool his tail like a hammer with a spike that makes him look cool better than asura. And his signature move is better than asura also his skills

His tail is jejfiiejdu

35 Wild Fire

Looks ok... Just don't like the fact that he looks like he has the middle finger up... LOL

36 Gambit

His not that bad

37 Excavator

Wirh a metal claw, still no discount but you get it for 85 Gold or 292900 Coins. He's very special and, better get it!

38 Gridlock

I hate gridlock when he's fighting me! He's so powerful, but when he's on my side, I destroy everything!

Gridlock is really powerful amd sounds awesome. He is the same amount with Noisy, and a bot I definitely recommend.

His torso looks like 6 packs making him look like a boxer

39 Crimson Carnage

His right hand is the real doom machine. A wrecking ball that can spin a drill clean through your bot. Deadly stuff!

I think it is a good one because I beat the time attack mode by this one

He has a spiked ball hand and crimson carnage beat Zeus

Very strong it could kill anything in its path

40 Gold Zeus

What's better than zeus? Zeus dipped in gold!

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