Top 10 Rock Band Names Not Being Used


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1 Resurrection

I put this name here! It was at second last place and got to #1!
He will be so proud! - 2234

I will name my band that defiantly

That's my guid in tantra! Osiris here I come

I'm so using this. - RiverClanRocks

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2 Nightmare Apocalypse

Since I like A Nightmare On Elm Street I like this name, too. I would've voted for this anyway, actually.

I might name my band this

This is awesome I might use it

This band name is so incredibly stupid

3 Blood Bullet

Every name on this list is stealing from a band that is already famous -_- I'm going to make a band called My Bullet Apocolypse Death Zombie, that would be creative just like all the other names on this list (Sarcasm) Either that or extremely emo and whiny sounding

Reminds me somehow of 'Bullet for my valentine'

Yes good

4 C.R.Y. (Can't Read You)

Very good name: Available?

I am going to use that thanks

I like thxs

5 Designated Kill

This sound like for metal apoclypase

6 Steel Wolverines
7 Deathrushers

Nice is this in use

Powerful name for a heavy metal / hard rock band.

Very nice name

8 D.A.M (Destroying All Men)

Never let anyone get in your way when your trying to acomlish something

9 The Devil's Enders

Seems most like my band wants it so I voted

It sounds cool I will take it

10 This Used to Be a Pop Band

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11 Owww, Cramp

These r stupid names if anybody want to find any funny, delightful and happy names we should name d bands deathrushers, destroying day and night and blah!... These r really stupid names

12 Destroying Day and Night
13 Hippies of the Stoner Age

I'll call my band like that - waldo

14 Killers of Justin Bieber

Best. Rock. Band. Name. Ever. If anyone ever makes a Rock Band and names it this, I will wonder what their music will sound like! It will probably be hate music towards Justin Bieber! I'll love that!

Wow. This is pure genius. It's self explanatory, yet still glorious in itself. I love the concept, not too emo. It's perfect.

Best name ever I might name my band this! I hate Justin bieber

I would use this one. I like it! - westofohio

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15 Life Apocalypse
16 Metal Ghosts

I want this name

17 Blood Stains

Come on people this name is EPIC!

18 The Crazy Mexicans

I like this name

19 The Killer Nightmares
20 Metal Angels
21 Nightmare Monsters
22 Lost Minds
23 All Night Long

I just realized that is one of Metallica's songs

24 All My Sinners
25 Fall of Men
26 Young Erection
27 The Devil Killers
28 The Night Ninjas
29 Sorrow Sunday
30 Contaminated Zone
31 West of Ohio

Took that from me - westofohio

I've been using this name since 1999 - westofohio

This is awesome! So GABA name my band this

32 Just Plain Russians
33 Accidental Felony

If I ever join a band, I'm bringing this up during the naming process.

34 DC AC

This is in use by a AC DC tribute band

35 The Krusty Krushers

Don't use this name you might get sued for copyright

36 Brutal Screamingaï
37 Waterrock

It sounds like a great name for a non rock band

38 X-Voltage

My band is called x-voltage

good name

39 Mind Blowers
40 Rocking Out
41 The Day Is Gone
42 Getaway
43 Moisac
44 Real Music Must Return
45 I Dreamt of Destiny
46 Guess Red
47 Miley Cyrus Slayers
48 Hybrid Theory
49 Chocking The Chicken
50 Severed
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1. Blood Bullet
2. Resurrection
3. Nightmare Apocalypse
1. Resurrection
2. D.A.M (Destroying All Men)
3. The Devil's Enders
1. Steel Wolverines
2. Nightmare Apocalypse
3. Blood Bullet


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