Top 10 Rock Band Names Not Being Used


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1 Resurrection

I put this name here! It was at second last place and got to #1!
He will be so proud! - 2234

I will name my band that defiantly

That's my guid in tantra! Osiris here I come

I'm so using this. - RiverClanRocks

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2 Nightmare Apocalypse

Since I like A Nightmare On Elm Street I like this name, too. I would've voted for this anyway, actually.

This band name is so incredibly stupid

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3 C.R.Y. (Can't Read You)

Very good name: Available?

I like thxs

4 Blood Bullet

Every name on this list is stealing from a band that is already famous -_- I'm going to make a band called My Bullet Apocolypse Death Zombie, that would be creative just like all the other names on this list (Sarcasm) Either that or extremely emo and whiny sounding

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5 Waterrock

It sounds like a great name for a non rock band

6 Deathrushers

Powerful name for a heavy metal / hard rock band.

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7 D.A.M (Destroying All Men)

Never let anyone get in your way when your trying to acomlish something

8 Sons of Hatred V 1 Comment
9 The Devil's Enders

Seems most like my band wants it so I voted

10 Rolling Starters

This would be a great rolling stones cover band name

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11 Owww, Cramp

These r stupid names if anybody want to find any funny, delightful and happy names we should name d bands deathrushers, destroying day and night and blah!... These r really stupid names

12 George and His Fury
13 Destroying Day and Night
14 Mother Brothers
15 Killers of Justin Bieber

Best. Rock. Band. Name. Ever. If anyone ever makes a Rock Band and names it this, I will wonder what their music will sound like! It will probably be hate music towards Justin Bieber! I'll love that!

Wow. This is pure genius. It's self explanatory, yet still glorious in itself. I love the concept, not too emo. It's perfect.

Best name ever I might name my band this! I hate Justin bieber

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16 Life Apocalypse
17 0.25a
18 X-Voltage
19 The Killer Nightmares
20 Blood Stains
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1. Blood Bullet
2. Resurrection
3. Nightmare Apocalypse
1. Resurrection
2. D.A.M (Destroying All Men)
3. The Devil's Enders
1. Waterrock
2. Sons of Hatred
3. Rolling Starters



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