Top 10 Rock Band Showdowns

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1 Pink Floyd vs King Crimson
2 Led Zeppelin vs Queen

I'd say Led Zeppelin, though those were simmilarly innovative bands in different areas of music. Queen is far more overrated though, so I'd go for the Zep.

Queen is far better than Led Zeppelin no doubt.

Queen is great but, come on it's zeppelin!

The winner is... Queen!

3 Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

As my favourite band, I choose Maiden. Priest are also great.

Maiden is little better than Priest in my opinion.

Iron Maiden.


4 Metallica vs Megadeth

Got to be a tie for me.

I prefer Metallica but it's a close battle.

5 The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones

To me that's pretty easy. Admittedly, I don't know The Stones too well, but what I know sounds really unimaginative and lazy to me for the most part. I'd pick The Beatles every day.

The Stones for the win!

Two nice 60s rock bands. Both credited with inventing rock and roll!

6 Кино vs Nautilus Pompilius
7 Pink Floyd vs Rush

Pink Floyd are awesome! And so are Rush!

Pink Floyd is my number 1 band.

Both are good, but I prefer Pink Floyd.

8 AC/DC vs Guns N' Roses

Hmm.. This is a tough one.

Now I'd like to see this battle!


9 Genesis vs Yes
10 Nirvana vs Guns N Roses

Both bands are quite overrated but speaking of vocals Axl is better. Guns N' Roses also had better guitars.

On the other hand, Guns N' Roses had only one great album. And it was released long ago.

I don't know, it's either Guns N' Roses or a tie.

Now, these two band's vocalists were rivals when Kurt was alive.

Guns N Roses (but I love Nirvana too)

Guns N' Roses

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11 Deep Purple vs AC/DC

I also say Deep Purple because 1) their musicianship is better and 2) they are more innovative, more creative.

But AC/DC are very cool, too.

Both very popular bands. I say DP because AC/DC are quite overrated.

12 Linkin Park vs Evanescence

I'd probably go Linkin Park. Because again, I've heard more.

Linkin Park = Evanescence

No doubt, they are awesome.

Are the best bands in the world.

13 Black Sabbath vs Iron Maiden

This is easy - Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden of course.

Lets see who wins.

14 King Crimson vs Genesis

I'd want Crimson to win because I only love the Peter Gabriel era of Genesis.

15 Dream Theater vs Helloween

DT for the win! Helloween are another awesome, underrated band.

Both are awesome in my opinion. However DT always bring something new to the table. Whilst Helloween haven't done anything amazing since Keeper Pt 2.

DT is one of my faourite bands.

16 Led Zeppelin vs The Who

Uh, that's an interesting one. Two of my favorite classic rock bands. I'd probably pick The Who, because of Tommy and Who's Next, but Led Zeppelin is also a powerhouse.

The Who.

17 Blind Guardian vs Helloween

Definitely Blind Guardian, taking into account all considerations and the evolution of both bands over time (as of 2016). Blind Guardian are the most consistent metal band of all time (even Iron Maiden and Judas Priest had some infamous episodes, not to mention Metallica and Megadeth).

18 The Who vs The Rolling Stones
19 Queen vs The Beatles

People don't seriously have to think about this, do they? The Beatles, any day of the year.

Queen any day


The bratles

20 Led Zeppelin vs Nirvana

I have no idea.

21 Opeth vs Tool

I'd cheer on Opeth. They need more attention.

22 The Beatles vs The Beach Boys

A friendly rivalry that pushed music to limits never to be reached again. I'd vote for The Beach Boys.

23 Linkin Park vs 5 Seconds of Summer

Linkin park by far, 5 seconds of summer sucks, they aren't even the same genre

Witch idiot added this question?

24 Nirvana vs Soundgarden


25 Nine Inch Nails vs Marilyn Manson


26 Porcupine Tree vs The Pineapple Thief
27 The Beatles vs The Doors
28 Агата Кристи vs Пикник
29 10cc vs Supertramp

Lol who tf is 10cc? And Supertramp is one of the best bands ever.

30 The Cure vs The Smiths
31 The Moody Blues vs Procol Harum
32 Pink Floyd vs Black Sabbath
33 Korn vs Limp Bizkit

They both suck equally.

Korn is better

34 Lacuna Coil vs Evanescence
35 Napalm Death vs Carcass
36 Death vs Possessed
37 Eloy vs Focus
38 The Rolling Stones vs The Beach Boys

No idea why this is on here and Beatles vs Beach Boys wasn't. I'd easily pick The Beach Boys here.

39 ДДТ vs АлисА
40 Rush vs Camel
41 Electric Light Orchestra vs The Alan Parsons Project
42 King Crimson vs Queen
43 Linkin Park vs Queen


44 Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple
45 Black Sabbath vs Judas Priest
46 Muse vs Radiohead


47 Real Estate vs Local Natives
48 Marillion vs IQ
49 Pink Floyd vs Dream Theater
50 Dream Theater vs King Crimson
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