Top 10 Rock Bands That Have Gotten Worse Over Time

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1 Guns N Roses Guns N' Roses is an American hard rock band from Los Angeles formed in 1985. The classic lineup, as signed to Geffen Records in 1986, consisted of vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler. Apart from hard rock they are also more.

Well, really Guns N' Roses should be at the top of this list, but it's hard to say whether they should be or not because they're not even the same band anymore really, Axl Rose is the only remaining original member - EvilAngel

Appetite for Destruction was the best selling debut album in history.. Sweet Child o' Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Mr. Brownstone, and Paradise City all classics. Use Your Illusion I and II had November Rain, Don't Cry, Knockin' on Heaven's Door.. And now we have Chinese Democracy

Axl's voice still chills. But without slash's solos and izzy's lyrics the band is doomed for life.

Same case with Linkin Park. Appetite for Destruction is one of my favorite albums of all time. The use your illusion cycle was still pretty good but since then they haven't released a good album, and I think it's cause Axl Rose is the only original member. - MrQuaz680

2 Maroon 5 Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band that originated in Los Angeles, California. Before the current group was established, the original four members, Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick, formed a band known as Kara's Flowers in 1994, while they were still in high school.

This Love, She Will Be Loved, Makes Me Wonder, Misery was a success

Once Moves Like Jagger, Payphone, etc. moved in the band even got worse overplaying on the radio and their music was messed up big time, and I don't know why it's not #1

Note: WHO put LINKIN PARK #1 they improved big time compared to Maroon 5 seriously Maroon 5 messed up big time today and was a biggest disgrace in rock music today.

They've messed up so bad. Songs about Jane was awesome, but Kara's Flowers era was even better.

Girls Like You is extremely overrated in my opinion. I like What Lovers Do more. - Userguy44

Maroon 5.. Why did they have to become a pop band at least when they started they kept a rock feel to it but then lost it during the later 2000s at least they still have a shot to return to a more rock pop attitude in their music. Hopefully right?

3 Linkin Park Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Alternative more.

Linkin Park have improved so remove them from this list, and I do love them, Lp 4 life!

I no one cares what he thinks, why would anyone care what you think? - BeastMan

They are still good but their "epicness" is now lost

Link in is one of the best rock bands in our country. It hasn't just got worse. Hybrid Theory was different and Thousand Suns is also different. There's nothing like that they didn't put their heart into it. Just they have always tried to move to newer genre and give the audience a better, new and fresh experience. Don't you get bore of listening Crawling, In The End or Papercut whole 24 hours?

Should be number 1, might as well spit in the face off all the fans that supported you from your debut album, how can this electronicly produced stuff be clasified ad music, or even rock for that matter, I'm not saying everything has to be heavy metal,... But has the music world gone so far down hill that this electro pop is classified as rock.

4 Metallica Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.

They were at their peak in the 80s, with powerful war ballads, such as "One" and "For Whom the Bell Tolls". Their most famous album, "Master of Puppets", is seen is the crowning achievement of metal music, complete with its 8-and-a-half minute title track. Their self-titled album marked a new era, that wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as their 80s-album era. St. Anger marked a new low, but they redeemed themselves somewhat with their album "Death Magnetic". Next, they had to take the worst nosedive in their history with their Lou Reed collaboration. One could consider it a noble effort at experimentation, but like mixing Billy Joel and Iron Maiden, "Lulu" proved that two positives don't always add up to a greater positive. Hopefully, they'll release a better album soon; it would be a shame if they had to end their career on such a low note! (Fun fact, David Bowie reportedly loved Lulu. Some may say that he was just being kind, while others might argue that he's actually good at finding ...more

They just released Hardwired...To Self Destruct, so they are improving.

Metallica... First 4 albums were the best! However I did like the Black Album even though I thought it was a dramatic change to their music. I did not like Load, ReLoad, St Anger and Lulu but Death Magnetic was okay.

Seriously, just listen to their 80s albums (Kill 'Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, Justice) and compare them to Load, ReLoad, St. Anger, Death Magnetic and Lulu. This isn't even the same band any more.

Kill em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, and the Black Album were masterpieces. Load had a few good songs, Reload wasn't good but had one or two hits, Garage Inc had great covers, but St. Anger was bull. Death Magnetic had good songs but the production wasn't good. At least they bounced back with Self Destruct

5 Green Day Green Day are an American pop punk, punk rock, and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1986. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative more.

Don't get me wrong I love green day dearly, they're brilliant, but since American Idiot (their last good album) they've gone steadily downhill. 21st century breakdown had a few good songs but most were boring, while their last trilogy of albums was frankly embarrassing.

I am one of the biggest Green Day fans ever but I would have to be honest here and say I'm not particularly loving their newer sound :/

Look, Billie, Mike, Tre...I'm sorry, but She, Uno Dos Tre, and anything else after 21st century sucked...before? It was awesome! American Idiot, Dookie, Insomniac, those are my JAM! Sigh...nothing lasts forever...

I understand that this was probably included after their trilogy flop, but their last album, Revolution Radio, was actually a great album.

6 Three Days Grace Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1992 with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. Their original name was Groundswell until they changed it to their current name in 1997. more.

This band I love but their previous albums were some what not so good to be honest but now through the years they have been getting really better. Like Transit of Venus in my opinion is really excellent They totally haven't got worst. They Rock! -ARF

Some people think that their music went downhill after Adam left, but I disagree. Their first two albums are amazing, and I enjoyed most of the songs on Life Starts Now, but I personally feel like they started to go downhill after that. There are only one or two songs on Transit of Venus that I could say that I enjoyed. In my opinion, Human was better than Transit of Venus by a long shot.

Ever since Adam left, Three Days Grave has gone downhill, kinda sad but honestly they were a great band, they were the ones who got me into rock music, and they have great songs defiantly recommend their older albums like One X and Life Starts Now

This band is still one of the best from todays rock scene. they lost a little bit when their Singer left but their newest album is still amazing. Three Days Grace shouldn't be on this list. at least not this high

7 Korn Korn is an American Nu-Metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Brian "Head" Welch, and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with the addition of Ray Luzier, who replaced the band's original member, David more.

Can someone tell me why nirvana is on this list? They were a band for only 3 or 4 years.

They only had one worse album:
Seriously, dubstep in rock music, what is this.

THANK YOU They went back to normal nu metal music
THE PARADIGM SHIFT is great comeback.

What happened to these guys? They were hard and a lot of their songs had dark stories. Now they're just making songs with Skrillex. And correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Jon Davis making a country album with Big & Rich? The same group who dissed Marilyn Manson in Comin' To Your City? Well I also heard that Jon Davis is also working on an acoustic project with Marilyn Manson so there might be hope anyways.

They go from metal music to songs featuring skirl lex... What de fu?

8 Coldplay Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996. The band consists of Chris Martin (lead vocalist and pianist), Jonny Buckland (lead guitarist), Guy Berryman (bassist) and Will Champion (drummer and backing vocalist). Manager Phil Harvey is often considered an unofficial fifth member. The band renamed more.

Yes, I completely agree, parachutes was a great album, and in my opinion their best was a rush of blood to the head, and x&y was brilliant as well but I find that mylo xyloto was okay, it had its ups and downs, ghost stories was decent but its just so different to the old stuff that I fell in love with that its hard to appreciate, and I haven't heard any of the new album as I've heard that it is pop rubbish and I just don't want to put myself through the pain of knowing that their last ever album was terrible

As amazing as Coldplay is, their newer stuff isn't nearly as good. Ghost stories is at least a step in the right direction. - Songsta41

Excellent first 4 albums that d. It all peaked with Viva La Vida in my opinion. Everything after is awkward and directionless.

Proof that a strong start isn't everything. After two great albums (Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head) they went into a slow decline they've never escaped from. From a decent (but by no means great) third album to their recent garbage, it's fair to say that this band has long since ceased to impress. - Rangaman

9 Fall Out Boy Fall Out Boy is an American pop rock band formed in Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, in 2001. The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley.

They used to be pure rock, and I loved it! They never failed to impress and never released anything bad. Their new album "Save Rock n Roll" was painfully sarcastic, and it was a wake up call. The only reason I still like the band is because of their earlier work, and I know what they are capable of. They could do great things like they used to, so there might still be some hope there.

Seriously? Compare "Centuries" and "Immortals" to "Sugar We're Going' Down" and "Saturday"

They're barely even rock anymore.

Don't get me wrong... I enjoy all four songs I mentioned but there's an obvious quality difference with the first two then the second two :( - Drum_Solo

Fall out boy have definitely gotten worse. They were awesome now they suck and mainstreamy annoying people like them. I mean a fans a fan but these fans are just annoying. They only know like immortals and have never heard of their old (good) songs. Their last album was just no. I was disappointed. I mean fall out boy you're better than that!

While I do prefer their older work, their new music is still great. Go watch the music video for "The Take Over, the Breaks Over," times change and people change. They had to go in a new direction.

10 30 Seconds to Mars Thirty Seconds to Mars (commonly stylized as 30 Seconds to Mars) is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1998. The band currently consists of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto.

In the earlier years, their music was AWESOME. Now... Now they got worse, and the songs just aren't good anymore. This is War was the last good album they released.

Who the hell is 30 seconds to mars?

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11 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi is a hard rock band formed in 1983, which had a streak of successful albums in the late 1980s. The band originally consisted of lead vocalist Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Ritchie Sambora (left in 2013), bassist Alec John Such (left in 1994), keyboard David Bryan, and drummer Tico Torres. The band's more.

Top of their game with SWW, and slowly got worse over time, but something has to be said for Jon Bon Jovi's business savvy that his song writing gets worse with every album, as does his voice, and yet he manages to convince millions of fans to buy his product with diminishing quality. Most bands/musicians seem to get better with time, although their relevance on the world stage fades, but not so with Bon Jovi... it's the exact opposite. The same is true for their live shows, whereas they used to be full of energy, and quite entertaining, for $25 a ticket... now they're just a stage full of damn near manikins, half of which aren't even "Bon Jovi", with a bunch of T.V. screens as a back drop... for $150! Incredible. Jon Bon Jovi = The snake oil salesman of the music industry.

The songs by Bon Jovi of the 80s are the best.

Bon Jovi are no longer as good without Richie Sambora on lead

It's my life there last good song - BenTheGamer

12 Blink 182 Blink-182 are a Pop Punk band formed in 1992. Original lineup were Mark Hoppus (Bass Guitar, Vocals) more.

Dude Ranch, Enema of the State, Take Off Pants and Jacket, and Blink-182 self titled Album were AWESOME

Then when I hear Neighborhoods, it was the worst and it came hella horrible, I MISS the old Blink-182.

Their new album is crap, should be higher

Yeah! Neighborhoods was awful!

Enema was insane. Neighborhoods was sub-standard. Enough said.

13 Panic! at the Disco Panic! at the Disco is an American pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2004 and featuring the current lineup of vocalist Brendon Urie, accompanied on tour by bassist Dallon Weekes, guitarist Kenneth Harris, and drummer Dan Pawlovich.

People change, and as their musical tastes changed, half the band left and things were okay at first. They put out another album (Vices and Virtues), just the two of them, and it was great! Then, they put out their 4th album, which was a rapid transition to pop music. They do have a single or two on the album that is good, but that's about it. I still love them to death, primarily because of their first album ever. Straight out of high school, they put out "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out". This is my favorite album ever. It changed my life, but when their 4th album came out, I was disappointed. Though it wasn't what I wanted to hear from them, I respect their growth and development as an artist. I am still waiting for the day when they go back to their baroque/burlesque/circus themed album. It just mesmerized me.

But can you really blame them I mean literally there is only one remaining original member of the band everyone else are just touring members

They made the most of their situation. They are still good but were much better before

Why are they on here? I actually loved vices and virtues and thought too weird to live is one of the best albums. Death of a bachelor was alright too!

14 Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.

It's actually not that bad and very inspirational. Gotten a little soft over the years so maybe not a rock band anymore but very good. Please remove from list.

I guess its on here because their newer album is not as good as the rest I did not really enjoy Unleashed too much I liked feel invinsible from it and some song I forgot the name of but it did not feel like skillet - TheUltimateNavigator1

2006: Comatose, BRILLIANT

2009: AWAKE, pretty good.

2012: RISE, it's still above average, not amazing but about a 6.5/7 out of 10

2016: UNLEASHED, it's okay I guess? It just doesn't seem like much like skillet anymore

15 U2 U2 are an Irish rock band from Dublin. Formed in 1976, the group consists of Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr. U2's early sound was rooted in post-punk but eventually grew to incorporate influences from many genres of popular music. Throughout the group's musical pursuits, they have more.

A couple of great songs, unforgettable fire, New Year's Day, one etc. But passed their best a long time ago. Huge popularity but there's something missing, I think it's Bono. When younger he had the innocence, as they have aged you find for all his good intentions. His hypocritical cynical corporate management of the band leaves me thinking he's got more in common with bill gates than any musician. He's by no means the only one, Springsteen, sting. Truth is joe blogs isn't as gullible as they once were.Even my true u2 fans friends are cringed at his sermonising during their concerts. Like bill gates at poverty concerts asking people for money, yet every year he and Bono are richer still.

All of their music is hard to listen to but that's just me I guess. - Duality

After their Happiness Is A Warm Gun cover, they started to sort of fade out, with stuff like Get On Your Boots and the entire Songs of Innocence album.

Forces you to have their music on iTunes.

Note that this person did not say the music was bad, just forced on you. - PewPewAssassin

16 Van Halen Van Halen is an American hard rock band formed in Pasadena, California, in 1972. From 1974 until 1985, the band consisted of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, vocalist David Lee Roth, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.

I agree, once Dave left, they were not the same, the energy was gone.

Why is this band even on this list it is an amazing band

These guys aren't worth listening to after David Lee Roth left

Nooo Van Halen is still amazing your just haters

17 Nirvana Nirvana was an American grunge band that was formed in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana disbanded after Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. The drummer of the band, David Grohl, went on to start the Foo-Fighters, an alternative rock band. more.

Why is nirvana here? They only existed 6 years and personally I enjoyed all 4 albums

They have only been around for like 5 years, and all their albums are great.

In Utero was better than Bleach, idiot

No, No! Nirvana was only around for around 7 years. How can they be here?

18 Oasis Oasis were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1991. Developed from an earlier group, the Rain, the band originally consisted of Liam Gallagher (vocals and tambourine), Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan, and Tony McCarroll.

I am a fan of Oasis, but even I agree that Definitely Maybe and (What's the Story) Morning Glory? are their only great albums. While Be Here Now and further albums had their moments, it all just doesn't compare to their first two albums. To add insult to injury, Liam and Noel's relationship worsened and they couldn't win back their US audience as well.

They had about 3 good albums

Completely unstoppable in the 90s, should have split after Knebworth or Be Here Now

19 Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit is an American nu metal band from Jacksonville, Florida, formed in 1994. Their lineup consists of Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, and Wes Borland.

They weren't that good to begin with...

I agree they were always garbage and they remain garbage to this day - Duality

They are no where near good

They were kinda cool back in the day but THEY SUCK now

20 Paramore Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro.

Went from an amazing influential rock band in a male-dominated music industry, to your average pop band.

All We Know was good, Riot was fantastic, Brand New Eyes was alright, self-titled was terrible. Obviously the Farro brothers were half of why they were so good.

These guys were so good. Then the farro brothers left. Obviously they had their reasons. But people shouldn't date in a band. Just ads up all the trouble. The first 3 albums were awesome. Then the new album. Jts not even thesame band anymore.

I'm not a fan of these, but I suppose they must've been better in the past because it simply doesn't get worse than 'Ain't It Fun? ' - adfairhurst

21 Evanescence Evanescence is an American rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.

Still good, but Fallen is EASILY their best album, so much better than their other albums that it's crazy - EvilAngel

I disagree with people who said that Evanescence went downhill. All of their albums are awesome even if Fallen was my favorite - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The Pre-Fallen era was the best. Songs such as "Anywhere" and "Even in Death" were great. After Ben Moody and David Hodges left, Evanescence fell apart.

This band also has had regress but I still love them. - Fan_of_Good_Music

22 Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons is an American pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Imagine Dragons' lineup consists of lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman.

I remember when this band first came I out, I hoped they'd be great. But I was wrong. - zxm

23 The Offspring The Offspring is an American punk rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1984. Formed under the name Manic Subsidal, the band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dexter Holland, bassist Greg K., lead guitarist Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman and drummer Pete Parada.

Offspring were going downhill fast but managed to turn it around. There biggest hit song (your going to go far kid) was released after there biggest hit album (an album bands release when there career is ending! )

The self-titled album was a great debut, ignition and smash were their best albums, ixnay and Americana were great. But conspiracy was awful, splinter was boring, and rise fall rage and grace was a rip off of Green Day. Although days go by had some really good songs in the beginning and end of the album, there was too much filler

Days go by is pretty boring too. But their newest song "coming for you" is awesome

After Americana, I gave up on them

24 Muse Muse are an English alternative rock band from Teignmouth, Devon, formed in 1994. The members are Matt Bellamy (lead vocal, lead guitar, piano, keyboard), Dom Howard (drums, percussion) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals). They've won several awards including 5 MTV Awards, 8 NME Awards, 2 more.

Just because they used to be rock but they went electronic with The 2nd Law you say they've gotten worse? They just experimenting with the music they've never made before and it's a great thing! If they always make albums which has the same music with their first album, then you can say Muse getting worse - matrixreloaded

Still amazing to those who have listened to the high profile songs on Drones. You know I am talking about Psycho, Handler, Reapers, and maybe the Globalist

What? Their latest album, drones, is an improvement on said albums, such as The 2nd law

Drones was good!

25 One Direction One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) were a British-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and previously, Zayn Malik until his departure from the band on 25 March 2015. The group signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records more.

They are bad but they are NOT a rock band

Their first two albums suck, "midnight memories" was ok and "four" was definitely the best one so far. They're not a rock band though & I still don't really like their music lol (although I honestly tried to give them a chance)

They are not a rock band and honestly, they have always been terrible

I think they've gotten better with the time. What makes you beautiful sucks, but their other songs are really good. Up All Night is a decent album, Take Me Home is good, but Midnight Memories is their best album

26 Rage Against the Machine Rage Against the Machine is a rock band formed in Los Angeles, California. The band consists of vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk.

It's hard for a band that only had four studio albums released in eight years to go downhill, especially when all four were just spectacular

Rage was great from their debut until their last album. Get them off the list.

Rage Against the Machine never was bad. They managed to make all 4 great albums. - CantFigureAUsername

Rage was a great band

27 Heart Heart is an American rock band that first found success in Canada and later in the United States and worldwide.

They can give you heart attack. They haven't made anything good since the 70's before they sold out.

28 Radiohead Radiohead are an English rock band from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, formed in 1985. The band consists of Thom Yorke (lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards), Jonny Greenwood (lead guitar, keyboards, other instruments), Colin Greenwoood (bass guitar), Phil Selway (drums), and Ed O'Brien (guitar).

Only on this list because some fans/music lovers just can't accept that they were going more electronic, beginning with Kid A... And that is 'bad'?

Radiohead is one of the only artists on this list still making something worth listening to. Their newest album A Moon Shaped Pool is fantabulous.

Kid A ruined their music

29 Mötley Crüe Mötley Crüe was an American metal band formed in Los Angeles, California on January 17, 1981. The group was founded by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, lead vocalist Vince Neil and lead guitarist Mick Mars.

Motley who

30 Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hot Chili Peppers is an American funk-rock and alternative rock band, that was founded in 1983. more.

The only thing "funk" about them now is the occasional slap bass lines, but they basically transformed from an amazing funk rock band to a pretty average pop rock band. They were so much more creative in their earlier years, and Flea is the only good thing they have left. Chad Smith seems to have lost creativity in his drumming and Josh is nothing compared to John in my book. Anthony is pretty much the same though, just take out the rapping.

Is this a joke? Their first four albums were complete trash, and everything afterward was fantastic. They haven't gotten any worse since 1991. - Songsta41

They were actually pretty consistent. Don't know why they're on this list.

Man. I'm With You has been their only bad album in recent years. Come on, it was their worst selling album in 29 years!

31 Drowning Pool Drowning Pool is an American Alternative Metal band formed in Dallas, Texas in 1996. The band was named after the film The Drowning Pool.

Ever since the death of Dave Williams the band went downhill they change from Dave Williams to Jason Jones to Jason Jones to Ryan McCombs to Ryan McCombs to CJ Pierce This band got worse overtime since Dave Williams died

Let the bodies hit the floor,
let the bodies hit the floor,
let the bodies hit the floor,
let the bodies hit the... FLOOR!

32 The Flaming Lips The Flaming Lips are an American rock band formed in 1983 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The group recorded several albums and EPs on an indie label, Restless, in the 1980s and early 1990s.

What happened to you guys? You guys were your own unique band. Now you're making songs with Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus? I'm praying that Wayne will finally wake up and realize what he's doing is dumb.

Just heard that they're gonna release an album with Ke$ha titled Lip$ha tomorrow. That just shows how low a band can even get.

33 Kiss Kiss is an American hard rock band formed in New York City in January 1973 by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the band's original manager, Lew Linet.

They were never good to begin with.


34 In Flames In Flames is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1990. more.

"Sounds of a playground fading" had some cool songs, even if the band tryed going in a new direction. The newest album, "Sirens charms", however, was a huge let down. They aren't even metal anymore, they lost what made them cool; big time.

They sold out to MTV ever since they put out the album Reroute To Remain...

I have to agree on this one. Still a good band though. - IronSabbathPriest

They went from being one of the best Melodeath bands to generic alternative crap. - christangrant

35 Pearl Jam Pearl Jam is a Alternative/Grunge Rock Band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. The band had comprised of Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. more.

I haven't seen sound garden or godsmack anywhere on list, they are a hell of a lot better than some of bands you listed as best,

Ten was clearly their best work, followed by Vs then Vitalogy, which were their first three albums. Sure they're music took a turn for the worse in 1996 (but they were still amazing), but people always forget how they got better again starting in 2003 with Lost Dogs. - Songsta41

They were a cool grunge band, but they only had one hit album.

Yeah, anything after the third album is a no from me. - truckturner

36 AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014 . They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1979, after which they hired Brian Johnson more.

Sorry but Rock or Bust their newest album was one of the best albums they had in a while so can we get AC/DC off this list

When Malcolm and Brian left, AC/DC died. Axl sounds like a dying horse (He used to be awesome in the 80s/90s). I think Angus is the only original member. My 8 year old brother LOVES AC/DC and he agrees.

Black Ice wasn't really enjoyed so I might wanna listen to it.

Anything after Back in Black isn't AC/DC. - FrozenHatingPokefan

37 Queen Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970. Members were Freddie Mercury (Vocals and Piano), Brian May (Guitar, Vocals), Roger Taylor (Drums, Vocals), and John Deacon (Bass Guitar, Vocals). Before forming into Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had played together in a band named Smile. Freddie Mercury more.

It got worse after Mercury died. I don't see why they would want to continue without him

Then though I LOVE Queen. I have to agree, they should of quit after Freddie's death. Made in heaven is a great album, but I'm not sure why they got Adam Lambert to sing in that band. - Mumbizz01

The fact that Jessie J performed with them in the 2012 Olympics is bad

38 The Killers The Killers is an American indie rock band formed in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001, by Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning.
39 Pierce the Veil Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2006, the band was founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today, which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene.

Their newest album was great!

40 Weezer Weezer is an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1992, currently consisting of Rivers Cuomo (lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar), Patrick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner.

I loved the first two albums but things started going downhill after that

A lot of their music sounds the same to me, but I definitely don't hate it.

Weezer started getting worse with Red and then Ratitude and Hurley but with the release of Everything Will Be Alright In The End, things are looking up - Drum_Solo

I only like the blue album

41 Rush Rush was a Canadian progressive rock band that was formed in 1968. Even though the only founding member still in the band is Alex Lifeson (Guitar), the band is most well-known for their current members Neil Peart (Drums) and Geddy Lee (Bass, Vocals). more.

What the hell? Just, why? These guys are degrading only because of their age, just like Steve Perry. That doesn't mean they aren't awesome. - bighercules

Musicianship probably the best of all bands today. Simply the standard when it comes to playing.

You do realize they have gotten better and more somber, right? - Pony

One of the best bands of all time.

42 The Beatles The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented more.

Alright geniuses, time for a history lesson. The Beatles have improved over time whether seeing the impact of their influence or over their short career. If we are going on the basis that they got worse over their career I'm sorry but please get your ears checked. While they weren't horrific, Please Please Me, A Hard Days Night, Beatles For Sale and Help! Simply don't measure up to the greatness of Rubber Soul, Revovler, Sgt. Peppers, The White Album and Abbey Road. Heck even the Red Album (their greatest hits from 1962-1966) doesn't measure up to the greatness of any of the albums stated above, These albums were ahead of the time and left a long lasting impact on music. The fact that you can even consider something like Love Me Do or Ticket To Ride better than I Am The Walrus or A Day In The Life is garbage.

The Beatles got better overtime. Not worse.

Shut up the Beatles were always good they didn't get worse

If anything, they got a lot better over time. Maybe even better after they broke up and after the deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison. RIP John Lennon and George Harrison - caseyk1218

43 Genesis Genesis are an English rock band formed at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey in 1967. The most commercially successful and long-lasting line-up includes keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford and drummer/singer Phil Collins.

Should definitely be in the top 5. They used to be an excellent progressive rock group with classics such as The Knife, Watcher of the Skies, Supper's Ready, and The Cinema Show. Then Phil Collins took over and sold out by making terrible pop music.

They weren't worth a bean after Gabriel left, they were horrible. But they achieved their greatest commercial success when they switched from Gabriel's lyrical genius to Collins' smarmy mushy dreck. Even more amazingly, Gabriel sold out too, achieving his greatest success with MTV fluff. All this made me realize that mainstream rock stank, and I left it for good because of this once great band that turned into wretched commercial harlots. Really annoying that they got rich by radically dumbing down!

The worst thing about Genesis' decline is that Calling All Stations (their worst in my opinion) is their last album, and they haven't even been motivated to make a new one.

I prefer the Phil Collins era over the Peter Gabriel one.

44 Poison Poison is an American glam and hard rock band that achieved great commercial success in the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s.

No matter what this band does it's great. Their latter stuff may seem so different but taste it another time and you will find that it sticks to you. And gets better all the time.

Poison should have poisoned themselves they suck.

45 DragonForce DragonForce are a British power metal band based in London, England. Formed in 1999, the group are known for their long and fast guitar solos, fantasy-themed lyrics, and electronic sounds in their music to add to their retro video game-influenced sound.

With their new lead singer, after the previous quit, they have gotten worse

They were never good

I actually like the new singer (Marc Hudson), but their newest albulm Maximum Overload was trash to be honest...

46 Mayhem Mayhem is a Norwegian black metal band formed in 1984 in Oslo, regarded as one of the pioneers of the Norwegian black metal scene. The band is also known for the infamous events surrounding them including the 1991 suicide of vocalist Dead (in which former guitarist Euronymous took pictures of Dead's more.

Still a good band, but nothing else they've released these has been able to top "Deathcrush" and "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

47 Static-X Static-X formed in Los Angeles in 1994. The band had many lineup changes, but the main vocalist and guitarist throughout has been frontman Wayne Static. Other well-known members of Static-X include Tony Campos (bassist), Ken Jay (drummer), and Koichi Fukuda (guitarist). The final lineup of Static-X more.

Wayne's voice got scratchy on the Cannibal and Cult Of Static albums - spiderskull98

48 Yellowcard Yellowcard was an American rock band that formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1997 and were based in Los Angeles beginning in 2000. The band is well known for its singles "Ocean Avenue", "Only One", and "Lights and Sounds".
49 Who

You are totally WRONG!

First of all, why is there only Who, and not The Who? - waldo

They definitely went downhill after Quadrophenia.

50 Cage the Elephant Cage the Elephant is an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky, that formed in 2006 and relocated to London, England, in 2008 before their first album was released.

Their first album was great. Their second album was just okay. Their third album wasn't very good. I don't understand why melophobia gets so much praise, it's not really that great and I think it was their worst album. - Imreallyboredrightnow

There new one is bad

I love all of Cage The Elephants albums, and at fist wasn't a big fan of Melephobia, but now I realize what a masterpiece it is.

The first 2 albums were good and then the third album they turned into disco wannabees.

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