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21 Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai)

They've played in Bloodstock. What are they doing at #28? DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP 5 at least!

A very appreciated death metal band with suevering vocal crashing melodies

They are the best metal band in India. Why they are so down.Just listen to The Return to Darkness and The Demon King and you will know what I mean.

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22 Delete (Kolkata / Howrah)

These guys are sick! My favourite band from India...gicving a new dimension to rock music.

23 Maati (Ajmer)

Rising rap rock band from rajasthan

24 Kcor (Bangalore)
25 The Sueen (Kashmir)

You are living in a disputed territory and still are making great music and are one of the top bands of north!
Good Work!

26 Moksh (Mumbai)
27 Naaz (Kashmir)

Best band of Kashmir, you won't stop listening, if you listen to their songs.

28 Bevar Sea (Bangalore)

Indian Stoner / Doom Metal band

29 The Local Train

The best band I ever saw till now.. They are awesome since they perform their originals and that the best thing in the band

This is the band that deserves to be on top Out of all they have most meaningful songs about life. Music is all about life and that's what they sing.

The best band of India for me...All of its members are just too good and energetic...They produce just impeccable music...I just love them

best band

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30 Sanam (Mumbai)

Love this band totally it should be on number 1...

Best Indian band ever, must be rank 1

Awesome band giving old songs new spark and more romantic and enjoyable as ever..

The best band that I have ever heard
It should be on number 1...

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31 Thaikkudam Bridge (Kerala)

#35 is definitely not it. Needs to be in the top 20 at least. in my humble opinion, top 10. They've covered songs beautifully, and is a favorite among all crowds in Kerala. ("Nostalgia")

Marvellous I love you guys... Carry on (my one of the top song is yours nostalgia )

Fish Rock! And you'll know

Best in kerala

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32 Junkyard Groove (Chennai)

The best most authentically rock sounding band in india

The Best Band by all means.

Top 5 for sure. Crazy band with amazing guitarists.

I waana join in your band I m a guitarist and an vocalist

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33 Limit Zero (Bangalore)

The best bass guitarist ever in India... Shiva a kick ass band easily in top 5, the awesome bass riff are totally the main spot of this band

Ya agree the best bass guitarist India's got Shiva

Just listen to their songs then you'll know why it defines India and deserves to be on top

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34 Kavya's the Band (Jaipur)

Best band I have seen ever

I'm stunned to see that they aren't in top 10. On what basis then they have been judged? They should b in top 10 at least. This band is amazing and the music is exceptional

You guys are doing a great job!

One of a kind band...

Folks, must check their videos on YouTube, awesome...

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35 Apocalypse (Ranchi) V 2 Comments
36 Magdalene (Aizawl)

One of the best rock band from the north east. Their songs are great and good to listen over and over again. Save me, heaven or hell, life beyond death are some of their great songs.

M/ the best gospel rock band in India... Great to see you on top ten Indian rock band

Awesome band. Their songs are very inspiring.

They are just awesome.i love this band for a long time.their song save me rocked all over India.they are the band that will give you every taste of music.they deserves to be on top

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37 Girish and the Chronicles (Gangtok)

He is the best vocalist in India.. If you don't believe me please listen to his covers like Pink, Rock and Roll, 18 and life, I don't wanna miss the thing, Welcome to the jungle and many more.. He is by far the best and most under rated vocalist

Come on! This band should be way up. Girish pradhan is the man!

None of the above can cover 'Sweet child' like Girish does..

GATC should be in top five. There is no band who can give live performance like this band. They are classic and the band is too tight. There is no vocalist in India with that kind of cocal range and the melody at the same time in India.

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38 Astitva (Delhi)

Best Band and it shows their dedication and love towards music... Each and every artist is awesome in their respective instruments... God Bless You all...

Best band ever live on stage

Best band so ever!


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39 Ageless Yard (Shimla)

This bands got some real metal digged inside... Deserve much better rank in the list...

Bunch of talented Metal Heads from Himachal Pradesh. Playing some real thrash metal. Search for "Black Paper Greed Dogs" on sound cloud and feel some great music from Himachal.

Nice people. nice music

Hell lot of talent m/

40 Sweet Children (Bhubaneswar)

Rap rock band Wit young Artist Very innovative. Have deep feeling in their music. May be india upcuming top band

Maybe its the next THE BIG THING because they experiment with music, they cn make you bang yo head with their metal OC's or they cn melt yo Heart with romantic OC's and best part they combine Rap and Rock

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