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61 Extinct Reflections (Bangalore)

The best metal band in india they opened for lamb of god, and the singer of lamb of god randy himself praised extinct reflection what more do you want?

62 Filament (Shillong)
63 Challenger the Band (Kolkata, Basirhat)
64 Rudranath (Uttarakhand)
65 Mashburn Riffs (New Delhi)
66 The Sheldon Bangera Band (Mumbai)

Sheldon can do any kind of music, rock, pop, ballad. His music is uplifting, encouraging, soothing and simply amazing! Check out his music today.. In case if you haven't heard him yet!

Sheldon Bangera is the first Indian gospel artist to be signed up with an International Record Label Integrity Music a David Cook Company.
His First International Album NACHOONGA has been the best seller for the past 6 months.

They are one of te most versatile bands out there :) Sheldon is simply awesome!

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67 Papon and The East India Company (Guwahati)

Music matter...
The ultimate purpose is to enjoy music
Every one has different taste for music
I like papon and I don't bother about anyone who doesn't

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68 RockGarden (Howrah)

There songs are truly awesome they are truly great the song 'the Christmas song' of them is real jazz rock! Their songs are truly creative... India should listen them and vote for them to make them king of rock and rap metal act of India..

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69 Inner Sanctum (Bangalore)

They opened for Metallica live in bangalore, easily top 3

70 Cascades Band Goa (Goa) V 2 Comments
71 Rough Road (Tura)

They are the only one band from Garo Hills got twice to be selected in Great Indian Rock. Their songs are really majestic, awesome and glamorous which attracts someone falling in love. Their songs "Atchu Atchu " really got high illusion & "she knows" is really awesome n great.

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72 Arihant (Guwahati)

They define metal music.. Forget Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Slipknot or Avenged Sevenfold.. Arihant is the new cool!

73 Nasha (Delhi)
74 Antariksh (Delhi)

Freshest and the most genuine Hindi Rock act from the country. Their first album has set the standard for Hindi Rock music. Class apart.

Easily the most modern and eclectic Hindi Rock band in the country.

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75 Coshish (Mumbai)

Should be higher. Good works on guitars, however the vocals are a bit cheesy

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76 The Lightyears Explode

If there is a band who can compete internationally and win hearts, that's the Lightyears. I've found very few bands in India, that made me listen to their songs again and again.

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77 Blak (Affektion)
78 Disasters (Kolkata)

You really made us mad yaar

79 Rooh (Jalandhar)
80 Ferrari (Kolkata/Howrah)
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