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81 The Lightyears Explode

If there is a band who can compete internationally and win hearts, that's the Lightyears. I've found very few bands in India, that made me listen to their songs again and again.

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82 Blak (Affektion)
83 Disasters (Kolkata)

You really made us mad yaar

84 Ferrari (Kolkata/Howrah)
85 Bull Engine (Delhi) V 1 Comment
86 Them Clones (New Delhi)

Another band which deserves higher spot... A band which composes beautiful songs like Zephyretta and some great tunes like Spunk should deserve better

87 Yesterdrive (New Delhi)
88 Ahhirann (Delhi)

Fastest growing with typical Alternate Genres of rock. Producing the best sounds in rock and punk.

One of the best bands of India and is making a remark in Indian Rock music in terms of the international band sounds and their originals. One of the best bands. Dilwalon Ki Dilli rocked, love Dekh Bawari and Punk Nos like Undivided attention and Bhulapayenge woh din Aur War Nahi a classic metal number.

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89 Mixolidian (Arunachal Pradesh)
90 Antariksh (New Delhi)

Easily the best and most authentic "Hindi-Rock" band in the country.

91 Redefined Rock
92 Hearts of Medusa (Mizoram)
93 Skrat (Chennai)

Epic drumming... And tt sriram's voice... So incredible... Skrat and junkyard groove deserve to be in the top ten... Both are too underrated

94 Variation - The Different (Ranchi, Jharkhand)

Which gives you a really vibs..

95 Fizzy Sole (Mumbai)
96 Parvaaz (Bangalore)

Progressive, eerie, soothing, unsettling. A 4 piece set up with an awesome amount of homework around and on sounds. Recording, live doesn't matter they always sound d same... Awesome!

97 4 Sum (Meghalaya)
98 PUNKH (Delhi)
99 ABong (Pune)

Best in Pop Rock, blues, country style.
Music is not loud but melodious.
Band has music sense from Bengal ( as most of the members are from Kolkata).
Have huge collection of own compositions.
Band performs not to commercialize music but to make people enjoy the melodies )
One of the recent hit song from Album "Bon Voyage" is Jane kyun Ye Dil. - abhishektiwari

100 Revolution (Kolkata)

I love this band being a member of the band... one of the best scene in Bollywood ROCK in India.

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