Top Ten Rock Bands That Should Perform Together

The Top Ten Rock Bands That Should Perform Together

1 Linkin Park/Hollywood Undead
2 Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin
3 Skillet/Three Days Grace
4 Avenged Sevenfold/Korn
5 RED/Skillet
6 Disturbed/Slipknot
7 Disturbed/Linkin Park
8 Blink-182/Muse
9 Coldplay/The Fray
10 Avenged Sevenfold/Slipknot

The Contenders

11 Marilyn Manson/Black Sabbath

Two of favorite bands performing together. I'm there!

12 The Cars/The J. Geils Band

I think they would go quite nicely together.

13 Led Zeppelin/Dio
14 Molly Hatchet/Blackfoot

Two of the best southern rock bands performing together. They would probably go very well together.

15 Alice Cooper/Ozzy Osbourne

Another two of my favorite musicians performing together. That would be so awesome!

16 Rob Zombie/Lordi

Two of the best hard rock/metal bands performing together. That would be killer!

17 Kiss/Alice Cooper
18 Scorpions/REO Speedwagon
19 Aerosmith/Kiss
20 Aerosmith/Led Zeppelin
21 All Time Low/Paramore
22 Green Day/Blink-182
23 Fall Out Boy/Panic! At The Disco

Brendon Urie actually make some songs with Fall Out Boy, but the idea of the both bands performing together sounds incredible

24 Queens Of The Stone Age/Arctic Monkeys
25 Pink Floyd/Rush
26 Dokken/Ratt
27 Toto/38 Special
28 Twisted Sister/Quiet Riot
29 Nazareth/Bad Company
30 Disturbed/Godsmack
31 Queen/David Bowie
32 Alice In Chains/Drowning Pool
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