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21 Acid Bath Acid Bath Acid Bath was a seminal American sludge metal band from Houma, Louisiana that was active from 1991 to 1997. Acid Bath combined doom metal roots with influences from black metal, death metal, gothic rock, blues, folk, and country.
22 The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada is an American metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2005. It consists of members Mike Hranica, Jeremy DePoyster, Andy Trick, and Daniel Williams.
23 The KLF

The KLF are brilliant but practically unheard of. Give them a listen. - PositronWildhawk

24 Poets of The Fall
25 MxPx MxPx MxPx is an American punk rock band from Bremerton, Washington founded in 1992 as Magnified Plaid. The band has skate punk leanings, with connections to the pop punk scene.
26 The Quarrymen

Didn't they change their name?

27 The Dear Hunter
28 Flop
29 Carpark North
30 20 for a Taxi
31 Sons
32 We As Human
33 Whitecross
34 Relient K
35 Skillet Skillet Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.
36 Nightwish Nightwish Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. The band was formed in 1996 by lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, and lead singer Tarja Turunen.

They are pretty popular I think. - Metal_Treasure

37 Silverstein
38 Hammerfall Hammerfall HammerFall is a Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath guitarist Oscar Dronjak.
39 Three Days Grace Three Days Grace Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997 with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. V 1 Comment
40 P.O.D. P.O.D.
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