Musical Significance is Key. In Key (da dum chh!).

BKAllmighty For what reason do people vote for the best ever rock band? If we're being completely honest here, we all know most people vote for their favourite. It's their personal preference. And, yes, subjectivity is the basis for this site, so I cannot speak negatively of people who vote for their favourites. I do, however, contest what those people consider to be the definition of "best".

What is the definition of "best" in this particular instance? Again, of course, this is all subjective.

But only once everyone votes on this list for the same reason can this list be considered even remotely legitimate (don't worry, I know it's all in good fun). Otherwise, what value or meaning does it have?

This means we need to define what this list means by "best".

If by "best" we mean "favourite" then it's as simple as that. There is no issue, whatsoever, with this list.
But if by "best" we mean "most significant", which, I think, many would argue is the most fitting definition then I don't personally believe this list to be very valid.

When you boil it down to musical significance, the only number one spot, really, is The Beatles. They were the first (and possibly only) band to be loved by all generations. My father recalls the time when kids had their music, teens had their music, parents had their music, and grandparents had their music. Each generation listened to music that they grew up with and strongly believed it to be superior to every other generation's music (this principal is present in many topics regarding different generations). It was only when The Beatles arrived that one variety of music became appealing to all who came across it.
I speak to a lot of people from my generation who don't personally like The Beatles. You may consider that to be a foil to my point, however, my point isn't that EVERYONE loves The Beatles. My point is that during that day and age, The Beatles were immensely popular and listened-to by all but a few (there are always exceptions).

I believe the reason for the strong presence of ignorance and distain towards The Beatles in younger people today is due to the strong cultural changes that have taken place over the past half-century. I could go into the details but I think it is pretty obvious how much the media has changed and how desensitized we are all now to everything.

But I digress. My belief that The Beatles deserve top spot is, I think, cemented in the fact that no other band has effected the world at the time of it's peak like The Beatles did. Led Zeppelin has its fans, but the majority of the world was not swept off it's feet when they hit it big. The same can be said for The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Queen, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, Guns N Roses, and everyone else.

To the children, teens, and fellow young adults of the world, ask your parents (or whoever you know that was old enough to remember when The Beatles hit North America back in 1964) who they believe to be the most significant rock band in history. Unless the times have changed them or they simply refuse to acknowledge the truth from their past, they will tell you that no other rock band has ever impacted the planet as big as The Beatles did.


There is no best. Music is not a competition in any form of the law. All music is subjective in all traits, whether it is popularity or significance. I could say Godspeed You! Black Emperor is the best band ever because of their spectacular instrumentation, but are they extremely popular? Absolutely not, they have never even broken into what can be defined as the mainstream. The Beatles may be significant and extremely ambitious, but are they really that creative or even original? No, because before they hit the music scene, many bands were experimenting much more than they would ever begin to, sometimes with the same things they were doing. But, I digress. Music is not a matter of trying to get to the top of the food chain. It is all about creating an art - then again, that term is also subjective - for people who enjoy it. I may be hypocritical, just alone by the fact that I use this site, but my fact still stands that it is not significance or instrumentation or lyrics, or the fact alone that you existed, it is all whatever you make of it. Everything in music by defintion is subjective. - visitor

Wow. One of the best posts I have ever read on this site. Well done and good points, you are correct. I myself in my remix of the list have gone with my favourites, as almost all of us do for all lists, but really the criteria / rules of the lists need to be defined more. - EvilAngel

You make a good point. Subjectivity lies at the base of every opinion. My opinion just happens to be that due to the overwhelming planetary infatuation with the Beatles during their peak of success, they deserve consideration for the most significant band of all time. I know that is based on my definition of the word "significant", but I don't think I'm a minority in feeling that way. - BKAllmighty