What Makes A Band Good?

What makes a rock band good? What makes the band appeal to you? Why do you enjoy listening to them? These questions all have something in common. You know what that is? They all are things that you can consider when contrubuting to this list.

The title of the list is is Best Rock Bands Of All Time. And to be the best they have to be good or at least decent, and when you vote on this list your are voting for what you believe should be on top or what you think should be higher. When you vote on this list you are putting something a bit higher, and all of the lists on this opperate in a similar way.

And you usually vote for something beacuse it fits the title of the list. So voting on this list you are voting for the rock band that you think is the best or consider the best band.

Now, lets get to the point: What makes a band good?

Lets consider a few criteria:
Total material- The amount of material they have is a measurer of quality. Of course their is quality over quantity, but you need some albums and songs to see if a band is the best band ever. One studio album usually doesn't do it, does it? One studio album can get tiresome really quickly, if that is the only band you listen too.

Band members repuatations- If a band has members that are known for being say a murder like Mayhem you probably think in a more disgusted way about them, possibly. Or you just ignore the music so you don't look like you support bad thngs. I feel that way I try not to enjoy Mayhem because Varg Vikernes or whatever his name is like Enounymous or whatever his name is. But then there music sounds cool possibly.

Amount of instruments- Pretty self explanatory. You need more than a singer and rhythmn guitarist too have a band worth listening too, right?

How underrated or overrated they are is something that may or may not matter to you. This can include something being at a rank it doesn't deserve. For examle, lets say on a similar list it says "Twenty One Pilots is the best band ever" would possibly be a bit innacurate, considering they have few albums and low song quality to some people.

More things to consider:
  • Song quality
  • Meaningful music
  • How influential they are
  • How well known they are
  • What style of music they are
Please consider these things when contributing to this list.


Good post, except the last two things of More things to consider. - zxm

The last of more is actually a method of adressing the number of grunge bands here. And I don't know why I included how well known they are. - visitor

I have to disagree about the part about the band members' reputations. Let's face it, most celebrities are a******s. You'd be shocked at what members of your favorite bands have probably done. Sometimes their douchiness bleeds into their music (looking at you Fred Durst), but I'd probably have to throw out a TON of albums if I was judging bands on their personal lives. - visitor

Good post but what does "what style of music they are" mean? - visitor

It is meant to address the number of Grunge bands on the list. - visitor

Oh okay. - visitor