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Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley.


For all the people who use this site freely do me a favorite. Go to your local record store and buy Jar of Flies, Alice In Chains (Self tittled) Dirt, and Facelift, and I bet you we have a diff. Turn out

Such an underrated band. Unfortunately, while Nirvana is a good band, I'd say Alice in Chains missed out on a lot of credit because of Nirvana, quite possibly because Kurt Cobain's death was sudden and while they were still very loved. Not only was it after Layne Staley's prolonged absence from the band, but Layne's death came 8 years after Kurt's, and during the era of post-grunge. The early Alice in Chains is an original mix of blues, metal, and more. But really, just one of the greatest rock bands.

Must be a joke that this is so far back. The lyrics and music are genius. Then there is one of rocks best vocalists. This list is sad in my opinion

In the most succinct terms I can use, I shall say this..

alice in chains quite simply ARE the best band in the entire world.
(EVER. )
'enough said?
layne, jerry, sean and mike NEED to be acknowledged as the masters of the art of music they so clearly ARE, you know?
thank you for reading.
rest in peace, layne and mr. Starr - both taken far too soon.. :'(
long LIVE your memory and legacy.
you ARE loved - eternally.

In my opinion Alice in Chains was twice the band nirvana was. Kobain was good and his lyrics were meaningful, but Mr. Layne Staley had one of the most unique voices of all time! Back up lyrics by Cantrell who did better than half these bands on his own! NUTSHELL will change all of your ignorant minds!


Alice in Chains at 60? People must of stopped looking past the top ten. Alice in Chains IS top ten.

Those who disagree, listen to Rotten Apple by Alice in Chains, and then check out the leaking rest.

Between Layne Staleys haunting vocals and Jerry Cantrells amazing guitar riffs Alice in Chains is by far the best band on the planet. This is music with meaning, feelings, and soul. It's about real life, and real struggles and has touched so many peoples lives. This music has stayed with me for over 20 years and will be with me until my last day on this earth. It never gets old and it always reaches down deep into my soul and moves me like no other music is capable of.

Been a fan since 89 and I will be a fan for life... When man in a box and my favorite We Die Young came out then the most awesome album Facelift came out... I was hooked and after 22 years... I'm still hooked...

This is sad... One of the greatest bands ever, ranked 56th? The Foo Fighters? Judas Priest? ABBA? The Rasmus? My Chemical Romance? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING? It is obvious that the people voting are closed minded hermits that have never REALLY listened to GOOD music. AIC should definitely be in the top 10. RIP Mike.

listen to man in the box live its better than anything the beetles did put AIC at least 2nd place. RIP layne - Schwanie2

these guys deserve to be much much higher - very underrated and very talented.

Rise Against, Breaking Benjamin, and Evanescence above AIC! What is this?!?! Alice must be more underrated than I thought. Go listen to Facelift, Dirt, and Tripod and tell me they don't belong in the to ten. The first song I heard by them was "Would? ", and I was hooked ever since. Even their more recent stuff rocks. Layne was a great musician and one of my idols, and his death was hard, but AIC has continued on and they have had great success.

This band got me through some rough times and still continues too. Layne Staley and Mike Starr will always be my influences.

Jerry and layne have the best vocals that I've ever heard in any band period.. And the riffs were the coolest I've ever heard!

I thought this was a Greatest Rock Band list... Maybe someone needs to define what rock is because some of the groups on this list definitely don't qualify. AIC however, is a ROCK band. Listen to their music, it definitely isn't ABBA. Please #49-get real!

Layne staley's vocals and Jerry's guitar work. that's all I need to say

Impeccable singing/songwriting, music with a purpose. I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd, Metallica, Ozzy/Sabbath, etc. But AIC take the cake in my opinion. I'm happy they never became 'en vogue' like other artists/bands have, then we'd have to listen to the mindless yuppies screaming their praises. - Tony290

When Layne was alive Alice in Chains was the best rock band in the world. For me there never was a better band.

This list appears to have been filled out by 60 year old tone deaf people! could anyone sleep on Alice in chains?...i'm disappointed

people need to hear them, they are too unknown anymore - sniktawekim

Come on guys... This band deserves to by at least in the top ten. Lets get the votes!

come on now how is this kick ass band not in the top ten

Y are they so low?!? Top ten at least one of the best grunge bands of all time layne's voice changed music

One of the greatest on the 1990s, better than most boy bands here. But not as good as the classic ones. I would rate it number 15!