The Beatles

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The Beatles were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. The members consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They were soon known as the foremost and most influential act of rock era. Rooted in skiffle, beat, and 1950s rock and roll, the Beatles later experimented more.


1. THE BEATLES (1 billion albums sold! ) (or claimed to be sold)
2. THE ROLLING STONES (210+ million! )
3. LED ZEPPELIN (300+ million! )
4. PINK FLOYD (250+ million! )
5. QUEEN (300+ million! )
Although it is no where near my favourite band, the truth is that it deserves number 1! Maybe I didn't fall in love with their music or like it as much as everybody else, but the following and album sales and the whole "beatlemania" literally took over the world for the 8 years they were in existence!

Rolling Stones should be number 2! Even though I despise most of their songs, they're is no denying what they have done for music! I like maybe 10 songs of theirs but they have hundreds of hits!

Led Zeppelin - 10 years - 9 albums - 200 million albums sold, they may have been cheeky bastards and ripped off everybody, but I'm happy they did - stairway to heaven - a masterpiece!

Pink Floyd - my personal favourite, over 250 ...more

My reasons why they are the greatest band of all time!
1. No one are close to selling as much as they did just as it says
2. No one have the type of lyrics Beatles possess (There is a reason why Paul and Lennon are respected as the best writers in music along with Dylan)
3. No one has the sound they do (Everything about them is amazing! It has this ring to it that I don't manage to get from any other band. Of course I like other bands but this one here is far beyond just special!
4. And no one have so many 1. Hits (And I believe there's a reason for that to)
5. Beatles showed up in 1960 we are now in 2011 That's 51 years Crazy. And no one has still managed to reach they're number of 1. Hits. That says one thing that there will never be another band like these four guys.
6. And last but not least music is without any doubt about respect. And I can tell by talking to people. Almost no one respects a band more than Beatles.

First of all, this a hilariously predictable list. Essentially, it's just a bunch of 14-year old know-nothings who've only listened to the music of the past 10 years coming to blows with a bunch of stingy old-timers who probably haven't purchased a record since 1977. It's just generation against generation. In my opinion, there should be a quiz you're forced to take before you voice your opinion here, making sure you have an expansive musical experience and are QUALIFIED to write something. Anyway...

Trying to argue that the Beatles are not the greatest band of all time is like trying to argue that the New York Yankees are not the greatest baseball team of all time. Yes, many critics these days like to point out that the Beatles were "in the right place at the right time, " but regardless, the Beatles made better use of being in the so-called "right place at the right time" than any other band worth their salt could have. They invented psychedelic music. ...more

The idiots who voted Metallica best need to SERIOUSLY grow up. Metallica are for childish teens with anger issues. Led Zeppelin on the other hand are incredible, but the Beatles are still better. In fact, British music is over 1000% better than American music in general.

The Beatles are not just a band, they are a piece of history, something that had such a near-perfect, timeless effect on the planet. Their arrival in the music industry BEGAN good rock music. They influenced so many artists, even artists who came before The Beatles, and almost all of the 200 songs they recorded are excellent. Everything about them, including their music, story, films and relationships, has shaped our lives. The Beatles are not just the best band ever - they are the most important thing to ever happen in history.

"Metallica is for childish teens with anger issues." That is one of the greatest quotes in internet history. - peaceswagtv

To say the Beatles are musical Gods is almost not giving them enough credit. They're not a band, they're a force of the universe. They started off as the most popular band in England, moved over to America because it why not, absolutely dominate America, and then after 3 years they suddenly stop, the press says they must have run out of good material. They come back and drop Sgt. Pepper, an album so good that The Rolling Stones ripped it off, Brian Wilson nearly quit music after hearing it, and the Library of Congress decided to store a copy of it for safe keeping. Then they go to India, spend a few months there learning about meditation, come back, and are hailed as the unintentional leaders of the entire hippie counter culture. They then released several more fantastic albums, even while they were in the midst of breaking up. Furthermore, there music was so influential that: 'Helter Skelter' caused Charles Manson to go insane, 'Revolution' is deemed the voice of the 60's, and ...more

The Beatles? Third? You've got to be kidding me. The Beatles are the sole creators of rock and roll music and they are most certainly the best rock band ever. John Lennon, Paul Mcartney, Ringo Starr are legends of Music.

I am fairly certain that George Harrison was also an integral part of the group. There definitely were 4 members... - Billyv

Did you just state that they created rock and roll? Have you not heard of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, etc.? - Jaymuhs

The Beatles revolutionized music, culture and even religions. They started the British Invasion, and opened the doors to all succeeding bands to market their works world wide like Led Zep, sabbath, Purple and many other British band. Individually members are all talented on which all of them Sings and composed songs. The No. Songwriting tandem til now was Lennon/McCartney. Lennon have BIG Balls to say what he want for people... McCartney on the other hand is a complete musician alone. Ringo started the so-called heavy metal drumming (1964 washington concert) and no one drums like ringo that time. They have concept albums, they started the experimentations of music followed by Led Zep. They are the Best selling bands up to date than any other artist in the world followed by Presley. The Beatles are the true Greatest band of all time.

First of all: John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the best songwriters ever (not completely correct: Paul still is).
George Harrison was a great guitarist, and a pretty good songwriter too (he wrote great songs such as "Something").
And Ringo was (and still is) an amazing drummer.

All together, they formed the best rock band of all time.

They wrote amazing songs, in almost every genre (from hard rock to classical music, from experimental rock to blues, from folk rock to jazz, from psychedelic rock to country, from rock ballads to Indian music, from rock'n'roll to art rock...).
Their melodies were simple and catchy, and they wrote beautiful lyrics (just listen to "Across The Universe" or "Strawberry Fields Forever").
Their covers were better than the originals.
They created amazing albums that made music history (Abbey Road, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's, The White Album, just to name a few).
They treated the studio as an istrument in itself, using studio ...more

I honestly feel that the Beatles should be at the top of the list. While Led Zeppelin is an amazing band, where do you think they got it? How were they inspired? The Beatles were the most influencial part of most of the sixties and the first wave of the British Invasion. Without them, other bands wouldn't have understood their potential to come forward to America and become internationally famous. Without the Beatles, where would Led Zeppelin be? Where would The Rolling Stones be? Even Pagey was part of the first British Invasion by way of the Yardbirds, and the Beatles paved their way. But not only were the Beatles the first, they were both the best and most popular at what they did. Just listen to the techniques within Revolver, the Middle Eastern influences that would later come to rest in some Zeppelin songs. McCartney's vocals rival Rob Plant's in Helter Skelter, and well, Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison all had extraordinary songwriting skill that was yet to be matched. They ...more

I can't really see why Metallica is over the Beatles. Or why any band is over them, for that matter. They revolutionized popular music, and are along with Bob Dylan the most influential musicians of all time. They wrote masterpieces such as "A Day in the Life", "Let It Be", "Yesterday", "Strawberry Fields Forever", "Hey Jude", "Help! "... I could go on, but you get the picture. They released 12 studio albums from the top shelf, and were constantly experimenting with their music for the better. Granted, Metallica experiment too, but that always results in crappy records, such as "Lulu", "St. Anger" or "ReLoad". Metallica wouldn't even be on my top-30 list, and are not even among the best metal bands (if you still can call them metal), and 30 Seconds to Mars? Say what? No, The Beatles is the greatest rock band of all time. They laid the foundation for almost all popular music created since.

Sold more albums than any other musician over 1 billion, led by the greatest song writers of all time John Lennon and Paul McCartney. I have listened to a lot of music like Led Zeppelin, The Who, Rolling Stones, The Doors, they are good but none match THE GREATEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME!
Here Would Be my top 5:
1. Beatles(With John and Paul who can stop them? If you got a brain your reply would be none)
2. Oasis( amazing tunes Wonderwall, Live Forever, Dont Look Back In Anger they are also in the guiness world records for being the most successful band in the past 20 years)
3. The Who( Pete Townshend probably my favorite guitarist AMAZING! This band has my respect)
4. Rolling Stones(Jumping Jack Flash, Cant get no satisfaction, Street Fighting Man it s all Great! )
5. Sex Pistols( Made 1 album and with it they are probably the greatest punk band)

Please Please Me - a song that is simple but became a UK No.1 but started Beatlemania. Have Led Zeppelin or Metallica gathered up screaming fans like them

Eleanor Rigby, All you need is love and Yesterday - the first song to have orchestra in rock songs.

Strawberry fields forever - absolute classic and a very influential music video

sgt pepper - without this rock is dead
helter skelter - maybe some metal bands won't exist (slash favourite song)

overall very influential

Without the Beatles there wouldn't be a Metallica or Led Zeppelin... I think music quality should be judged based upon three things; Talent, Influence and Popularity. The Beatles experimented in the studio more then anyone before them and started a musical revolution (most Influential band ever). All of there albums reached number one on the charts except yellow submarine, and they had twenty seven number one singles in 8 years (most popular band ever). They explored just about every musical genre and mixed them together to make extremely complex and advanced songs, check out Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, The white Album, Rubber soul or Abbey road for proof (most talented band ever). Basically, what I am saying is that all other groups are a like a lit match compared to the forest fire of talent that is The Beatles. Peace and Love!

While Led Zeppelin is a great band, one of my favorites, they don't even compare to The Beatles musically. The Beatles harmonies remain unmatched, their ability to evolve and continue to get better is unheard of (The Stones should have quit in the early 1980's), the effect they had on the culture of the world, from what we wear to drugs etc. It was all the Beatles. John's rebellious nature, Paul's ability to make great pop music, George's shadowed greatness, and Ringo's ability to keep the other three grounded are unheard off in music. Yes artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Queen and others were truly great, just not as great as the fab four.

They made history by becoming really popular as well as being famous, because they made a lot of fans go crazy ware they would end up crying. The fans would cry because they would never get the chance to see them while they do their songs. The Beatles are the real famous rock group by getting peoples attention to show people respect through love and ending war by living our lives in peace. They just wanted the would to be a better place for everyone and tell everyone that theirs better things in life besides war. It's not whats all in the past its whats going to happen in the future. You might think that this is dumb but really its true and as for who ever is the best rock group it should be The Beatles because they show people to love and to make peace whether or not if your a Beatle fan.

How the heck Metallica is at the top? The Beatles are better, because they inspired a whole new generations of rock music. This is a fact, they are the most popular band in the world. Also why the heck led Z. Is no.2. Led Zeppelin influenced the beatles, even everybody influenced the beatles, because their rock music was so good that every band in the world influence them, if they don't their musicians in the band did. Even one of their albums was no.2 highest in sales was the white album. After reading this comment you have to admit how great the beatles was back then. This is the reason why they're the GREATEST ROCK BAND OF ALL TIME.

When you look at this list, it is obviously a different kind of audience that's voting. Yes The beatles are 5th but look who's on top. You have linken park and 30 seconds to mars. Look how many likes the comments have. I think this is wrong. How the hell is queen 7th. Come-on people, yes linken park are good but they don't deserve that spot when there's bands like the beatles and queen that are LIKE THE BEST ever. Read the other comments on "the beatles" its exactly what I mean. I think I was born in the wrong generation as well. Yes Metallica is good but seriously. Metallica over the Beatles?... Haha.

What is wrong with the world? Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars are above the Fab Four? Well, let me get this straight... The Beatles will be remembered a LOT longer than any of those bands! Led Zeppelin's pretty great but The Beatles' music is timeless. People will still call them one of the greatest bands of all time many many years from now. Something you can't really say for Linkin Park or those other whiny pretentious bands that nobody will listen to 10 years from now. John, Paul, George and Ringo are legends. Without them, music would still be stuck in the stone ages.

They are the best, no matter what, they started everything. I know Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly among others paved the way, but they really are the end of an era that was gone forever after The Beatles became popular. They were at the beginning a great pop band, maybe the best at that moment, but what they did year after year in their short existence was simple incredible, wonderful, amazing, awesome, revolutionary, blah, blah. They played every rock genre without even knowing it because they just started them all (Thrash and family is just different sound because of the eighties pedals). Not only that, their lyrics are just as incredible good as their music. No band has that combination of lyrics and music like the have, and they were not about politics or to make you feel bad, they made you think about life, about how wonderful life it is.

Sorry, all, but the beatles can't simply be subject to the whims of millenials. The charts are the best indicator of talent and popularity. Getting a hit on the billboard top 100 was, and still is, considered a mark of talent and popularity. Getting a hit in the top ten assured a place in history, and going to number one was the mark of talent and popularity recognized the world over. On occasion, a group would chart both the number one and number two spot on the hot 100, and the music industry considered getting the top three spots the holy grail of talent and popularity. Its never been done, except by the Beatles. In 1964, the Beatles held number 1,2,3,4, and 5 on the billboard hot 100, and record now considered to be unbreakable. They also held several other hits at the same time. The most remarkable point to this story? They hadn't even done their best work yet, and experts, as well as fans, agree the talent had only begun to mature by then. Their best years were still to come. ...more

I can't believe it the great Beatles in fourth, behind 30 seconds to mars, you must be kidding, Beatles are the best band ever, behind that comes Led Zeppelin and Metallica tied to the second spot. Out of all the great bands we've got we have 30 seconds to mars on 3rd? Tokio hotel, Linkin Park on top ten and x Japan who? Don't get me wrong I pretty much like 30 secs and Linkin Park and slipknot are my favorite bands EVER.. But they can't compare to the likes of Beatles Metallica zeppelin, Guys this is not the band popularity and your favorite band, the list is for the best band ever, how can the bands like Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones not be in the top ten of the list. And how can anyone even forget to mention Pearl Jam? I wontbe surprised if anyone includes Bieber to this list.. Come on guys vote sensibly

Is Metallica or Led Zeppelin the best selling musical group of all time, estimated by EMI to be over one billion discs and tapes sold worldwide?

Does Metallica or Led Zeppelin have the most multi-platinum selling albums for any artist or musical group (13 in the U.S. alone)?

Does Metallica or Led Zeppelin have more number one singles than any other artist or musical group (22 in the U.S. alone)?


And look at all of their world records. Metallica and Zeppelin combined don't come even close to comparing to the Beatles. So think before you vote. - BKAllmighty

The Beatles, which consist of John, Paul, Ringo, and George are no wonder the best band in history and all time. They started "The British Invasion" which have been topping the US and the whole world ever since. Their music grew as their career flow, covering almost (probably all) genre that could define any music nowadays. You should know that they made "Groups of Guitars" popular since they launched their first single. There's not a single mediocre work of art at all, all masterpiece!

No band has revolutionized popular culture like The Beatles have. Is there really any questioning that? Look at the facts! Before they formed, there was music that kids and teens listened to and there was older music for older people. When The Beatles came around, EVERYONE loved them. There were 85 year old people dancing along to the music with the 18 year olds! The same can be said for what came after them. No offense to Led Zepplin and Metallica but it has an incredibly limited audience (compared to The Beatles). There is no denying it! Look at music from the 50's and before, and look at music coming from after The Beatles broke up and tell me I'm wrong! - BKAllmighty

The Beatles are the greatest band of all time! Number two to Led Zeppelin? Heck no without the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Aerosmith and Linkin Park would have no inspiration to go for their dreams. The Beatles changed music forever and no one has done that as much as the band from Liverpool. Most #1 singles:check. A billion records sold: check. A huge fanbase: check. Greatest album ever? ( Sgt. Peppers lonely hearts album) check. Band can say that they are bigger than the Beatles and it wont happen for a long time. So kiss my @$$ all other bands, The Beatles are #1