Deep Purple

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Deep Purple are an English rock band formed in Hertford in 1968. They are considered to be among the pioneers of heavy metal and modern hard rock, although their musical approach changed over the years. Originally formed as a progressive rock band, the band shifted to a heavier sound in 1970. Deep Purple, more.


42? ARE YOU PEOPLE DELUSIONAL, OR YOU JUST DON'T HAVE BRAINS? WHO WAS ONE OF THE PRIME BANDS WHO SPURRED HEAVY METAL? Deep Purple. WHO INFLUENCED COUNTLESS OTHERS WITH MACHINE HEAD, MADE IN JAPAN, AND OTHER NOTEWORTHY ALBUMS? Deep Purple. WHO HAS ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE LINEUPS IN HISTORY, HAVING ONE OF THE BEST GUITARISTS, VOCALISTS AND ORGANISTS OF ALL TIME? Deep Purple. I swear, I'm going to lose my mind because of you idiots. Deep Purple spanned countless genres, such as: Metal, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Classical, and even Jazz in their early days. You people are going to drive me mad.

The greatest Rock Band ever is Deep Purple. Period. Anybody who says anything beyond Deep Purple do not know their music. They have not heard music. They do not have any understanding of music. Smoke on the Water, Hush, Strange Kind of Woman, Soldier of Fortune, Child in Time, Space Trucking, Black Night...the list goes on and on. Can anyone name so many songs which are real great hits of any other Band? You cannot have a rock band with 2-3 great songs. Deep Purple has been the Father of Rock Music. They knew what is Rock music, what is Hard Rock, what is Psychedelic Rock, what is Progressive Rock, what is Heavy Metal...everything. Once you hear them, it gets in your blood. The younger punks have no idea of music. Many of them artificially created. Deep Purple is the God of Rock music. The best rock band ever. There is no question about it.

65? this list was already garbage, but seriously... deep purple at 65 is a disgrace. They have inspired a load of great artists, Ritchie Blackmore is one of the godliest non-virtuoso guitarists ever. Oh btw... Heavy metal would not be nearly the same if it weren't for DP. Metallica is number one on this crappy list (Dumbasses). But Metallica would not be the same (or may never have existed) if it weren't for Deep Purple.

Deep Purple is The Best rock band of all time ever ever ever! Deep Purple has the best guitarist RITCHIE BLACKMORE, best vocal IAN GILLAN, best keyboard JOHN LORD, best bassist ROGER GLOVER, and best drum IAN PAICE. That is a great hard rock band which can't be repeated! At first is Deep Purple and then Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, AC/DC. DEEP PURPLE N#1! N#1! N#1!

Perhaps three of the best in their fields with Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar), Jon Lord (organ) and Ian Gillan (vocalist, whom Pavarotti called "a genius"). And the rhythm section of Paice and Glover was mighty good, too. "Progressive Hard Rock" did not exist before Deep Purple, IMO.
- howie115

How can the great Deep Purple be so far below on the list! That's a fake! Everyone who knows and thinks about music, prays to the gods Ian Gillian, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Roger Glover and the fantastic Ritchie Blackmore!
Don't you know this names? Then stop listening to music forever!

In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and Made In Japan are four of the greatest rock albums made by anyone at any point in history. After this incredible run, only Who Do We Think We Are and Burn are worthy of consideration - their 80's comeback pales in comparison, and everything after that is poor to abysmal at best. Some of their mojo was regained after Blackmore left but Steve Morse was the wrong choice for replacement and Gillans voice was crippled for good after his gig in Sabbath. Still, based on 4 albums, one of the all time giants of hard rock - just don't bother with the other dozen or so records.

One of the most technical and virtuoso bands of all times. They really shouldn't be in this list. Their music is ahead commercial rock music.

One of the most influential bands, at the same time. Popular bands that came later (such as Iron Maiden or Metallica, to mention just a couple) have been all time Deep Purple fans, and owe them a lot.

They exceed, along with a couple of Progressive Rock bands of the period, all the Rock and Music criteria. Not a band for everyone then, I guess.

Some of the greatest bands ever aren't even in the top 50 of this list, and this is one of them. I'm VERY TIRED of seeing things about Tokio Hotel in the rock lists of this webpage. They're just POPULAR, not really talented. From all the bands of the top ten, only deserve to be there The Beatles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and maybe Metallica and GNR.

The only bands that were as musically equivalent as purple were the Beatles the stones and the who. But purple were extraordinary musicians who could play anything. Zeppelin were great musicians too, but purple were musically more creative. These guys were virtuoso musicians.
Blackmore could play fast and clean with no souped up effects, (sorry mr morse, but take all the off your guitar before you plug in to the amp and I would like you much more) but also jon lord matched every solo blackmore came up with. Ian paice back in the day, only buddy rich could said to be be superior.
They just never had the offstage flamboyance of and hype that the stones the who and Zeppelin had. Poorly marketed and worked to the bone, wot a shane so overlooked, but the music speaks for itself.

I can not understand This List Deep Purple The legend of the rock is number 68?! DEEP PURPLE IS NUMBER ONE not only in Hard Rock and in Music too I can't say anything more! ! !

Wow.. Too low! Don't forget that we are talking about Ian Gillan who was the Jesus in the very first rock musical.. His voice! The guitar is pure joy! Child in time is personal favourite, please listen to it.. Best 10 minuets in rock

The best rock band ever. That's it. No question at all. They were the greatest. You cannot be a great rock band without a string of hit songs and world wide appeal. Kids who grew up on rock music are all familiar with Smoke on the water, Black Night, Hush, Child in Time, When a blind man cries, Fireball, Highway Star, Stormbringer,...and so on. The list is endless. I think people get carried away with a couple of good songs. They do not know rock music.

This Band Belongs AT LEAST to the top 10!

Deep Purple is Thousand times better than many bands ranked higher, in fact, most of the bands above Deep Purple actually started playing Music thanks to Deep Purple

Lots of great bands on this list! I don't know how Bon Jovi, and Journey rate higher than Deep Purple? This band was and is a musicians band. For those of us that play an instrument you undoubtedly know what I'm talking about. The rest of you guys keep listening. The battle rages on!

Deep Purple was the best hard rock band in the 70s, and one of the best of all time. It's a joke that they are so far away from the top at this list. Smoke on the water: perhaps the biggest rock song ever.

This list is for teenager retarded people.

My list:

1. - The Beatles
2. - Rolling Stones
3. - Deep Purple
4. - The Velvet Underground
5. - Led Zeppelin
6. - David Bowie
7. - The Who
8. - Bob Dylan
9. - Genesis
10. - Yes

No U-2, Metallica, Nirvana or Rush can compete with the ten above, in fact, U-2 for example couldn't even compete with some bands of the post-punk era (U-2 began in 1980), like Stranglers, The Police, Magazine or The Clash.

Time to learn boys.

Deep Purple 40th! I think you mean at least 4th!

Deep Purple Lower than Coldplay and Breaking Benjamin? Deep purple in the 70s gave Led Zeppelin a very hard time and outsold them at some times

They make iconic anthems and every single member of the band is musically talented.

Way better than KISS. So many classics.
-space truckin
-highway star
-SMK on the WTR
So many classics

Smoke on the water, highway star, soldier of fortune, burn, black night.. And so on, these guys define rock.. It's a shame seeing them so low on this list.. They should be higher up together with Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the who..

26th? People are crazy. Deep purple the Best ever

The greatist singer ever born before - Ian Gillan. With incredible screamin' voice he made me hear this band over and over... And he's still makin' do it.

30? You must be kidding. The greatest rock band in the previous century, which rock and roll had been created. That means they are simply the best. At least in my opinion and the ones who have some idea about what does rock means.

It looks like many does not know about Deep purple... mark 2 and 3... And mark 2 1984... Or forgot about it, as deep purple is still alive... Rank should have been in the top 10 for their past...