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Green Day are an American pop punk and alternative rock band formed in East Bay, California in 1987. The members include Billie Joe Armstrong (vocals and guitar), Mike Dirnt (bass), Tré Cool (drums) and Jason White (guitar) . Green Day are associated with punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock. Some more.


I love Green Day! They're absolutely amazing! They changed how I think, how I react, how I even live!

I heard "Holiday" when I was 4 on the radio. I remember asking my older brother: "What's the name of that song and who sings it? ". My brother looked at me and said: "It's called Holiday and it's by Green Day. " Since I was kinda young to be listening to their music, I had to wait a while until I could properly introduce my love for them. They've changed my life somehow. They've been there when I needed someone... When I needed help... Through their music, they've taught me so many things. I don't know where I would be without them; I don't know WHO I would be without them.

Billie Joe's smart, funny and an amazing singer and guitarist. He really shows what he believes through his songs.

Mike's the best bassist in all of history. He can move his fingers in a way that completely captivates my soul.

And Tre... Oh Tre. What ...more

Green Day is the first rock band that I actually liked. Not only that, they are one of the only rock bands that everyone knows all the members name: Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool. They are the only bands that I listened to all of their songs and albums. Their albums always get better. If you listen to Kerplunk (1992) and American Idiot (2004), you will see how much they improved. From 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours to the Uno Dos Tre trilogy, Green Day has been kicking butt since 1986.

I went to one of their concerts and it was the best concert I ever went to. They are those kind of bands that sound better live and could play for more than two hours. Not a lot bands could pull that off, but Green Day can. They know how to connect to their fans during a performance and deliver something that we will always remember for the rest of out lives.

Soon, Green Day will be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (they really deserve it).

Green Day will always be ...more - gothictomboy66

Green Day is an amazing band that I, personally, love. Some do not love them, and I respect that they are not the greatest rock band of all time.

However they are a great band who are getting they're asses handed to them on this list to bands like Linkin Park who are inconsistent, have shown close to zero creativity, diversity, talent or enthusiasm.

Just listen to Jesus Of Suburbia to start. They can retain attention of the listener for over nine minutes, and make it an amazing song. Very few bands can do that.

Or a song like She. Billie Joe Armstrong's lyrical skills are through the roof. Deep, fun, and relatable? He pushes the boundaries of what's good and what's groundbreaking.

Or a song like Welcome To Paradise. Mike Dirnt can hold a minute long bass solo, and not ruin the song's aim.

Take any Green Day song, and you can hear Tre Cool just having the time of his life (no pun intended) playing the drums. He holds a steady beat when he needs to, ...more - MojoSpaederman

When one mentions punk rock, one must mention Green Day. For over 25 years, they have declared and proved themselves to be one of the most influential music legends of our generation. It has revolutionized the meaning of good music - the band is as strong as it is diverse, with amazing drums, incomparable bass lines, all supported by possibly the most talented and energetic live singer of our time. They are nothing short of pure talent, and they have a whole slew of songs to defend their worthy title as kings of the punk rock landscape - Basket Case, Longview, Welcome to Paradise, and their anti-political phenomena of American Idiot as a whole. Few bands, if ever, will ever come close to topping the standards that Green Day has set.

Nothing can be compared to Green Day. Just imagine a man who is singing as a tribute to his father-'wake me up when september ends' one of the best songs ever.. Then jesus of suburbia which has like 5 songs in one particular song.. Then American idiot wooho. Boulevard of broken dreams yaya. Then holiday... The band having a taste 4 sorrow funk rock everything.. you cannot 4get songs like good riddance time of your life which shows how great life is and we cannot simply waste it.. Then when I come around, basket case, reduntant, marcy's day parade, warning. Are we the waiting are the songs which we cannot 4get... 21 guns,21st century breakdown, welcome to paradise.. Hearing these I think Green Day should be number 1.. Amazing guitar solos, great drum cover, bass guitar and amazing songs and lyrics are the uniqueness of Green Day which no other bands could have.. Green Day rocks and love Green Day

Green Day have: They have been around for close to 23 years now. Produced 9 albums. Sold 76 Million records worldwide. Pull off fantastic shows. Regularly donate and help charities. They get members of the audience onstage to play a song. And they always give back to their fans and make them feel special. They have taught millions to be themselves and not give into the status quo. There isn't a crowd or audience in the world that Billie Joe Armstrong can't connect with, and that is why I vote for him. Because he never fails to deliver and will guarantee a perfect show. - jacksnelling24

Green Day is without any doubt the best punk rock band ever!
They give their songs an incredible energy but also sometimes emotion with keyboards and vocals; they created the best mix between fast punk songs and slower songs. Titles like Jesus Of Suburbia or Homecoming are great performances which proves this double amazing punk and pop rock sound. Special applause for Billie Joe Armstrong (the best show maker on scene) and for Mr Tre Cool, incredible and worldwide best drum player!

Respect and applause for this great great band.

It really is amazing that Green Day isn't top 10, they have so much over the other groups like; due to their ability to change genres on demand, their pieces are able to reach so many more people, as opposed to Metallica whom generally branch out only as metal. All that heavy guitar and drum destruction makes there pieces sound quite similar; when if you get tired of whatever genre of Green Day you are currently listen to you can get the same great band with a totally new sound. Overall, Green Day is the greatest band due to their adaptability... And because Homecoming is amazing!

from smooth to awesome
green day rocks all generations
24 years of punk/alternative/hard rock
tre cool rocks the world with drum
mike dirn rules the audience with bass
and billie joe makes the world so much better with his guitar and beautiful voice

Green Day should definitely be in the top 10, not at #12. Here's why:

- They have sold approximately 75 million albums, making them one of the bestselling artists of all time.
- Their album 'Dookie' is the best selling punk album of all time. It has sold over 20 million copies worldwide (at least 10 million of them in the USA alone, meaning it was certified as Diamond by the RIAA in 1999), making it approximately the 57th best selling album of all time.
- They have won 95 awards and had 215 nominations (including 5 Grammy wins and 20 Grammy nominations).
- Their show at Milton Keynes, UK in 2005 was voted the best live show of all time.
- They have had 3 number one albums in both the UK and USA.
- They have influenced many other artists, including Sum 41, Fall Out Boy, Avril Lavigne, Weezer, My Chemical Romance, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, Blink-182, Paramore, Lady Gaga, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, The All-American Rejects, Adam Levine, Tokio Hotel, Trivium, ...more

Green Day definitely deserves Top 10 at least, one of the best selling bands, not to mention rock bands. Billie Joe Armstrong is a great vocalist whose shown range recently in Uno, Dos and Tre and he's a great guitarist. Mike Dirnt is an under rated bassist, and Tre Cool is an exceptional drummer. All of their albums are amazing, just some different genres like pop punk or garage rock but I can't agree with any of the people not mentioning DOOKIE OR INSOMNIAC OR NIMROD DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT KERPLUNK OR 1,039/SMOOTHED OUT SLAPPY HOURS IS? Don't get me wrong, AI is great and such but geez come on guys. Also, they're easily one of the best live bands with amazing fun and energetic performances and sometimes sound better live

Green Day may have had a decrease in the quality of music in the last few years (last good album was American idiot) however they have achieved more triumphant highs than any other group ever. Albums like the rawer sounding Kerplunk to their best album Dookie which was a lighthearted but also thought provoking punk masterpiece to the angrier lyrics of Insomniac to the again to a more light hearted sound in Nimrod and warning. While American idiot was good green day changed its style significantly and left many fans alienated, how ironic and album about alienation alienated many fans. 21st century breakdown was okay and had some standout tracks like East Jesus know here but had too many ballads and sappy tracks. Uno dos and tre has good songs but were forgettable and finally revolution radio is a repeat of 21st Century Breakdown as songs like bang bang are awesome but had a lot of dull songs like still breathing.

Versatile, longevity, always evolving as can be seen by latest offering uno, dos and Tre. With a lot more to come. These guys are only in their early forties. Can't wait for what is to come. Billie Joe is small in statute but a giant on stage, has a great live presence. They only person that I can think in the same league is the late and great Jim Morrison. Both great poets and songwriters of their time and both supported by superb musicians in their own right. VIVA LA GLORIA

These guys should AT LEAST be placed in the top ten. Although they have yet to officially become one of the "classics", there is no doubt in my mind that a generation from now they will be. They have something for everybody; their music styles range from hardcore punk to alternative rock to boarderline pop. They totally go all out and expieriment with all kinds of songs. They're lyrics are totally meaningful too. You can relate with Billie Joe's songs. Green Day has completely changed my life, and I vote to switch it with Linkin Park, which is way overrated. My friend's grandpa loves Green Day, and I am a 14 year old girl, which just shows the huge age range of fans. Love you forever Green Day! 1

To judge a band..5 main things are important-passion, attitude, lyrics, music and melody.. See the live performances of Green Day and you see the passion in their music.. Attitude.. Everyone know's Green Day's attitude.. Awesome..! The rebellious lyrics penned by billie joe shows his talent.. When it comes to music.. See the composition of wake me up.. See the guitaring in basket case, drumming in longview, and vocals in 21 guns.. And when it comes to melody.. See good riddance... Everything is just perfect when it comes to Green Day!

No band ever makes an audience feel as welcome as Green Day does at their concerts. Their songs have awesome lyrics, some have even a story to them(Jesus of Suburbia, Homecoming). They have a variety of styles which makes listening to them a pleasure. Such as, Longview, Holiday, Good Riddance, Basket Case, American Idiot, Jesus Of Suburbia, 21st century breakdown, 21 guns, brain stew, king for a day, hitchin a ride... etc
The band itself has humor, style and awesomeness(if thats even a word) at the same time.

Wow. Come on guys; Green Day deserves to be in the top 10! Their music influenced SO many bands, and inspired a lot of people too! They are adventurous (musically), and explore different genres, which makes them such a great band as well. Green Day matured throughout the years and instead of sticking to 1 genre, they did many; unlike lots of other bands. From Welcome to Paradise to Wake Me Up When September Ends, they have a variety of genres/types of songs! And the members are awesome too :) they are funny, smart, crazy, and have great musical talent. GO Green Day!

Wow 13 I would think they would have been in the top 10. Green Day has been there for every part of my life and got me through the toughest time. Billie joe is an amazing song writer and has a amazing voice. Tre is one of the greatest drummers in punk music. Mike is without a doubt an amazing bass player. Each one of them is good on their own, but when you put those three together you get firework. Brilliant. Need to be number 1 I think.

Green Day! Green Day is way better then all the other rock band's combined! You cannot possibly beat Green Day's American Idiot. Also, their band has won 6 Grammy Awards, including the American Idiot Musical, along with 2 Tony Awards. There has even been talk of a film adaptation for American Idiot! Audio, Video, and Live performances. The three testaments greatness. Green Day has achieved them all, like no other before. Green Day IS #1!

This guys are awesome in both live and recordings

BJA is one hell of a songwriter, I mean take a look at East Jesus Nowhere, Jesus of Suburbia, those songs lyrics just blow my mind! He's my favorite performer and will always be. Mike Dirnt, what can I say about him? He's an awesome bassist, his bass lines (He make Longview bass lines while he was drunk) but he's kinda underrated, MIKE DIRNT for the win! Tre' Cool, the most funny, badass, powerful drummer I've ever seen. He's one hell of a performer, his drum solos are the best (listen to Burnout or other songs from Dookie)

Green Day for the win!

I Don't know what it is exactly I like about Green Day. I have owned hundreds of rock albums over the years from many bands, all of which I eventually get bored of and stop listening to. But Green Day has something that's just kept me listening, there hasn't been a week since the album was released when I haven't played at least one song from American Idiot, being my favorite of there albums, but I did love them all. I don't care where they are on this list, they are my number 1

I liked this band when I was seven. They started as an average punk band who wrote annoying, 3 minute songs about everyday life and then kind of fell off of the map after Dookie. I guess they realized that they couldn't make money off of their old stuff so they went completely political with American Idiot. Green Day owes their success to this album. While they certainly had their fair share of fans before this album, AI skyrocketed their popularity. I just don't think that a band that sold out and wrote one massive album shouldn't be the #11 best rock band of all time (considering they haven't been relevant since like 2007). Now they're in the RRHOF off of their first ballot. Kind of makes me sick that a band who's been around for 20 years can make 2 good albums that wash away the rest of the crap that they've been putting up for 20 years.

Green day is the only punk band that has an album whith a storyline. American Idiot is considered to be the best rock album of the previous decade because every song, except the part of the story expresses the author's attitude towards the George W. Bush administration, as well as certain relevant political and social issues. I think Green Day is one of the most influential bands that have ever existed.

There are just no word how awesome they are! There new livealbum's name is pretty close thought, but still so far far away. Cause they are more then that! In there song they let you be angry, happy, crazy, they let you cry and just be who you are and do what you thinks is right. They will always be ther for their fans!

Green Day is the best and purest punk rock band ever! Nothing beats it's guitar. Nothing beats the voice of Billie Joe Armstrong! Forget Beatles, Forget Led Zeppelin. This band deserves to be on the top! It's just that the people who opened this site were not quite Green Day fans but I bet my hat that this is and always will be the best band of all time. No matter we listen its songs even after 50 years from now, its still sounds as new as one can ever