Iron Maiden

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Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.


Iron Maiden are very good, not as good as Led Zeppelin, but then no one is...

They DO deserve better though. I have loved songs from all their albums and have been listening to them since I was 10 when I first heard Piece Of Mind, I was totally captivated by 'Revelations' the images that the song through up in mind of a place in the desert long ago burning in the sun but yet with a dark dank place where the unspeakable weakness of man exists. Total magic. Then there was the song about the Desert world Arrakis. After having read Dune a few years later (14) (This book appears in my top ten books of all time) when it blew my tiny little malformed (now forever) mind right out of any kind ordinary view of the world and the song just made me feel like part of something bigger. I had read a book that Steve harris had read, I liked it, he liked it, we were brothers. Give me a break folks, I was like 14 man... Anyway

It goes on, I obtained the first 2 albums and loved them ...more

Iron maiden are the best for many reasons 1 being they have 3 masters of guitar who play amazing solos, one singer who over the many years that he's been singing can still sing the way he did nearly 40 years ago, their drummer who's fast playing always has an over excited grin on his face, their master of bass who created the band and plays amazing bass solos whilst at the same time tries to make them easier for the fans to learn how to play them and last but not least EDDIE THE HEAD! The bands amazing and musty formed incredibly detailed mascot who has made the band well known throughout the whole world and the things that they've done throughout the time that they've been around + taking care of and playing for their dying/deceased drummers medical treatment which I see as awesome because Clive was AWESOME! He brought us the amazing drum solo for hallowed be thy name :o that is classed as epic in my books :O I don't see how they're behind certain bands like 30 seconds to mars and ...more

Together for about 30 years. Not one bad album. Everyone has something to offer even the less popular ones.
Virtual XI, has some of the most unique songs from the band though they don't get much recognition because people are to blind to see past the lead singer changing. (And Steve Harris writes most of the songs so the quality of their work has no reason to decrease).
X Factor has one of my personal favorites, Man on the Edge and other darker styled songs.
No Prayer for the Dying has some really nice slower songs like No Prayer for the Dying, and then some darker songs like Mother Russia and Run Silent Run Deep. There is even a real radio friendly song, Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter.
Fear of the Dark, my least favorite album, has some of their best songs, Fear of the Dark, Afraid to shoot strangers, and Judas my Guide
Killers and Iron Maiden have some of the catchiest riffs I have heard in any song.
Then you look at the bands list of ...more

Journey, Avenged Sevenfold, and Xjapan in the top 10 best bands of all time? What a sad and horrible list. Iron Maiden is the best metal band ever. They should be in the top 10 at least. Yes, they are even better than metallica. When they first started off in 1980, their music was just as good as metallica and probably even better. The difference between the two bands started showing with the later albums. Metallica kept on going downhill with load, reload, etc... They then finally died releasing the abomination called St Anger. Maiden never went to much downhill with their new albums which were always good and never bad or horrible. Thats why their superior. - metalmaiden

I thought this list was about best rock bands ever. But when I saw the first spot I see no reason why Iron Maiden should not be in the top tens. Listen to their songs "FLIGHT OF ICARUS", "WASTED YEARS", and of course their classics like "HALLOWED BE THY NAME", "THE TROOPER". The vocals can't be called any other flawless. Even their newer songs like "RAINMAKER" etc. Are really really good. Everyone should understand this- Had Iron Maiden given more gap between the classic albums they released in succession (1982,1983, 1984, 1986, 1988) and promoted them with some mainstream media support, they would have sold more, much more albums than all the bands mentioned above Maiden in this list

Iron Maiden's music can be a support to raise people's interest to the achievements of our forebears
Maiden was writing long and complex tracks, perhaps the most famous of which is the 13:45 minute
escape from the tired themes of sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll which dominated the hard rock landscape of the 80
Much of Iron Maiden's material was inspired from literature, movies, history, science fiction, and folklore. The broad, intelligent, and insightful themes are as spellbinding today as they were when I first discovered them nearly two decades ago.
that music is Iron Maiden.

They must be no one for all time ...

Maiden is one of the very few bands that could last for over 30 years and still have the same image as when they first came out; and still be writing, making, and playing as well as ever before. Their recent album releases rival the all around greatness of their first couple of breakthrough masterpiece albums, and they show no sign of slowing down. When you have one of the greatest and most influential bassists, drummers, vocalists, and 3 of the greatest guitarists in metal, Iron Maiden is the only thing that can come from it.

Their greatness can not be overstated, and I believe they should have been in the top 3, along with Zeppelin and Metallica.

These Ratings Just Suck! Many Bands Which Should Be in Top 10 others are not there. And The Most Disgraceful Thing Is IRON MAIDEN is not there in top 3 if not the 1st! People here vote like idiots in their half sleep. That's why the names of bands of whom we haven't heard about are in top 10! W/o maiden, the top 10 list is a waste! No point in watching the top 10 list on any site of the world if Iron maiden is not in it. Epic songs like hallowed be thy name, fear of the dark, the troopers, the wicker man, etc etc(and the list goes on) are contributed to the world of heavy metal by them! IRON MAIDEN IS CONSIDERED AS THE GOD OF HEAVY METAL! "If Heavy Metal Is My Religion, Iron Maiden Is My God! " UP THE IRONS

how this revolutionary British metal band is not in the top ten, no the top 3 is completely beyond me. they have made 4 crapper albums, fear of the dark, no prayer for the dying, virtual 11, and x factor. but if a band has not made at least one crapper then well, they haven't made enough albums. crappers aside though, they have made8 incredible albums. 7 if you don't like somewhere in time. metallica should be neeling at these metal gods feet. I mean they are good but come on the only put 3 or 4 incredible albums and the rest were worse than iron maidens fluke albums. do the right thing. vote for iron maiden

UP THE IRONS! - cyraxbot

Sabbath may have started it, but Iron Maiden brought rock and roll/ metal out of "The Dark Ages" known as the mid-70's. Galloping guitar, one of the best vocalists in Dickinson of over the past 30 years, and still relevant in their current work. Even if you don't agree, you have to nod when I say that Maiden has aged better than 99% of any bands more than ten years old.

This list is horrible, honestly, My Chemical Romance AND 30 SECONDS TO MARS ABOVE MAIDEN. SIMPLE PLAN, Green Day, Linkin Park. I hate you guys seriously. Maiden has never put out a bad album in the last 30 years so why the hell are they 29? Sure I like a quite a few of the bands up there but maiden is undisputed number 1 in my mind

Number of the Beast is the best metal album of all time. Their shows haven't slowed or lost their intensity even as the band has aged. Unlike many bands, which build a following on a few key hits that everyone wants to hear again and again, Maiden has a back catalog full of hidden gems that are simply brilliant. How they could be any less than number one is baffling, especially putting them below niche groups like X Japan and aha.
None of them did for their genres what Maiden did for heavy metal- they proved that nuance can work within the genre and that it didn't need to be about screaming and playing every instrument as loud as possible.

Up the Irons!

Two questions... HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN?! HOW DARE THIS BE BENEATH TOKIO HOTEL OF ALL THINGS?! Iron maiden is, easily, the best band I've ever seen in concert. And I've seen many a few bands. They haven't depreciated at all since The Number of the Beast and epics like Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. The singer, Bruce Dickinson, can still hit all of the notes, and in tune as well! That's more than I can say about most modern bands! Definitely a phenomenal group.

... Number 25? Seven consecutive albums of pure brilliance, each one easily a candidate for one of the greatest rock/metal albums of all time. 5 of the most talented musicians in their respective fields. Had a MONUMENTAL influence over a TON of the bands in this list, including the currant number 1 (Metallica. ) Have a ridiculously enormous fanbase that stretches across the WORLD, not just america... And they are at 25? Does anyone else think this list is rigged?

These guys have been the most consistently awesome band on the planet for over 30 years. They have millions of fans all over the world despite almost no radio play and no media attention. Their songs carry deep, intelligent messages, and the way they craft epics is absolutely unmatched by any band on the planet. They are brilliant, and will forever by my all time favorite band.

In a ratio of classic albums per albums done they are the greatest metal band with 10 of 15 albums being classic. Their influence has spread all over the globe as far back as the mid 80's and they are still up there today. They have sold 80million plus albums second to Metallica in terms of metal and yoou can count the rock bands on your fingers who have sold more or played to more fans. The fans also are what make this band no fans are as fanatic as maidens.

I think Iron Maiden should be on top 10. They are the best metal band. Bruce Dickinson is a better vocalist compared to Metallica's James. Nobody can match Maiden's awesome tune and lyrics (dark and fictitious). Hallowed be thy name, Trooper, Dance of death, Fear of the dark and phantom of opera have tunes which cannot be forgotten for lifetime.

I can't believe that iron maiden isn't in top ten. Iron maiden is one of the best band in the world because this is the only band who don't turn their genre they always sing new wave of British heavy metal. Metallica has sung many songs of many genre but iron maiden didn't they are always ready for metal and they are born ready of metal.

Iron maiden is amazing with their galloping bass, three guitars, bruce's voice and nickos drums. It all blends together to make a sound that transcends all other music. They are the worlds greatest story tellers with lyrics ranging from that of an Egyptian slave to a man waiting for his execution. Just brilliant. I can not even start describing their genius

I'm sure Iron Maiden should be in top ten. Great guitar parties including powerful riffs and magic solos, fantastic voice of Bruce Dickinson, accurate and skillful Nico's drum play, and of course Steve Harris - one of the greatest rock composers, whose bass parties create unique melody inside every song - all these make Iron Maiden NUMBER ONE for me! - SnaGem

I can't believe why this band is voted so low, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith possess such an awesome talent that shows in numbers like FEAR OF THE DARK and DANCE OF DEATH.
I haven't listened such a great solo like that of THE TROOPER.
Come on guys vote it up, I wanna see it in top ten.

I agree that these guys should easily be on the top ten. They really defined heavy metal. I am a serious fan of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, etc, but I put Iron Maiden in a category of its own. It's a shame they're not getting their well deserved respect and rightful place on this list.

Metallica are #1.
Maiden are #26.

Odd, seeing as Metallica's favourite band ever is Iron Maiden, and drew heavy inspiration from them. Anyone who is going to vote Metallica, remember this - Metallica wouldn't exist without Maiden. Lars Ulrich even said on Flight 666 "They (Maiden) were just cooler than everybody else.

Plus who the hell are Tokio Hotel? X Japan? A-Ha? The GazzettE? And AC/DC down in 14th?

Something's terribly wrong with this list, it has to be said.

Up the Irons!
The Iron Maiden have been a constant quality over the last 30 years. The characteristic Maiden gallop, the bass and twin/triple twin guitar assault have shaped the Metal over the years.
Musics like Fear of the Dark, Hallowed be thy name, are just 2 of the dozens of classics these guys produced

Simply the greatest metal band and one of the most influential bands to have ever existed. With songs like hallowed be thy name and 2 minutes to midnight, how can they be not in the top 10.